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Naijastories.com was created to connect readers to Nigerian writers online, providing an avenue for networking and critique. We really hope you enjoy reading their stories and are inspired to be more creative and productive. You can register to be part of this site and our community. The administrators will be regularly sharing stories, writing news and opportunities, contests and announcements.

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Emmanuella Nduonofit

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By the virtue of inner necessity he exploits the experiential and existential dimension of things and lay them down at the tribunal of faith and reason through his poetry. Then, strumming the strings of this strife, he breathes, he dies and he lives! He is the founder of Lil’Smile (Sparing some seconds starting someone smiling) Foundation, through which he’s been inspiring a number of minds through art.

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Student. Writer. Aspiring film maker.

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Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Kukogho Irusiri Samson is a Nigerian poet, blogger and multimedia journalist. Winner of the Orange Crush 1st Prize for Poetry 2012, I am a contributor to several print and online platforms. I founded and curate popular online social reorientation Facebook Poetry 'Page Words Rhymes & Rhythm' (www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry). Contact: kukogho.samson@hotmail.com +2348060109295)

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I am a witty writer,thinker and speaker.I express myself in whatever way and whatever means possible that is not negative.I believe in myself but believe much more in God and in His only begotten, Jesus, as I owe my progress in life and what I will ever achieve to His unflinching love! WETIN REMAIN? READ ON...

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Society of Young Nigerian Writers

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A young Christian lady with a wild imagination which I consider a gift from God. I love writing,that's one thing about me that can't change.

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Idiong Divine

I be a hybrid of quondam, benevolence and offing.

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What do you know? I am what others will call me. But I answer only to what I call myself. You want to find out more? Maybe, we need to find out together...there are ways if u catch my drift. Hit me/ 08098181829 2796f571

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Myne Whitman is a pseudonym. I am a Nigerian author, blogger and publisher. My debut novel A Heart to Mend was self-published in 2009. I now have two books in print and work to use new and social media to promote aspiring writers, Nigerian books and reading. After a postgrad degree and a few years in Edinburgh, Scotland, I now live in the United States with my husband and write full-time.

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About The Author Olanrewaju Olatunji John is minister of the word, motivational speaker, author, entertainment, ministry & business consultant. He is presently the CEO of TreasuredOne Creative Ideas International, a publishing, entertainment, training and general contracts company John has worked in several companies including NOVA Promotions Ltd, Global Outdoor Ltd, HASS Resources Ltd, and others; a poet by nature. He is driven by a desire to offer help, aid, nurture skills and creativity. Quarterly, he speaks to thousands of young people in churches, conferences and leadership seminars with a third Saturday Monthly Seminar tagged “Identifying & Maximizing Your Creativity”. The author of the best selling motivational book, “You Can Make It”, and other poetry/motivational/training publications. Creativity Personified... An out going, cool and easy person, love to make friends and help others out... Want to know more? Feel free to ask....08028607952, 07064670816 http://treasured1-thesemotivations.blogspot.com/ http://treasured1.wordpress.com/

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henry c.onyema

I teach because I love sharing knowledge and working with youngsters but I write because that is my purpose; my breath of fresh air. I love writing in all genres but my favourite is the short story. I have been published in a range of print and online media; just type in henry chukwuemeka onyema in any search engine. The best gift God gave us, minus salvation through Jesus Christ, is the Muse.

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I am a poet, freelance writer, author and blogger. Many of my works have been published on Triond, Wikinut, Trifter, Socyberty, AuthSpot.com, writinghood.com and Bizcovering. I would love to write more here, and gain more experience for pen and paper are my closest companions... besides these I have none.

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I am a Crazy Mind. I am a Story-teller. I write Horror/Thriller fiction. I am fascinated by the Darkness of the Human Heart, and the Shadows of the Otherness. I am only able to delve this deep into the Darkness because of the Light of God which sustains me. I am a mad man, and I live my madness vicariously through the characters I create. I am going to blow open the Nigerian Literary Landscape, and I will let the world know that yes, we can write things that are not about the Single Story. I love God, my family, Dark tales, Rock Music, Photography and Chocolate. I live close to a Cemetery, but it doesn't look Dark; it is too open. The Necropolis in Glasgow on the other hand, that is the real 'City Of The Dead'. It sits upon a hill, and casts its shroud over the city. Epic. What am I doing here? Meh. Worry much? o_O

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Kay Greins

A guy who like writing. He has an obsession for green, mystery, thriller and suspense. Give him any Agatha Christie or Dan Brown, and he would remain eye glued to it till he finishes. He is an amateur at writing, so be kind enough to point out his mistakes constructively... Gracias

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Ogbole Samson

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Ohmston Weth

Anthony Ominiabohs is a Computer Scientist who loves writing, travelling and breeding guard dogs. He goes by the pen name: Ohmston Weth.

