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My First Kiss Episode 1

The school bell rang, and Evans promptly closed the thick, cream coloured pages of the novel he had been reading—better still, just some selected sentences. Evans had scanned the pages in search of paragraphs marked with red ink. Obviously, someone who had read it before him had taken an extra time to mark those paragraphs—all … Continue reading My First Kiss Episode 1


Dinnertime 2 by Tony Ogunlowo

Read Part 1 The main meal had been eaten and the plates cleared away. Dinnertime had progressed slightly forward with no further altercations or desecration of the peace and quiet. Desert was served. Presumably the chef’s masterpiece it was a fruit salad concoction of ingredients, possibly, pilfered from the main garden – paw paw, mangoes, … Continue reading Dinnertime 2 by Tony Ogunlowo

Ecstasy of St. Theresa

Blessed Virgin Merry

I was beatified on the same day Sister Irene ‘Nyaatha’ Stefani became ‘Blessed’. While Blessed Irene Stefani began her journey to sainthood, I began mine to slut-hood. The only thing I share with Blessed Irene Stefani is Roman Catholicism and seven-frilled habits. Habits are religious cloths you moron, you can say dresses if you are … Continue reading Blessed Virgin Merry



Feet dipped in salt water, Aimlessly making ripples that can’t be worse than those stored in the heart. Eyes gazing far away into the distance, Emotions all sodiumized from an instance. Sitting by the ocean shore, working an absent mind to be present, While the spirit is invalid and the body defines itself as a … Continue reading …Drowning