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Apprehension… Expectation… My heart races within my chest Magnetizing… Captivating… Her luscious lips, they call to me Fantasizing… Palpitating… This to be, or, not to be Calculating… Salivating… I think I saw her wink at me Resolution… Determination… I thrust my lips towards hers Paralyzing… Stupefying The slap I got on my face!

Walking The Distance

If there is one thing sought after by everyone– men and women, as well as young and old alike–, it is success. Right from conception, man has been programmed to gravitate towards success. The quest for success is ubiquitous and cuts across race, belief, gender or culture. Now, we all hold a different definition of … Continue reading Walking The Distance

Diaries of Mongidi (3) – The Choirmaster

Jane says she’s can’t find her menses Her words, they scattered my senses So much I jumbled my tenses… Quickly I gave her some money And said “Go fix your tummy I’m too young to be a daddy.” She says she can’t find her period This girl is just not serious I think she must … Continue reading Diaries of Mongidi (3) – The Choirmaster