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Mazi Nwonwu

Creative writer, editor, culturally attuned African, father, lover, husband, man.

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My life is a montage of stories and everyone including you reading this, are characters in it.

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a medical doctor, doing his residency training program at the neuropsychiatric hospital aro, lover of books and hoping to be a seasoned writer and author. has several unpublished short stories and has a personal blog where he writes from.

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Lactoo. A very determined teen writer, specializes more in teen fantasy. Akwaeze Louis, hails from south-east alongside Achebe and Adichie. Author 'The Rising Monster'. I just love writing. Currently working on my new fantasy series. Hope I didn't bore you with my post.

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Zanka Uhuru

Zanka Uhuru (Pseudonym) is a creative writer based in Lagos. He loves to play and experiment with words for art.

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Anderson Paul

I am the embodiment of strength, Of selfless love and comely patience. I am laughter found and tears lost. I see,i live and i breathe in words. I see life as a vibrant art, In its throbbing heart, I dwell.a pulsing beat. I believe in defying the odds and traversing the virgin routes. I believe in my vision and in my vibrant youth. I hope one day to see my mission fulfilled To see the fusion of my words and reality be, I am a strong and patient AFRICAN,a timeless being.

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Bright Benson

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Sueddie Agema

Su’eddie Vershima AGEMA (me) lives in Abuja and Makurdi, Nigeria. I was exposed to Literature at an early age by a father who kept the tradition of the moonlight tales, complete with acting roles, local lore, and cultural songs. There was also a mother who bought the best of African literary titles, from Chinua Achebe to every famous writer of the Heinemann fame. 'Humour' sparks.. . I think life should be fun, love and friendships. I love making friends, keeping them and getting proper criticism and appreciation. My blog is http://sueddie.wordpress.com. S'

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Tai Fasina

I am the owner of www.missfanciful.wordpress.com. Tai, also known as Taibat A. Bunmilola-Fasina was born and bred in Abeokuta, Western Nigeria in the early eighties. She is a teacher by profession and a freelance translator and a published author also known as Bunmilola Fasina June. She presently lives in Nigeria. She loves to read and blog about almost everything.

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Nwilo Bura-Bari Vincent

I don't really know much about me. But I am definitely male. And I love women.

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Ajenifuja Adetokunbo

Ajenifuja Adetokunbo attended Federal college of Educaton, Akoka, Lagos, where he studied Fine/Applied Arts as a profession. He also has a passion in literature. He is inspired by authors like Chinua achebe, Cyprian Ekwensi, Eddie Iroh and others. He is here to educate and inspire in his own little way, and he appreciates feedback from readers. As usual, he is either found romancing his writing pen or sexing his drawing/painting tools. You can check out my blog http//:ajenifu-ja@blogspot.com

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ufuoma otebele

Well, I am just a simple girl who loves writing and reading.

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ufuoma otebele

Well, I am just a simple girl who loves writing and reading.

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Knows that the road to perfection may be bumpy, and the journey to success and stardom difficult but the desire to become the very best, win all the available awards, and make all the monies will never wane. As my dad always says, there is always room for improvement. That I believe.

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adebayo caleb

i am an avid reader and very passionate about writing. i head a team of innovative writers on campus known as the creative writers niche. i have been published on a number of e-zines and print magazines both locally and internationally. i also won the myspur magazine essay competition for september 2012. i write fiction, poetry and narrative non-fiction. writing is me, i am writing.

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Sharon Salu

Since drawing stick figures is not considered a serious art form, I have decided to use words instead to tell the stories I want to read. Many of my stories are based in Nigeria because, well, I am a Nigerian. Logical explanation, right? And because I know you're deeply fascinated by my life, you might as well take note that I will eat anything that has pepper in it. Within reason, of course.

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olajumoke omisore

I write because I can't imagine not doing so.

