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Like A Dream

LIKE A DREAM (Episode 2)

The shock written all over Giorgio’s face soon gave way; gradually metamorphosing into heavy grief electric with anger and indignation. Monica was the last person he expected to see at his door; she had never been to his house and he didn’t remember seeing her in the last two years after she thoroughly embarrassed him […]


Steam Me A Heart: Chapter 1

Her room had the smell of lemon. Lillian dropped her purse on the small dresser beside her bed and stretched her neck with her hands. She kicked off her shoes and started to undress as she made a mental note of instructions she had given to her cleaner. Lemon was not one of the fragrances […]

Family of Strangers

Family of Strangers

Each time any of us had to travel, myself or any of my siblings, the first and the last thing my father will say would be to remind us we were strangers going to a strange land. Strangers are everywhere even in familiar territories he believed. Going to a strange land implies increased chance of […]


“Hello? I’M PREGNANT!!”

He was in shock – of all the times for her to display her nonchalance, she chose now, and with this? “But…I…we…” he stuttered. Silence. He heaved, and breathed out, slowly. He steeled his nerves a bit. “Are you sure?” “You, the guy, is asking me, the lady, if I’m sure. Of all the cliché questions…thought you’d be […]