Kabura Zakama

Jun 062011

Do not paint pictures of paradise Display the faces of oppressors! Speak not of equity and justice Spit upon the faces of scoundrels! Covet not the greed of the powerful [...]


Posted by Kabura Zakama 38 views Poetry
Apr 192011

for Yanni   Subtle tentacles of the spirits Connect you to the Creator, You see the source of life In the smile of the morning, You fuse with the nightingale [...]

Apr 152011

Wild questions fill your eyes Anger bubbles in your voice, Coalitions of resistance Inspired nomenclature, Workshops, seminars And conferences, Getting high On the plight of the poor, Download article as [...]

Jan 232011

‘Sir! Sir, wake up!’ The ADC did not know what to do. He knew that The Boss did not tolerate having his sleep interrupted. He was still contemplating what to [...]


Posted by Kabura Zakama 90 views Poetry
Jan 162011

A tare of fear

Left to bloom,

A tint of stain

On tribal prides,

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