Adura Ojo

I had no idea of what to expect from Chimamanda Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus. However, there was one thing I was clear about after reading her two later works: Half of [...]

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Jude Dibia, author of new novel Blackbird. His previous books are Walking with Shadows (2005) and Unbridled (2007). Unbridled won the Ken [...]

When I get hold of a book to read, I usually read the synopsis on the back cover and quotes from literary reviews. The brief synopsis of The Secret Lives [...]

Dirt Off The Shoulder

Posted by Adura Ojo 160 views Poetry
Jun 122010

Shoulders above Boom boom echoes. Close shutters Wide Open. Majestic Olumo On which I stand Far away from you. Many answers No questions To an open trap. Dirt off the [...]


Posted by Adura Ojo 32 views Poetry
May 202010

For ‘Rosemary’ Afternoon quiet and sunny Excited gist all the way Dome to staff quarters The cause of our excitement Party out of this world It was out of this [...]

May 062010

We do not forget pain, our scars keep scoreThe poor suffer freelyThe rich imprisoned by lack of want The wicked never forget,Thirst for bad deeds never quenchedThe kind are never [...]

Mar 262010

It’s now well past midnight. Ayo can still see Jare scowling at her across the room, with a sneer that belies his chiselled masculine features. She tries to shut out [...]

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