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Tola Odejayi

I've always enjoyed writing, although it's only recently I've begun to explore my fiction writing side. Loving the journey so far...

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Inspired by the females from the lineage of Zeus. Then a couple of NS ladies. Then Asa, Nneka, Kate Winslet, Nse, Uju, Chigozie... Then the girls I've had crushes on. And most importantly, the ones I've had more than crushes on. The ones I'd kissed their feet. Then some other ladies too.

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I'm just a laid-back African living in New Zealand

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ABOUT ME. I was born in Lagos Island but stayed the most of my life in Kaduna. From an early age i devoured plenty of books, along the line the books shaped my thoughts then i began to write. Writing answered the questions that science and technology didn’t cater for…for me, writing is an exploration of the human mind and the wonders of the universe. To write, for me, is to attain Nirvana.

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Feels like the greatest gift God gave him would be the ability to scam people into thinking he can actually write....

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Another writer aspirant trying her skills with the pen.

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Malcolm O. Ifi

Lawyer, poet, artist, political activist and social commentator, writer, blogger, entertainment dexter and an avid music lover.

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Okoh C. Paul

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I've lost the memory of where I'm coming from. But I sure know where I'm going!

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chika nwakanma

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I am a born again spirit filled Christain reaching out to people through fictional stories.

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From the time i could string alphabets together i have loved reading. No matter what i'm doing or where i am you can be sure i have a book tucked somewhere. My love for writing started with Mills & Boons. I always had to rewrite the endings. I hated happy, lovey-dovey, everything-ends-well endings and didnt know why till i discovered Stephen King and fell in love. I found my niche in the dark side with the horrors, thrillers, mysteries, supernaturals and the unexplainable. Finally, i was home. I'm still home!

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To write is to live .... just have to keep writing until .... well .... am done

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lawore olufemi

i speak more words in letters...writing poem becomes a major hobby. My inspiration comes from secrets in everything. i love writing and i love (elect/elect) engineering

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Uchechukwu Obiakor

Growing to be a film maker.Loves creativity and hilarious stories.

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The new me has readily come to stay. The better me.

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Dike Dyke Williams

Dike Dyke Williams is an Author with Inner Child Press U.S.A., a Blogger, Gospel Songwriter, Inspirational Speaker, and the Publisher of Pearls Magazine in Nigeria. He was awarded twice for his poetry by the Creative Writers’ Workshop, University of Benin, Nigeria. Dyke has contributed to world peace through his poetry, joining poets from different countries of the world to publish their peace poetry on the World Peace World Healing Poetry anthology in 2012. He blogs on wordpress via www.dykedikewilliams.wordpress.com

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i love writing. i love reading. i love feedback. You can read more of my work on my profile. .

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Plain and proper, media officer at PlusFactor International, born some twenty-something years ago in Kano, Northern Nigeria. I love the pen. schooled in Federal University of Technology,Owerri. Metallurgical Engineering. may God help me live righteously to enable me meet Him in the air!

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Ayokunle Ayoko a.k.a Ayoks is an Intelligent, creative and wildly imaginative individual...follow me on twitter...@ayoksy

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My blog:http://jefsaraurmax.blogspot.com/

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A budding poet

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San Jules

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smitten by words.........................

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Got my bachelor's degree in Computer Science in 2009, Finished writing my first novel (Curse of the Seventh Sword: The Gauntlet of Feona) in 2013. Currently in the 6th month of my NYSC service year and posting chapters of my book here on NaijaStories

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Hymar David is my name, Spinning stunners is my game.

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I love to write. When I hear about books that I can't get to on time, I write a novel while I wait. I also make youtube videos in the hopes that at the right moment i can use it as a platform to sell my books. https://www.youtube.com/user/olsnetwork

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A young man who recently relocated to the country. Single, and i love writing. I write short stories, ranging from inspirational to thought provoking and the list goes on.

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Gboyega Otolorin

Sometimes I think my writing is really cool....and at other times it's hard to convince me I'm not full of crap. But I press on. I press on. Perseverance is it...

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The Free Spirit. www.kenechiuzor.com

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Onyeka Dike

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chisom oji

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Not much,I'm still finding my way.

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Joseph Omotayo

Give me a book and I will give you a Review. Read me more at; www.criticalliteraturereview.blogspot.com and www.josephomotayo.blogspot.com

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Da Writing Engineer

I am who I am: The Writing Engineer!

