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My Boss’ Wife: Episode 1

“Honey, the air conditioners aren’t responding?” “Yes, you told me that some two hours ago.” “I mean the whole house is stuffy. Can’t you get that?” “That’s alright; I’m sending the company’s engineer to work on them immediately.” “Please do. Thanks honey.” “You’re welcome, my love.” In less than thirty minutes time, I heard a […]


Crimson- Chapter Five

7 years later….. Kaduna was looking blazing hot today, with people walking in ‘sweat suits’ due to the almost lethal intensity of the sun. The relatively comfortable few were shut inside their cars, making maximum use of the air-conditioning of the car. In the midst of the buzz of the city, a young, suited hunk […]


Beauty Colors Of Sin: 26

I was never away from my brother from the day I heard of the pregnancy. I was always confirming things with Simisola and when she gave birth, I almost went crazy from the waiting but at the end of the day it was heart-warming. Brenda gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. We were asked […]