Posted by Nika 31 views Poetry
Jun 072011

What a beauty What a magic Greatest healer Keeper of all ills Download article as PDF

Giselle III

Posted by Nika 74 views Romance, Series
May 172011

Althrough my stay in the hospital, Koye was by my side, begging and crying every second. He would stop at nothing to placate me. First, he swore to his mother’s [...]

May 172011

…….Few days after their meeting with the C.M.D., at the parking lot, Dimeji went to see him at home in his house at Marwa Gardens Ikeja. A tastefully furnished duplex [...]

Dark Night

Posted by Nika 69 views Memoir
May 162011

Every now and then I think of you, all I see is a boy with skin colour like faded dirty-brown, no tanned yellow, what my people call oyinbo pawpaw. The [...]

Born Again

Posted by Nika 38 views Poetry
Apr 212011

Bright smiles

Sprawling blanket

Heights un-surmounted

Grown packs parting waves

Draw near the eclectic feel

Giselle - 2

Posted by Nika 68 views Fiction, Series
Apr 132011

. .The ball was set rolling, and that was the genesis of my woes. Like any other relationship, we started seeing each other. He actually asked me, right there from [...]


Posted by Nika 72 views Fiction
Apr 072011

Swirl windy breeze of the morning from across the Atlantic caressed my face, a new dawn beckoned me, ‘bid your tide’ the water chorused in a trembling voice. Oh! What [...]

Mar 172011

‘Feel free girl, your mistakes are yours for the make’, Tunmise said aloud, from across the room her baby sister Titi, was griping about the happenings in her life. ‘Tunmise’. [...]


Posted by Nika 38 views Fiction
Mar 122011

THE PRICE A tornado surged the moment the doctor certified Nomso Chikwuezi dead. The autopsy revealed he died of internal bleeding. The morgue of St.Paul’s hospital shook to her foundation, [...]

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