Diaries of Mongidi (3) - The Choirmaster

Jane says she’s can’t find her menses
Her words, they scattered my senses
So much I jumbled my tenses…
Quickly I gave her some money
And said “Go fix your tummy
I’m too young to be a daddy.”

She says she can’t find her period
This girl is just not serious
I think she must be delirious…
She cries, “You said you loved me!”
Well, me, I just want be free
I’m too young, Jane can’t you see?

On Sunday, I led the choir
In Worship, chanting Holy Ghost Fire
Me, the Choirmaster everyone one admires…
She screams “Mongidi, God will punish you,
And your generations too”
I scream back, “Thunder fire you!”

2 thoughts on “Diaries of Mongidi (3) - The Choirmaster” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. Hilarious, beautiful rhymes you got there. I love the first 3 lines, pure rhymes they are. I will confess the poem looks a little rusty though, all the same you did well.

    Well done.

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