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Writing brings me pain, yet it's all I ever want to do.

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igbor clemency

Why write if I won't dismantle your rib cage? Why write if I won't almost infarct your myocardium? Why write if I won't motivate, inspire, educate, same time entertain you? Afterall, I'm lumin de Lumina, God commanded light and there was me. I'm the Masterpiece. A riddle wrapped in mystery in an enigma. More? Click on www.iclemency.blogspot.com I read and write, on Naijastories, as a poet, a storyteller, a medical student and to the glory of God.

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Sir Sam

Samson T. Olabisi is a student of Industrial Chemistry. He is a voracious reader who disguises as a writer,poet and songwriter.

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26 Articles
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Tunde Leye

Tunde Leye is the blogger behind Finding Hubby, which catalogues the escapades of the well loved Oyin Clegg. He is also the author of debut novel - Golden Sands, published in Nigeria, October, 2012 and available in select stores and on Amazon. Follow him on twitter @tundeleye

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Daniel Okoli C


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Dee's hive

An engineer with a passion for writing. Do check my blog www.aideyandaniel.wordpress.com

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I still aim to rise.....

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Just a guy that zealously challenges time to tell me if I'm a writer or not. Only that I know what the answer will be...

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Dotta Raphels

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I love to eat and see movies when i am not reading or learning to write

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i bleed my heart out through a pen...or in this case, i got a blood-soaked keyboard. I like to question the norms of life.

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Babalola Ibisola VABI

A Poet/Author, Physician.

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Okeme James Jerome

25 Articles
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Lawal Opeyemi Isaac

Opeyemi is a final year student of Physiology at the olabisi Onabanjo University,Ogun State,Nigeria. He has had immense love for the written word from his tender age, and is about now trying to make his voice heard.He writes poetry and short fiction.

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24 July 1954. Author of The Three Freedoms series: Vol 1: How Human Will I Be; available @ www.createspace.com/3860724. Vol 2b: Noah's Ark Today; available in free e-book format @ www.store.blurb.com/ebook/381936

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iLove, iWrite, iTreat, iDraw, iNerd, and iFun. You'd have known more about me by the time we meet, i.e when I'm signing you an autograph...

24 Articles
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At present, just trying to improve on my craft( wrting that is)

24 Articles
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Ahmad Abdullahi

24 Articles
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Amina Idris

Born in Niger state, living in abuja' studied biology, writing is a wonderful way of conveying one's thought, imagination, views,perspectives and so much more to the world. I admire writers, who are bold and write their stories in their style irrespective of criticism. In threading the part your heart has chosen for you need not be afraid because your happiness lies where your passion lies. When I write I feel fulfilled, I might not have written well like chimamanda, but I have put my piece down. My role models in the world of writing are chinua Achebe, Elechi Amadi, Buchi Emecheta, Zainab Alkali, maryama Baa, Abubakar Gimba,Fred must art Stewart, to mention but a few. My best book would forever remain Elechi Amadi's The concubine.

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I'm that kind of writer that writes a piece,reads it and goes ''damn! Im good! Lol...I generally hate sharing my work with people but my desire to be a more serious writer supercedes that ridiculous fear so here I am! I'm beautiful,brainy and unpretentious and that shows in my writing...

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Ayokunle Falomo

23 Articles
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Whiz Da Poet

23 Articles
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damilare oso

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samuel o-e

23 Articles
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Tony Ogunlowo

An award winning writer based in London

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Tola Adegbite

Tola Adegbite is a student of Literature-in-English in Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife. She write and perform poetry.

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I suppose I'm an easy-to-get-along-with kind of person. I'm passionate about writing, maybe because I'm equally a voracious reader. I remember now I started experimenting with story writing while in primary school. While in Secondary school, a friend who'd be ready to do anything to listen to me reel out one of my many fictitious tales in our free periods, suggested i try putting these stories into book forms for others to read. Well, that singular suggestion did something wonderful to my inner man as i suddenly realized I'm cut out to be a writer. Agbenu And The Forest Spirits, an adventurously exciting folktale published by Apex Book, Lagos in 2007 was my first effort in traditional print within Nigeria. I have been writing seriously since then. I hope to published wonderful novels in the years to come. And I also hope I find happiness and fulfillment with the Naija Stories community as a veritable tool for further developing my writing skills. Regards

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22 Articles
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Amateur writer

22 Articles
Avatar of Alaba


I've been writing for 6 years .

