Ukamaka Olisakwe

Apr 202011

I was seventeen, and he was seventeen too. He joined my school in secondary school 2. Then, I was the only girl who still had no boyfriend in SS2, the [...]

The first time papa prophesied, it was about mama’s accident. He had been drunk and stunk like one dunked in a pool of alcohol. He told her not to step [...]

Mar 212011

I squirmed uncomfortably on my seat, my plate of rice and plantain untouched. Earlier, I had been so hungry I could eat a pot of food, but the hunger seemed [...]

I sat in the midst of those women, and watched them move their mouth in speech. Everything took on a muted quality, as if I was watching a soundless movie. [...]

As kids, we weren’t the best friend sisters, but we were friends. And we always fought. I remember the first scuffle I had with her. It was when she became [...]

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