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Baba Go-slow

Baba Go-slow

They call him ‘Baba Go-Slow’. He had just been appointed the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company and this was his first annual general meeting. The company was in trouble. Backstabbing and infighting was rampant amongst the managerial staff. Ineffective accounting techniques had led to accusations of alleged fraud, embezzlement and corruption. Labour … Continue reading Baba Go-slow


My First Kiss Episode 5

Nneoma held a large calculator with her left hand, while her right middle finger went from one button to another, in her bid to ascertain the accuracy of the figures Margaret had summed up. Nneoma had been slow to trust Margaret whom a friend had brought to her, as most shop owners would. But in … Continue reading My First Kiss Episode 5

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Tales of Tera 14

” I’m sorry, Ma. ” Tera shook vehemently with every word she uttered. Her swollen eyes were awash with tears. She stared at Mrs Akinwale with much pity,fear and compassion. She had asked Dozie to go home,and informed her parents even before she had dialled Mrs Akinwale’s number. Her instincts had prompted her to dismiss … Continue reading Tales of Tera 14


The flaming stone (Episode 1)

Chattering, laughing and squealing, they flocked along the red-dusted road, each with empty water-pots, clad in nothing but tie-dye clothing around breasts and waists. The leaves crunched beneath their bare feet. Far above, squirrels and birds were hopping from tree to tree, bush to bush, singing and whistling. The sun was sinking into the orange-blue … Continue reading The flaming stone (Episode 1)