22 Articles
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I write as a hobby. okay, honestly I write because i cannot help it. I would like my work to speak for itself.

22 Articles
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Young Writer. Avid Reader. Science Maven. Sucker for Cartoons. Literature Lover. Embryonic Engineer. Next Big Thing.

22 Articles
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so far, so good. but i want better, bester and bestest. so there!

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Reader| Thinker| Writer| Engineer| Art & Culture Critic| Father| Lover| Socio-Political Commentator| Deacon| Eats Beans & Dodo Everyday.

21 Articles
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I'm a pencil in the hands of the Poet, a feather for His ink.

21 Articles
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I love to write. To paint with words, and draw out more useful meanings from all kinds of human experiences. Kainene; let's see how this goes - I'm only beginning to pay attention to that 'crafty feeling'.

21 Articles
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Curious and playful, learning to tell the stories I see and live. Follow me on Twitter, @TReflector

21 Articles
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21 Articles
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Segun Egbeyinka loves to write, loves to read amazing books, and he is also a sucker for great movies. He blogs at: http://www.olusegunegbeyinka.wordpress.com where he shares some of his most controversial and thought provoking views.

21 Articles
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Tee Akindele

I love to write poems, I publish some on the Everyday Poetry blog: http://poetry.tee-akindele.com.

20 Articles
Avatar of Ochuko Tonukari

Ochuko Tonukari

Ochuko Tonukari (born February 9, 1980) is a Nigerian journalist, digital publisher, open access advocate, poet and short story writer. His stories are known for their nostalgic themes, vivid dialogue, and richly detailed characters. Back in his native Urhoboland, Ochuko is known as a narrative historian, especially as he emphasized popular facets of Urhobo history and culture using features of colorful characters and historical vignettes, in addition to his use of basic plots, dates, and analyses. Despite the fact that his works are well researched and supported by footnotes, they are not generally presented in a rigorous academic style. He was formally a reporter with the Urhobo Voice Newspaper, where he still writes weekly on issues bordering on Urhobo culture and historiography. Ochuko Tonukari is a strong advocate of the open access publishing. He got his first and second degrees from Delta State University, where he studied librarianship.

20 Articles
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20 Articles
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King kObOkO

www.kingkoboko.com/king.koboko www.twitter.com/kingkoboko

20 Articles
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Chris Nwogu

There is a young intellectual and a spiritual dynamite ready to explode. his name Chris Nwogu I'm fueled by a dream that only a few with strong minds and character could understand. An undying part of me is an uncontrollable envisioning of an image of my very self, trapped in a vacuum with people of great minds, mapping out reality to set the world free. A distinct dimension of me is that I've got it all to give, only that I have to ponder on it awhile hence the god of asunder will be forced to reckon with it 'forever. Many would characterized me an introvert: these are those who haven't 'survived' the breaking down of the seemingly stern wall built around me. I am not and never cocooned in a of web of egotism -- there's a Supremacy working and waiting to confirm a deep sense of truism! a young and up coming poet . i love poetry to the core. when am not near the girl I love; I love the girl am near.

20 Articles
Avatar of Kwiksie


The full name's Okwukwe. I'm a born again Christian and absolutely love the platform to self-expression that writing provides---so, i write. I'm probably not the best critic...but i AM willing to learn where the lesson is a value additive. I'm highly fond of children, guitars, pepper, chocolate, and rainfall and i fancy myself a slightly unconventional romantic. ^_^So now you know.

20 Articles
Avatar of mobolaji oluwabi

mobolaji oluwabi

writer's reader and a reader's writer. life lover. happy

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On a lot of things

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19 Articles
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I am a published writer, former National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) nominee, a writers` association chairperson, an English lecturer, an international ESL and EFL teacher and tutor , book editor ,conference producer and researcher. In 2005, my nationally acclaimed book, Love O’clock was published. In 2006, I edited a poetry anthology, IT`S TIME…In 2007 I was in a team of young writers` editors/mentors on a British council project, Echoes of the Young. 2010 saw me contribute to an international edition -Poems for Haiti, a South African anthology. In 2012 l contributed to the following international poetry collections, SNIPPETS and Voices For Peace respectively.

