The Night Hawker

Posted by colotrends 58 views Poetry
Jun 012011

She hawks with dusk, Aft gloom garnishes the earth. Proclaiming her filthy bodies With seductive strides Amidst the lawn of preys Hoping that her veiled tainted elegance Would lure another [...]

Apr 122011

After several twitches, just when I had gotten a comfort spot on the front seat of the keke Marwa, he leapt suddenly in front of it, threatening to hit its [...]


Posted by colotrends 58 views Poetry
Mar 092011

i received the unprecedented call, she purged me of this right after she hung up.

Feb 202011

The day you cut me wide open I bled tears from a hideous face And pure prisoned blood from my sealed benevolent cocoon. I was not as pitiable as pathetic [...]

African Science

Posted by colotrends 44 views Poetry
Feb 092011

Alas! Thou western gods,
Despise not the feebleness of our words.
And of our progress,
Nor the might of our fortress.

The night rain seemed to have added more rhythm to Kunle’s slumber until his mother’s cold scaly hands tickled his skin. She had crept secretly into his room. “Why are [...]


Posted by colotrends 42 views Poetry
Feb 012011

‘Twas time our teeth be sealed with bogus lips, frozen from the frost of tears. Except for a form of mourning, they were to remain captives, the thirty two of [...]

A Pool of Lust

Posted by colotrends 68 views Poetry
Jan 302011

Your body bleeds beauty Dripping grace and splendor Oh! how much i adore your seemliness, Enclosed in your depths… Your elegance shed softly As weary leaves Download article as PDF

Hidden Wisdom

Posted by colotrends 54 views Poetry
Jan 272011

Lead me to the brook of hidden wisdom Where the wise have strayed far away from. Let me drink of the brook of mysterious wisdom, Where obvious fools have become [...]

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