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The Champion

The Champion

Uche sauntered into the square smiling confidently. Spectators cheered. The defending champion danced lightly, stopped and faced Ebube his challenger. They circled and sized each other. Tension built. They locked and with one deft move Ebube sent Uche’s back to the ground. Silence fell.



This story “Guilty” was inspired by true twitter events. A young girl has just been killed. All the exhibits and evidence obtained by the Police during investigation pointed to one person – a bitter and disgruntled admirer who could not accept her rejection of his advances. The accused, upon being apprehended, willingly confessed to the crime knowing that he had been caught by the long arms of the Law. But then, a new defense lawyer assigned to him tried to convince him that he had just been set up by the justice system and everything he did, was scripted. At this point, the accused was already offered a plea bargain by the State. Should he accept the plea bargain, plead guilty and get a jail term for manslaughter or refuse the plea bargain and face the death penalty for murder? ‪#‎legalthriller‬ ‪#‎crime‬ ‪#‎suspense‬ ‪#‎fiction‬


YEJIDE (episode 1)

The story of a prostitute….. Writer’s note: As you read this story, you will come across pidgin English in a few places. I’m sorry if you don’t understand pidgin because they were not really translated but I’m certain if you just follow it, you’ll understand the storyline and get to know what they mean. Apart from … Continue reading YEJIDE (episode 1)


The Russian Connection (6): Welcome Home

Year: 2042 Month: July Day: 23 Location: Washington Dulles International Airport The man walked towards the immigration checkpoint and flashed the seated officer a well-practiced smile.  He slid his blue jacketed passport across the protective steel reinforced nano-glass filter and looked around, before returning his gaze to the immigration officer.  The officer did not return … Continue reading The Russian Connection (6): Welcome Home