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19 Articles
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I'm a writer under construction, or would like to be seen as such. I scribble thoughts that could fit into the mold of poetry or creative fiction, but I love to comment on issues that affect the community I live through my blog www.kokowrites.wordpress.com

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His name is VICTOR! He is an Engineering student of OAU, already in his finales. Unknowingly for him, the love of words had sprung up poetry from his inner cells! So he stood to taste from the element of life! He now breeds it in the inner chamber of his mind! His soul won't stop whispering for more pure form of the glossy crystal! His joy sees happiness at the sight of creative glittering lines. His smile turns laugh when the inspiration of poetry glows the heart! He still breeds it... Blog- www.kleavajimcywrites.blogspot.com

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Amurawaiye Adeyinka

18 Articles
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Sarah Ukot

18 Articles
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emmanuel abasiubong

18 Articles
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yejide kilanko

18 Articles
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Above all, I'm very calm and deep!

18 Articles
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I am KING.

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18 Articles
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Pierce me, and see only drops of love seeping out

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Chime Jọstis Ndụbụisi hails from Udi in Udi Local Government Area, Enugu state. He is a graduate of English and Literary Studies from the renown University of Nigeria Nsukka(UNN) . He is an unrepentant poet and humanist. Some of his poems have appeared in The Muse: a journal of creative and critical writings of the students of Department of English and Literary Studies at UNN; in African Eyeball Anthology, and online @: www.poemhunter.com/chime-justice-ndubuisi/poems/... follow him on twitter @legendaryCJN

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Berry Feistypen

I am Berry. I am Black. BlackBerry. Smart. Sassy. Feisty. Soulful. My writing reflects who I am and whose I am. I'm inspired by God, life, and an on-fours adorable kid.

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jeff unaegbu

Jeff Unaegbu hails from Amankwo-Inyi in Oji River LGA, Enugu State of Nigeria. He is author of ten books, including "Ode on Lagos" (2nd Runner-up ANA/Cadbury Prize 2011 and 2nd position in NUC-NURESDEF 2012). Jeff has made twenty documentaries, including those on Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and on Chinua Achebe. You can reach him at +2348035272576 or lionlordjeff@yahoo.com.

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I'm inspired by the things,the happenings around me to write creatively and excitingly. Well, I'm very humble and quiet...love bigeyed women..

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Aspiring producer and writer.Love fiction a lot.

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I have a sense of humor,one I enjoy in others. As such,I love a good laugh. I love the written word, and the world of imaginations it evokes. And I love God,man and country.

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I'ma singer, rapper, poet, writer, thinker, philosopher, actor, compere,comedian, dj, empowerment activist................ etc. Some might call me 'jack of all trade,' but I choose to call myself a total entertainer. I believe that for true learning to take place, there has to be a fun element. If a student doesn't find a subject interesting, the odds are that he wouldn't enjoy it, and consequently he will fail. I like to keep my audience entertained and amused. I try to consistently blend creativity with accessibility, delivering to my readers, easily understandable literature that does not compromise on originality. hehehe

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James Ogunjimi

I am an Industrial Chemist by Profession. A poet by passion. My type of poetry borders on the extreme (at least that's what most people say). My poems serve as wakeup calls. Well, guess you'll just have to read to know.

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I love having fun and being myself. Not exactly a serious writer,but its an opportunity to share my thoughts so I write often.

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Uche Okonkwo

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Ladipo Titiloye

I am a theatre graduate, who loves to write, and I am fascinated by speculative fiction, and myth.

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Blaise Aphascea

is a Business/Startup Enthusiast, Creative Director and User Interphase Architect. His interests and skills include Graphic Design, Social Media, Painting, Poetic and Research Based Writing. Blaise is also the Founder of Thebusinessaim.com

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tolu oke

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Sibbyllinna says: Give me FUN and the rest can take a flying f**k! The love I have for the arts is purely natural; you must agree that reading is an art too... I have also dived into the pools of poetry and prose - It is fun for me, so I am swimming in the arts and having a blast! ~ $ß.

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Kelechi is a struggling writer, who dreams of a quiet life with cute family in a country where only books would matter and pencil and paper would be the ideal Valentine present. Catch his short stories and essays on Facebook and a novel sometime in the future. Say whatever you please about his work; he asked for it! Cheers.

