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    I don’t expect this to interest everyone considering the fact it was pulled out of a larger piece (novel). However I am expecting some feedback that could aid in further development of the work… Will have a […]

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    The plane was deafening. He could hear loud voices, distressed complaints, of people griped strangely by impatience. His tired eyes searched around. An Indian girl was smiling vehemently at a Nigerian man in his […]

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    The April 29th edition of Bookjam which took place at the Silverbird mall in Abuja was so interesting. It started with a debate about publishing rights. The argument that caught my interest was between one of […]

  • On the home page of my facebook account, I came across a link to a blog post that my friends, Raymond Elenwoke and Onyeka Nwelue, had shared. It displayed the luxurious lives the sons of Nigeria’s petroleum […]

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    I walk pass minding my business
    and a child smeared with mud
    and dust is disrespecting me with
    a rain of harassment and insults.

    The child picks stones to aim at me;
    his odors pour at me through […]

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    ThumbnailI was shocked when I heard Ayo had disappeared with the sum forty-million naira. It was a Tuesday morning, and I had started attending to customers who were in hurry to withdraw money before heading for their […]

  • Thumbnail You used to be a quiet catholic boy. You used to attend Mass everyday to your father’s disgust. My son, can you remember when you used to be an alter-boy as a kid? Do you remember Father Amos, the priest who had […]

  • I flew into Nigeria from New Zealand a few days ago. It had been a while since I had been in the country. I had been brooding over the decision to visit Maiduguri, the town of my birth. My name is Nnamdi. The name […]

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    Chioma’s smile gives my heart relief. I can’t remember the last time I stammered like I just did. Even Janet, the first and last lady I ever proposed to before now, never made my seat this hot.

    ‘I thought you […]

  • I drink to relieve my eyes of dust caught from battles
    I drink within my garden that lies on a pinnacle
    I see all the beauty of my reign
    My cleared eyes catch a naked woman bathing
    Her nipples stand like the […]

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    Her complexion was the most attractive feature that caught my eyes when I got to the park. Her hips were so curvy that the act of fornication started pouring into my heart. My stares were too bold. I prayed for […]

  • It was every corps member’s wish to be posted to MMC. It was horrible when I saw my posting. I was to serve as a secondary school teacher in a rural area. It was a village called Kashimiri.
    It was three hours […]

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    My Name is Lola
    I married my husband a virgin. He was the best thing ever to happen to me. I remember the days of our courtship. We were both in the University of Lagos. He was so dashing and uses flashy cars his […]

  • It is my last night as a bachelor and I am drunk and dancing with all sorts of women. There are fat women, slim women, short women, tall women, fair women and dark women for me and my best men. The music is so […]

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    He wakes me up thirty minutes before six in the morning. My conscience gets heavier. This isn’t a dream. He is naked walking around the hotel room with a cigarette burning within his fingers.

    ‘Get dressed up,’ […]

  • Everyone that has made comments I believe would prefer to sign a contract with an international acclaimed producers than Niaja producers if his/her novel is to be adapted into a movie… More money… Larger […]

  • I don’t think they made a right choice on Olanna’s character… I would go for the Canadian-Nigerian Actress Enuka Okuma… If you do not know her, google her… She was Colonel Ike Dubaku’s girlfriend in the […]

  • I am so happy for Chimamanda… I am glad Chiwetel Ejiofor would take the leading role… I can only imagine how Adewale Agbaje would fit in (wish)…

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    Why is this not a dream…? she could have woken up to make this a non-tragic story… lol… I join in the S T A N D I N G O V A T I O N

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