Jun 032011

“So where are you originally from?” I look at her feigning ignorance; but she presses on undeterred. “I mean, your ethnic heritage, you know, the accent, where is it from? [...]

“0121, 0121 to 9 please…” I sat on my seat in the cool windowless hall of the American embassy, petrified but still managing to be enthralled by my environment. Before [...]

Apr 282011

“It’s a girl” Amara walked away from the clinic despondent. This could only be described as the worst day of her life. Several thoughts crossed her mind as she walked [...]

“Please! Let me out! Please I can explain…” There was no way out! I held the bars of the 6 x 8 cell, my calls for help ignored by my [...]

It still haunted me. Memories of growing up…hungry desperate desolate. I grew up knowing that I was an abandoned, unwanted unloved baby. There were nights hunger gnawed at my belly [...]

Apr 082011

The summer sun peeped through the venetian blinds. A gentle breeze stirred quietly. There was serenity outside. The atmosphere seemed scented. I smiled as I visualized myself in a different [...]

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