Chukwudum Okwudarue

“Thank you Alfred.” I say and nudge the car door shut with a loud thud. I use my elbow; my right hand has got a heavy bag of groceries and [...]

Apr 072011

“Mommy, look at his big head” Nothing was held sacred. Not even the head of a chief judge on a Sunday morning.The judge was going bald, sprinkles of white salted [...]

Mar 232011

Meetings between them after that had been awkward. Their shared secret caused forced pleasantries. Forced as they were, these showed the nicer side of both persons and that made for [...]

Mar 172011

After Uncle Paul’s raucous laughter and Uju’s white dress coming brown at the hem from all that dancing. After Toju’s dark suit with its gold buttons and the blaze of [...]

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