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The Russian Connection (1): A monk in Berlin

Year: 2042 Month: July Day: 10 Location: Berlin Brandenburg Airport – Arrivals Niklas Baumhauer ran a hand through his shock of dirty blonde hair.  His other hand casually brought up the half eaten Big Mac it held to his gaping mouth and he bit off a healthy morsel of the burger, chewing noisily.  His hand, … Continue reading The Russian Connection (1): A monk in Berlin


Our Little Secret (Chapter Two)

Kevwe was about to go off his wife when Ese held his hand. “I’m just so eager to know what Lawrence and Modupe are doing; the explanation can come after.” Kevwe smiled, and he flung the piece of paper away. * * * * * Lawrence and I had picked a table, in the open, … Continue reading Our Little Secret (Chapter Two)


Boss Lady – Chapter One

Rosie closed her eyes as a few tear drops glided down each cheek from the edge of her eyes. The words she had just heard crushed her from within. They resounded in her head like someone had placed them on repeat. Her heart could not bear the questions racing through her mind… Have I just … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter One


Forbidden Love (episode 20)

    That Sunday morning, I got out of uncle Sam’s arms, leaving him snoring on the bed. I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I fried some plantain and egg then boiled water for tea. I wanted to be done before he was awake so I could serve his breakfast immediately. He always … Continue reading Forbidden Love (episode 20)


Memoirs of A Repentant Slut ~ Episode 15

“Babe! I’m so sorry I haven’t come to check on you in two days. . .” “It’s okay. I understand everything.” “No, not like that. . .” “I said I understand. . . Jide was here to see me yesterday and he tried to hide so many things from me but I can see disappointment … Continue reading Memoirs of A Repentant Slut ~ Episode 15



Episode two: She sounds crazy ‘How do you plead?’, the prosecutor asked Mary. She just stared, with tears streaming down, from her eyes to her cheeks. Immediately Aunt Susan was able to process the fact that Mary had just stabbed her daughter before her own eyes, and possibly killed her in cold blood, she ran … Continue reading SHADES OF TRUE DARKNESS (E2 of 4)