Casey Imafidon

Gallant was the first to speak, he naturally assumed the position and felt he had the comportment to do so. He strutted to the podium, stared at the hundreds of [...]

Gallant was a different kind of rooster on the farm. He showed a different kind of arrogance and elegance, that made you wonder if he was one of them. He [...]

Jun 022011

And the gift was a curse And the demon I knew was an angel in disguise Experience was to be my tutor Just as ignorance was my student I still [...]


Posted by Casey Imafidon 43 views Poetry
May 232011

THESE are the words I shall tell Malcolm That’s if he comes It was all about you How beautiful you are and were I had no regrets I had to [...]

May 222011

A man he used to be. Chinwelu Okazi. But a lot of things had changed him. Things he couldn’t explain. He wouldn’t have done this if he was that man. [...]

I WOULD NEVER HAVE taken that step that night to go to the club. But it was perfunctory for a bachelor like me with a good job and restless friends [...]

May 062011

IN THE MORNING Sex me tender woman. Kiss me softly and do not hesitate. I am a busy man but why wait. We waited an hour too late. This isn’t [...]

May 022011

He sat there amidst the foreign shadows of faces, like a mist in the dark his presence created no eccentric effects. In fact he was a bore to watch: Whether [...]


Posted by Casey Imafidon 35 views Fiction
Apr 042011

AS RUFUS HASSAN sat in the driver’s seat of the Mercedes e-class convertible, he still felt uncomfortable, worried though he was meant to be relaxed on the exotic chairs of [...]

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