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  • Checkpoint (4): One of the parts of the story that started my NS journey.....Thanks guys, for being there for me, and for...
  • Journey: ummm, not exactly. I wrote from my experience and switched things up (the family is very different from mine) but...
  • Bus 41A: just re-read this poem and the comments. You are quite right.... the "MC" sounds like he's got too many things...
  • Journey: Hehehehe.... Me thinks U wanna have her boss' job AND her (Ur MC) life...Hehehe...
  • Journey: Thanks for your feedback. I wanted to focus more on the main character's life (with the relationship as a secondary...
  • Journey: Thanks Kaycee!
  • The Shadow: The horror genre of literature is one that hasn't been taken by Nigerian writers but I'm glad to say that...
  • The Shadow: The horror genre of literature is one that hasn't been taken by Nigerian writers but I'm glad to say that...
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The fear down your spine at a fade

Is worse than shock

Pray! Never visit a trolloc kettle

You’ll be shreds before death

The ways! The waygates

Haunted by the shadow

Tainted by the touch of the dark one

Flee from any before Maichin shin takes thee!

The blight! Full of worms, carnivorous trees

Snags up anything around

Even the shadow itself abides therein

Nothing survives the blight. You wouldn’t

Aginor, Bathamel: Children of the light

Fallen from Grace

Now hounds of the dark

Shudder at their named names

Mordeth you can murder

Flee instead his lies and conditional gifts

Shadar logoth; a place the shadow waits

Avoid like the flames of hell

For it harbors worse

That slow whickering ‘n’ snickering arm of smoke

Sneaking up n’ splitting into fingers is worse

Than a rattles bite n’ is instant death

It deal death to whatever it touches

Though faceless, smells its food

Ti’s Mashadar’s evil

Ay! The wheel weaves as the wheel wills………

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