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The Harvest  Season (5)

The Harvest Season (5)

“Do you, perhaps, know a great entertainer in this Kingdom, called by the name ‘Ojadike’?” “Ojadike? I don’t even know anyone by whom that name is called” “Then you surely are not a son of the soil” “Look here, slave, I have lived all of the forty-five years of my life in Obodoegwu kingdom, there … Continue reading The Harvest Season (5)


Hello guys, how you all doing. I really want to appreciate the members of for their support in every way. since i joined this forum, it has being more fun as i got exposed to many more writings. I know you have seen quite a few of my writings but this one is very … Continue reading Crush

Beautiful Wings – 10

Episode 10. Enjoy!         The first thing Aisha felt when she woke up was the sharp pain coursing through her as she tried to rise from the bed. Her head felt heavy and she groaned when her legs felt like lead and the throbbing pain was coming from beneath her. The first … Continue reading Beautiful Wings – 10

Destined Path – Part 2

Destined Path – Part 2

“A QUICK UNDERSTANDING REVIEW READING” Although this story is in continuation of my last story “DESTINED PATH: PART 1” but the perspective from which I wrote it from has changed. The previous was written as a narrative from Mathias(cute brain) while this is written as a narrative from Zainab. I hope you get it now … Continue reading Destined Path – Part 2


The Russian Connection (17): A demon and his nightmares

The sky overheard Tabriz, had taken on a deep red hue that softly painted the black clouds as though carefully brushed in by an invisible and yet careful artist.  The red bled out from the clouds, chasing away the blue in the sky.  A series of flybys were made by fighter jets, each one ending … Continue reading The Russian Connection (17): A demon and his nightmares

Beautiful Wings- 9

Ehem!! And can all the ghost readers on  please stand up! Thank you very much. See you in the comment section below. hehe Nimi stared at her wristwatch and sighed. 7pm already and she hadn’t been able to read in the past few weeks that she’d been Lara’s PA. Maybe if she’d known how stressful … Continue reading Beautiful Wings- 9

Destined Path 1

Destined Path 1

It was August and we just moved into the neighborhood. I began making new friends in no time, my dad also registered me into a tutorial class in preparation for the next year’s WASSCE examination which I couldn’t register for as we needed a lot of money to enable us relocate to our new environment. … Continue reading Destined Path 1