I'm complicated

Feb 272011

Dear Mark, It took more than pain, courage or determination, but frustrations at everyday happenings for me to eventually swallow my pride and sacrifice my souciant time to pen this [...]

Letter to Myself

Posted by Lancaster 20 views Poetry
Feb 262011

Dear self,

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen we had a heart-to-heart chat.

I know you’ve been through a rough year and there have been many changes.

Like the ending of your four year long relationship, graduating from school (though long overdue),

I like to appear like I’ve got it all together. And most people have no problem allowing me the satisfaction of this fallacy. Always someone singing my praises, commending my [...]

Going down memory lane, when we used to be kids, running around the street or probably in our kindergarten, there goes a popular poem….”My Mother………Who sat and watched, my infant [...]

To My Dearest

Posted by Lancaster 49 views Poetry
Feb 172011

I have not said often how much I love you. I have not praised you for your achievements. I have not congratulated on your many successes. I have not taken [...]

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