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Murder street

Murder Two (2)

He stared at Uche who was lying lifeless at the bottom of the cab trunk. “I guess your hustle paid off” he said “you eventually found peace” He looked and he thought about it for a while, then he decided he had to get rid of the body. This, he knew, was not because of […]


Propellers (Part 2 Of 2)

The Our Lady of Disciples students suddenly stopped laughing in sync. A moment’s silence – pregnant with disbelief – elapsed, before murmurs began bubbling amongst their numbers. They turned to one another curiously, wondering whether they had heard Tomisin’s response correctly. In all their years together, none of Tomisin’s colleagues could ever remember him agreeing […]

His Highness (12)

His Highness (12)

Eight years have passed since Omotayo and Adunni moved into the commander’s compound things have been going on well except occasional disturbance from Folasade but she wasn’t a real threat. Everything has been going well except that there had been no progress in finding their loved ones and strange things were happening in the city, […]

Murder street

Murder Two

His journal is of one who is first of all a person, and then a man. He is a happy man, for lack of a better word to portray his refusal to let anything bother him; and his having nothing else other than the fact that he refuses to let anything bother him being the […]


Garlic breath

Garlic breath I remember too clearly. The day he left was not the kind of day anyone should leave his family. The sun was directly overhead, and I remember our throats being parched beyond redemption. By the time Mama got us ice-cream, I’d already developed sores on my lips. We were hot, sweaty and miserable. […]


Fetters Of Bronze

FETTERS OF BRONZE PROLOGUE Treasure looked out the window. Rain drops ran down the window pane as fast as the tears ran down her face. Her black eye smarted painfully and a little drop of clotted blood hung on her broken lip. But more than that was the pain in Treasure’s heart. Her emotions were […]