Giselle - 2

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Apr 132011

. .The ball was set rolling, and that was the genesis of my woes.

Like any other relationship, we started seeing each other. He actually asked me, right there from my behind before he came. Call it nerve; call it impulse, my intuition couldn’t think of anything better than a yes. I became his and his alone for the touch and the touch. I lost it. My feminine strength, the beautiful suspense, the plea, and all the glitterati that trailed the feminine chase by my subject Man. Well nevertheless, he treated me like a woman, an egg and bought me rose any other day. He loved me just as much as I love him, no, even more, and I couldn’t help but thank my stars for the day I met him. He would call every minute, to find out just how I was faring and sent a sweet beautiful text every five minutes.

Whoa! Koye made me feel like a queen. He’d the dexterity of making me feel like a real woman, but in all his glory, Koye was a sexual deviant. He wanted it most times at the oddest of places, irrespective of how I feel. It could be down the reception hall of a function we attended or probably in the closet with his truck load of friends. When it comes to sex, I was like that girl next door. His eyes, blind, his brain, shut down, if he ever had one.

How dare I object? Whatever gave me the guts was beaten out of me, even in the glaring eyes of the public and most often than not, I was stripped utterly naked. I learnt to say yes, even when we both know it’s a blatant no; I was irredeemable stuck to him. After every incidence, he begged with such voraciousness, Lucy would’ve made heaven, if he’d begged God same way. His penitence was genuine, no, real, yes. Koye was manipulative beyond comprehension. Even after all my training, he still made me jitter, even as I speak to you.

It started most times as a play, cold play, then, he would be still. The luster in his eyes would fade away slowly, and his voice, brutish. He would taunt me, snarl at me, and if I didn’t oblige, he would hit me or do something silly, just to get back at me for turning him down. I was his, for the play.

‘In case you’ve forgotten’ he began always, ‘I’m Koyejo Ademakun.’ He would snarl between gritted teeth. It wasn’t for his words, but it was for his unpredictable actions that got me scared. He knew my weakness, and took a maximum advantage.

And the wild spirit would call, ‘Koye’. The howl dragging from a distance… before Jack, he would pounce on me, vicious, hair erect all over, even down south. And there was I, all alone to him for his pleasure.

I remember vividly, his very first time. We’d friends who’d come to be with us that evening, to commemorate his recent contract- a huge one with a whooping mouth-watering sum. The living room was agog. The fire was fresh and burning. Everybody had his girlfriend to his side as they gisted away time, with the least care for any form of refreshment except for the two bottles of champagne in the ice bucket, and some rotund bottles of malts that littered the floor, there was nothing else till I came.

‘Welcome, welcome!’ filled the air as I strolled in a minute past four that faithful Saturday evening. I couldn’t but notice Koye’s coldness. He went white and numb all over, I even got scared he wasn’t so comfortable with the split AC growling silently from the corner. I asked putting up the best of smile to increase the temperature, of which they all obliged me except the man, who I’d thought wasn’t comfortable with it.

‘What’s the problem?’ I walked to his side as he shunned me off politely in front of his friends. I walked on my tongue; so much so, I bit myself hard till it tasted blood, all in a bid to keep me in check.

‘You want to know what the problem his’ he raged. His voice loud, thundering, his eyes, red, brilliant red, and he lunched towards me. He grabbed me by my neck, even before any of his friends could catch his hands. He yelled with tears streaming his eyes.

‘Bitch, where are you coming from?’ His burgeoning eyes ate ravenously at my cleavage. His hands roving through my body like some wild wild fire. A t this juncture, I was already a mess. The left over of whatever was on my body was a g-string, that had refused his yanking hands and the rest of me was in the open, entertaining his friends and their girl friends. Sooner or later, they all left and it was I to him alone, in the whole wide world. He slammed the door so hard, I jerked back to consciousness. He turned and all I could see was a beast coming for me. Immediately I took to my heels and made for the bedroom, but he caught me, even before I got to the door. He dealt me a few hard slaps before anything transpired and lifted me on his gramophone. Koye pressed my butts down and yanked my legs apart. He didn’t even bother with my saving grace g-string, he only tilted it to a side as he slit grown man low down south, I cried in sheer horror of the excruciating pain. His deep thrust only worsened my woes, and I bled profusely. He held my neck roughly, almost wrenching it off my body and all I could do was wince in pain and cry the more. The torrent of tears poured out so freely, just as my blood flowed freely. My hair in his hand was like a gear, and he pulled it the way he deemed fit. That was all I remember now that I’m writing. The rest of it were puzzles, I’d to put together when I came round in the hospital.





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  1. This will be a great story after thorough editing..

  2. Honestly, I hardly think the transition follows apprioptarely; I mean, from the lady who controlled men with her sex appeal to a mere sex object. Perhaps it’s the space left inbetween the 2 parts that makes thi quite hard to follow.
    You write really well though, I sense an intense passion in your writing, it keeps the reader glued without knowing it.

  3. Lawd!!! No comment! I have to go back and read the first part abeg…scopeman is right…you write with such passion!

  4. I’ve read it again and love it d more…

  5. Well, Scopeman has said it. Work, work, work…

  6. This will get better with more work, as Mercy has noted. You sure have the ‘thing’ in you.

    As an aside,it is what she did to men that a man is now doing to her, so no cheating.

    Well done!!!

  7. @nika you are definitely one of the very good writers we have here on NS…i love this story and i’d say the dude is really possessed …..i ditto @scopeman and Opeyemi…well done

    He’d the[the contraction HE'D should not be taken for HE HAD because its actually HE WOULD which is not what you mean here]

    check this link;

  8. You definitely write with intensity, that’s for sure. But I didn’t find the violence in the story realistic at all. In front of his gathered friends with no intervention? For no reason? And he would strip her naked and beat her even in public? I think most domestic abuse takes place behind closed doors; after all, even abusers have an image to protect.

  9. Will have to ditto @tola.

    Your MC is the kinda character I love to hate. Kainene’s mother in Amanda’s Purple Hibiscus. Guess you’ll work more on the story. Keep writing, you’ve got huge talent.

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