The Electorate

Posted by Edydeyemi 39 views Poetry
Mar 192011

Their big grammar scatters my brain “Emancipation, Rehabilitation Transparency, Fruitful democracy” My poor head reels from grammar bombs, but “Chop, I Chop,” I understand so I cast my vote, my [...]

Mar 142011

Mary Jane’s jaw dropped open in abject horror. Shock, like a raging current, coursed through her entire system. Standing right on her doorsteps, eyes twinkling brightly with a soft, mocking [...]

A god I am

Posted by Edydeyemi 42 views Poetry
Mar 132011

With just a switch I create light
I create them in different shades
Yellow, blue, red and white
Though they be unlike the sun.

I am a god, I am
great-great things I wrought


Posted by Edydeyemi 44 views Poetry
Mar 022011

MAMA PUT She is the one to whom we run, Mother of all hungry souls; She keeps no barrier or divide Nor cares about where you reside. Download article as [...]

Across the Niger

Posted by Edydeyemi 33 views Poetry
Mar 012011

Let the sun meet the moon
and the dusk embrace the dawn;
let parallels form a plain
a bridge to unite East and West.

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