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Water People

Idoma- Kogi state. WATER PEOPLE. Ekondu’s lips quivered as he followed his friend. Alchieni pretended not to notice. The route to the river stretched into a snaky course of darkish brown mud paths and elephant grass which flanked each side of the road. Taboo! Taboo! Taboo! Taboo! Grandpa Ogbole’s words hovered above them. Or rather, […]

The Virgin Saviour 3

The Virgin Saviour 3

Chapter Eight Igwe Igodo could not sleep that night after Dibia Nzegbu left Amechi. He could not stop pondering over the measures he could take to quell the calamity that had over-taken his Kingdom. The priest of Amadioha who understands the language of the gods was lying sick in Amechi’s shrine. “What am I going […]



A boy once snuck behind a girl. “Yeah? What do you think of tears” he asked. About to land her stylishly swung step, she halted in shock. Her next comments would be very corrective; it was simply unacceptable for a stranger to sneak up to a lady in that manner. Synchronized with her lips, her […]


Orunmila’s Letter – Episode 36

It was a week to their white wedding ceremony and everyone was busy with various plans. The manager of one of the best hotels in Lagos was a family friend of Ireti’s and offered to rent the hall&garden for free,scores of white roses and fresh tulips were already ordered for by the wedding planner and […]

Shades Of Deceit

Shades Of Deceit III

  In the previous episode of Shades of Deceit *** *** *** ‘Have you been having trouble sleeping?’ The doctor asked, lifting his face up from his writing. Laide thought briefly about Sunday’s incident with the flashing phone light but decided that didn’t apply to the question. ‘No,’ she heard herself say, ‘is there a […]

Freedom Or Something Like That

Freedom Or Something Like That

The cell that housed us for eleven months was dingy. The edges of the small room stank of piss, the walls were smeared with shit from the asses of fellow inmates and the atmosphere in general reeked of six unwashed bodies. My fellow inmates were, practically, products of several months of confinement in such unpleasant […]


The Virgin Saviour 2

Chapter Five Things started falling apart for the people of Amechi just six short months after Igodo was crowned the Igwe of the land. If the villagers had been more vigilant during Igodo’s coronation they would have seen that Amadioha was very angry with the crowning of Igodo as the new Igwe as demonstrated by […]