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Never Again

Mama calls me from the kitchen, her voice shaky, fear wrapped its arms around her words, “Junior, come help me here, it’s almost time”. As I came out of my room where I had be staring at my PV ceilings, thinking of my life, I walked reluctantly to the kitchen. Mamas hands were trembling, she […]


The Scrawling Kid

“Dominic, what are you doing?” Uncle Jimmy was on top of his voice. “Sorry sir, I’m only…I don’t know?” I said, shuddering in fear. “What are you saying? You don’t know what..ooh, I forgot you even got zero in your test.” “Yes sir. I don’t know but…” “But what? Come here; let me see what […]

His Highness (5)

His Highness (5)

Omotayo fell to the ground as she watched the soldier leave, she began to weep. She had failed; she had sworn to protect her sister and had failed. Tears were rolling freely down her eyes, some women came forward to console her but she didn’t need their comfort. “Stay away from me!” she said “I […]

A Painful Tear

A Painful Tear

A PAINFUL TEAR We looked briefly at each other, and then I looked away first. School ended at exactly 2pm, the children buzzing all around us like aimless bees. I had wanted to ask Nnenna how her back felt but could not gather enough words to use so I relented. A sting of sharp pain […]

Machina: Agada AWD

Machina: AGADA

“Cut” “No cutting” “Who said that?” “Masozi.” “Another county heard from” “Why is he talking? He’s sedated…Yes? Cut!” “No cutting.” “Masozi is that you?” “Yes. Slice, just slice…. no cutting.” “Give us a break Masozi! If the injection isn’t working at least pretend you are sedated.” “I’ll try to.” “Okay. Now, Kwabena listen to this, […]