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I am a Crazy Mind. I am a Story-teller. I write Horror/Thriller fiction. I am fascinated by the Darkness of the Human Heart, and the Shadows of the Otherness. I am only able to delve this deep into the Darkness because of the Light of God which sustains me. I am a mad man, and I live my madness vicariously through the characters I create. I am going to blow open the Nigerian Literary Landscape, and I will let the world know that yes, we can write things that are not about the Single Story. I love God, my family, Dark tales, Rock Music, Photography and Chocolate. I live close to a Cemetery, but it doesn't look Dark; it is too open. The Necropolis in Glasgow on the other hand, that is the real 'City Of The Dead'. It sits upon a hill, and casts its shroud over the city. Epic. What am I doing here? Meh. Worry much? o_O