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Garlic breath

Garlic breath I remember too clearly. The day he left was not the kind of day anyone should leave his family. The sun was directly overhead, and I remember our throats being parched beyond redemption. By the time Mama got us ice-cream, I’d already developed sores on my lips. We were hot, sweaty and miserable. […]


Fetters Of Bronze

FETTERS OF BRONZE PROLOGUE Treasure looked out the window. Rain drops ran down the window pane as fast as the tears ran down her face. Her black eye smarted painfully and a little drop of clotted blood hung on her broken lip. But more than that was the pain in Treasure’s heart. Her emotions were […]



Crux   My eyes involuntarily travel to the painting. This is what I do every morning as I clean our humble living room: gaze at the painting of Jesus dying on the cross. The painting is from another time in our lives. An era so far away I sometimes wonder if I’ve made things up, […]