May 042011

  The preacher’s voice droned over her head like the sound of a helicopter. She sat there, eyes fixed on the preacher as if he had her attention. Nnenna’s mind [...]


Posted by Ada 110 views Fiction, Romance, Short Stories
May 022011

We ended up not reading the book he came with, which I knew was going to happen as there was no way I was going to read any book with [...]

Apr 062011

I had felt some eyes following me all day long. It was the kind of eyes that went right inside you and left you feeling all warm inside. The eyes [...]

My Life; My Choice

Posted by Ada 75 views Flash
Apr 042011

I was supposed to be angry but to my surprise, I was calm, too calm for my comfort. He did it again today. He came home late  and to make [...]

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