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Ba0bab tree

Sai Baba

SAI BABA Doctor Michael Ogonnaya was in a hurry. There was an emergency; an emergency that had, sadly, spoiled his date. He let his hand rest on the horn as he glared through the windscreen of his Toyota corolla. His mind wandered back to Vanessa; she was a remarkable lady. Black eyes with golden flecks; … Continue reading Sai Baba


Naija 2060: Season One: Episode Nine: Care Packet

Day: 8 Month: February Year: 2060 Time: 9:00AM Shehu Wada walked into the large oval office and took his seat amongst a group comprised of four other men and one lady. He had barely sat down when one of the men spoke. He was a large rotund man with greying hair. He was very dark … Continue reading Naija 2060: Season One: Episode Nine: Care Packet



TIMOTHY ,from yours squeaky, milena. He was brilliant, scheming, bold, and so damn loyal. *sniffs and wipes a tear* The type of rat you would love to wake up next to. He was a lover who appeared indifferent till you climbed that high and slippery fence into his heart. I have always wondered why i … Continue reading Timothy

Craving Hope

Craving Hope (XII)

Ike tuned to Channels, increased the volume on the television set, and held Gabrielle close; her attention focused on the small screen. “I’ve called you here tonight to announce some late-breaking developments in the George Rosenfeld murder case,” The Prosecuting Attorney, Amobi, who was surrounded by a gaggle of reporters, began sombrely. “Due to the … Continue reading Craving Hope (XII)


2-4 zone: EXOTIC RICE

(Not for readers below 18, please). ”Now?” he whispered.   She nodded, her eyes closed by passion. Wordlessly, he stared at the buxom, gloriously big-breasted, long-haired, jet-black beauty in front of him. This was a time for only one language.   He knelt below her stomach, encircled her waist and pulled her close till her … Continue reading 2-4 zone: EXOTIC RICE