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His Highness (2)

His Highness (2)

“How can you say that as high a chief of this kingdom and to think that the people look up to you as an elder, you are a disgrace to this kingdom” the minister of finance said angrily. “How dare you talk to me in that manner do you not know your place in this […]

Soldier 10

His Highness (1)

The rebels have struck again, this time they have attacked a border village. Over the last four years the rebels have been terrorizing the kingdom of Ifokanbale, they called themselves olugbala they claimed to be saviours of the people. They want the dethronement of the king because they believe he is a despot who does […]


His healing

‘Out! Out! Out! In the name of Jesus!’ Pastor Ezekiel cried. ‘Amen!’ thundered the congregation. They were used to this, having their pastor heal unimaginable ailments. ‘I’m healed,’ the man on whom the pastor had placed his hands said. ‘Man of God, I’m healed,’ he repeated, waving his arms in the air. ‘Stop taking those […]