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Cyan’s Revenge: Moonlit shadow

Ten years later The man was dressed in dark conservative colors so that he blended seamlessly with the night. His left hand was seated at the belt attached to his trim waist, an unstrung bow leaned against the sleekly muscled thigh of his right leg. His piercing eyes roamed the wide stretch of open land […]


Missing Christabel – 5

EPISODE FIVE When I finally managed to draw open the door, I found a much sterner looking Detective Davies right at the door, tapping the pink-cased phone in his hand like it was a musical instrument. The rhythmic sounds that followed the taps were slow, mournful ones and they sent my already racing heartbeat into […]


Title it Whatever

We are men, am not starting on a masochistic rant. Neither am I patriarchally sexist. Let’s just say we, whether we own a penis or a vagina are all men. The nature of human is to always strive for perfection but the nature of nature is to never let humans find perfection. Nature tips the […]


My Boss’ Wife: Episode 8

My late husband wrote his son as the heir to all his properties but everything should be under my control until he reached the age of twenty-one. I was the happiest woman in the world even though his younger brother had been coming arguing that I killed his brother because I wanted to inherit everything. […]


My Boss’ Wife: Episode 7

“I’m coming home for lunch today my love.” My husband said the morning of the next day as he and Odin were leaving for school and office respectively. “Thanks honey, I love you.” “I love you too, my love.” “Oh, my baby, wait.” I rushed bringing his food flask. “Daddy, I love my mummy though […]


road block

I was at the front passenger seat, eyes facing the window, it was pitch black outside as we rolled forward, I hear someone grunt at the back ‘I pray no1 pukes” We were on our way back from the club, it was around 4am, tope drove the car, I couldn’t I was that wasted, my […]