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I am a busy mom with creative tendencies

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Vincent de Paul

I am a writer (perhaps due to my constant harping about it). I have showcased my works on online fora, and then built my own home at www.poeticjustnes.com where I ramble ceaselessly about love and life. My book, First Words, won the Nairobi International Book Fair (NIBF) Literary Awards organized by the National Book Development Council of Kenya (NBDCK) in 2010.

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I am a Telecom professional and a strategic planner/specialist. I am a happy husband and father and currently blog at www.igwewritesonpurpose.com

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isaac anyaogu

Isaac loves to write fiction, poetry and short stories. He loves red wine too.

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Am a dreamer and I believe in being anything but ordinary. I have been writing since the days of compositions and comprehensions, and I think I have a fair grasp of it (but i guess you can be the judge of that now).

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Famous Isaacs

FAMOUS ISAACS is a Nigerian photographer and poet. Born in 1988, he holds a BA in English and Literature from the University of Benin, Nigeria. He is the author of two self-published collections, ONE DAY IN THE FAILING LIGHT OF DUSK (2013), and BEYOND (2014). His upcoming collections, WE’VE ALL GOT OURS and HOPE IS NOT A GRAIN OF SAND, document narratives of travel with themes of isolation, religious fanaticism, disillusionment, violence, and feminism. His works have been featured in Saraba Magazine, and Brittle Paper. He blogs at http:// famousisaacs.blogspot.com and tweets from @famousisaacs

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bunmi familoni

i write from Ibadan.

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I started writing almost as soon as I started reading and I have been writing ever since. www.writinginwhispers.wordpress.com .

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Angelah Carson

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Lawyer, songwriter, editor, published poet (published a collection of poetry titled 'The Gospel According To Us'), aspiring novelist, playwright, guitarist...

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Oloruntoba Yetunde

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Ugo Chime

Ugo Chime is a wife and a mom. When she is not occupied with thinking of her next short story or novel, Ugo Chime spends an obscene amount of time on Social Networking. Join her on Facebook, Twitter, and her personal blog, http://flourishingflorida.net. You can reach her on ugochime@writeme.com

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nerd and geek

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Technically it is hard to describe me... i have been writing since my tenth birthday, I also have stopped more times than I can count. Now I am lawyer juggling a very busy life with my writing, I am forever striving to be better at it so i love constructive criticism...emphasis on constructive? lol! the intention is to go professional one day and don't let the pretty face fool u, trust me... u don't want to meet me in court...lol!

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The best form of self expression is that of the purposeful flicker of the pen on a receptacle for the depth of man which spoken words cannot attain.

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Femi Eros

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The chairman Association of Nigerian Authors, Imo State branch.

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I love writing and I love life. My views maybe cynical but, deep down...am all peaches and roses(if u can believe that!) so, forgive already when I seem...not 'deep down'! And yeah, there's this too; my thots overtake my head most days so...i ramble too (if u can believe that 2!). Ha! Let's have fun...i really enjoy this life!

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Dowell Oba

I have an absolute first love for poetry, with a newly discovered flair for stories and prosaic expression. But above all I let the passion for creativity reflect itself, in the best suitable genre and style that carries and goes with the inspiration.

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I am an aspiring writer and I have a particular interest in Fiction and Poetry. My first ever book will be due in May 2012 and I run a humorous blog called The Crazy Nigerian

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Joseph Oguche

Philosopher, Psychologist; who loves to read and write.

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What can i say about my uneventful existence that won't make you run screaming from sheer boredom?

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Aurora Anne

Sometimes, I am all electric.

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Wright Bankole

I am Wright Bankole, from Lagos State,Lagos Island; I am a student of Lasu studying English and Literart studies. I like singing, writing and chatting.

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I'm the Charming Humble Nice Guy - The Freaky Individual. Read more about me here: http://thechngblog.blogspot.in/2014/02/meet-charming-humble-nice-guy-himself.html?m=1 Thanks and God bless.

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I take writing as a hobby which have with time developed into a passion. I just love writing!

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Augustine Ogwo

Blogger at www.austinaija.com . 1st runner up, Ken Saro Wiwa writing competition (short story category), 2010

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Abdulwasiu Hassan

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Seyi Osinowo

I don't think or desire to be the best writer out there. I just hope my opinions are of use to someone, somewhere. To read all my posts, please visit www.musingpoet.blogspot.com.

