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Silent Storm

Betrayal, they say, is like the snake’s venom. First comes the excruciating pain, then the swelling but even that is not the problem. The problem is the venom slowly traversing through your bloodstream making each breathe a struggle, ravaging your organs till you wind up dead. That is what betrayal does to you; the only … Continue reading Silent Storm

He came, He saw but She CONQUERED

  The cunning leopard lurked in the bushes He had eyes on his prey He kept watching…waiting for the perfect time to pounce The clueless gazelle, eyelashes batting, walked gracefully, Peacefully admiring the shrubs…she thought it was beautiful She never would have thought such a beautiful scenery Would harbour something so cruel until she spotted … Continue reading He came, He saw but She CONQUERED

Heads You Lose; Hearts You Win. (Part 2).

His house was really lovelier than she’d expected and the extra touch of little flower gardens which followed to the side the tiled walking paths that ran round the house’s perimeter completely stole her heart. Seeing how much she appreciated the surroundings, he suggested that instead they prepare the dinner he’d planned previously to take her into … Continue reading Heads You Lose; Hearts You Win. (Part 2).