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The Cell 4

Three men dressed in camouflage converged over a map spread on top of a table in an uncompleted building. One man pointed at a spot on the map. “As they descend this slope, they will lose direct line of sight of this section of the road”, he continued pointing to another spot on the map. … Continue reading The Cell 4

The Cell – 3

Igbekele handed over the piece of paper to Ediabani who glanced at it casually once and tore it to shreds. “We are done here, the boys will see you off”, Igbekele said and the door opened behind Agents Emeto and Nduka. The men that brought them walked up behind them silently and wore them the … Continue reading The Cell – 3

Beautiful Wings – 3

Enjoy Dapo Olakitan stepped out of the car, the only thought in his head being Lara and if she was going to be alright. His mother had called last night panicking and he’d assured her that he was coming over to see her first thing in the morning. He heard she had been discharged and … Continue reading Beautiful Wings – 3

The Cell – 1

The silence was so heavy, it crushed their spirits. It was so loud, it drowned their composure. The sound of erratic breathings and the loud beats of their hearts against their rib cages filled the little space they were confined in. Ekene was preoccupied with thoughts of his last moments with Nneka. The look in … Continue reading The Cell – 1

Udin’s grouse…..Episode 4

Omasan was desperately trying  to prevent his eyes from straying to the scales and freckles on the woman’s neck seated by him, but like the proverbial fly that refused all entreaties to abdicate from following a corpse to the grave, his eyes continued to stray towards her neck. He was trying carefully to negotiate a … Continue reading Udin’s grouse…..Episode 4

Memoirs of A Repentant Slut ~ Episode 19

It’s crazy how you sleep on and wake up to the thoughts of the same person. I felt like picking up my phone to call Jide but I won’t. I know it’s pride but I won’t. I decided to hit the showers, prepare a minor breakfast and get dressed for the hospital but somehow I … Continue reading Memoirs of A Repentant Slut ~ Episode 19


The mention of Amaka made me stood still. Which Amaka? My Amaka or another one? I had to satisfy my curiosity. . . “Please sirs and mas, which Amaka are we talking about here?” I asked inquisitively. “And who are you to question a family matter?” the man who is claiming Amaka’s paternity fired back. … Continue reading MEMOIRS OF A REPENTANT SLUT ~ Episode 18


“Why would I be waiting for you to get into the car after church!!! Every Sunday, you repeat the same thing, are you mad?” David started with his Sunday madness. “David, I only spoke with the pastor’s wife for five minutes. What will it cost to just wait for five minutes, it’s not like you … Continue reading I MARRIED A MAD MAN (Chapter 1)

“Her Man Palava”- 9a

  “Where  is that dick head,time wasting  son of bitch?. Ha ha there you are?” Karis was saying as if intoxicated, gesticulating wildly. “Holier than thou Leroy”. Karis continued . “When I get to heaven I’ll have to ask the angels to play your sex scenes for me. What do you think?”. She winked at  him, laughing … Continue reading “Her Man Palava”- 9a


Boss Lady – Chapter Seven

Rosie was super excited when she received her offer of employment from the Ministry of Justice one month later. “With a regular paying job, I will eventually save up the required amount of money for my university education.” She thought to herself. Rosie’s salary from the Ministry of Justice was close to nothing but she … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Seven

Memoirs of A Repentant Slut ~ Episode 16

I grabbed her top. . . “Wetin do Aunty Amaka?” I was coming back from my friend’s place when I saw an okada jam a bus and Aunty Amaka was the one on the okada. She was bleeding and she looks unconscious to me. “Bleeding? Unconscious? Where? How? What’s going on?” “It was opposite our … Continue reading Memoirs of A Repentant Slut ~ Episode 16

After’ I do’ – 7

Shade The blanket was tightly wrapped around her folded body, head rested on her knees, Shade wept. A deep wrenching  pain- filled sound escaped from her throat but she tried to stifle it.She didn’t  want her poke nosing mother to start drilling her with unnecessary questions. Of course, she had been dating Leroy for more … Continue reading After’ I do’ – 7