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Ellie Turtoe believes reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. So if we have no writers, how do we exercise our minds? She loves to read and write and loves to promote the cause for a better reading culture. Support my work @ www.readingculturefoundation.org

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Nkem DenChukwu

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Graphic Designer (eziaha.deviantart.com/gallery) and Writer

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samuel osaze

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The word is my turf, the world my oyster. I'm a citizen of the world, a liberal at heart, a stickler for excellence ... on the pursuit of happiness.

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Anzaa Msonter

I'm your friend who means well, but who may not be able to do well at all times. I have faults, but it is not my ambition to sustain them; so we can work together and improve along the way. I don't like too much censorship, so I do my "thing" alone at www.sontel-nigeria.blogspot.com

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I'm a student, poet and a creative writer. My interests spans across 'Poetry, Lifestyle, Political and Economic matters'. I'm also passionate about youth development. My leisure time are spent on singing and reading.

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TJ Benson

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Edward Chinwendu.

I am a principled young lady with beautiful passion for writing.

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Uzoma Umekwe

Software developer, sports enthusiast, lover of good stories and poetry.

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Blessed to twist you with creativity, I suppose.

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chudwin godwin

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“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”- Dr. Seuss. That is all :)

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young man who wants to learn the ropes in writting. love being silly but i also love creative writting. i am best at writting my crazy thoughts and ideas. love the human mind nd i also love bread.lol

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Adura Ojo

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I do not consider myself a writer...

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MK. Jones

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Mercy Ilevbare

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I like to think myself a writer because i know how to play with words like floccinaucinihilipilificate and antidisestablishmentarianism. BTW,what do they mean?

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I love writing. A student of The University of Benin. Studying mass communication. I hope to effect change, through my pen.

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I am a student of accounting, and an aspiring writer. I love to read from people, and know what people think about the things I write. I started scribbling down my 'jargons' on the 22nd of March, 2007, and ever since then, I believe I've been working so hard towards improvement. I write basically on love, and I'm usually very passionate about my characters. I've published a couple of my works on FaceBook, where I gained the title 'LOVE DOCTOR'. I believe I try, but I also believe there's room for improvement. I registered on this blog on the suggestion of a member, by the name FEMI OWOLABI, and I'm positive that it'd bring about the improvement and finesse I so much crave. . .

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Life is a bed of roses. Thorny but beautiful. Novelist. Short story writer. Poet. Chronicler of the art of life. You can follow me on twitter @ http://www.twitter.com/yahayamadu. Blog @ http://www.yahayamadu.wordpress.com .

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Onen Fidelis was born in Cross River State,Nigeria.A graduate of Literature, Ahmadu Bello University,Zaria,Nigeria.He has a number of unpublished poems and short stories and currently working on a novel.

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I have loved reading since I can remember. The love for crafting stories came naturally while I was still a child, and I have learnt to put those imaginations to writing. I desire to inspire love and transformation through my writing, and sometimes, just to entertain - life can be beautiful, depending on how you look at it.

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Mamman Saba Mustapha

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Alexander Thandi Ubani is A Poet, writer, Novelist and Thespian. Read more ᵃ†̥̥ http://ubanichijioke.hubpages.com

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Israel Eziedo

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Tolu Daniel

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I love words.

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Words make the invisible, visible. I create poetically.........

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I'm an old fashioned plus sized diva who loves God, good books and knowledge.I enjoy documenting and communicating daily life and gender issues through words and pictures.My passions are photography, gender and public health issues in Sub Saharan Africa, culture , Languages, travel and existence....

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Kabura Zakama

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Ayodeji Lancaster

I am Ayodeji Lancaster, that's all.

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Casey Imafidon

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Chu'diebere Ajala

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I am just a regular guy who appreciates all forms of art, but poetry has always been a big issue for me. Poetry never caught my fancy because it was always too short to convey true feelings. My opinion.

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♫ I'm an entertainer ♪....I entertain ♫

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I am a one in ten - A number on a list. I am a one in ten - Even though I don`t exist. Nobody Knows me, Even though I`m always there. A statistic, a reminder Of a world that doesn`t care! -UB40's words describe me aptly

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I am a business and I.T consultant. I am a part time graphics designer, a part time web developer and a full time writer. I am a social entrepreneur and if God Almighty were a drug, I should be called an addict. www.peterokolie.com

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Princes Arah

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glim Bukola


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Daniel Nwachukwu

If I can write my whole thoughts out and expressed them excellently, then I'm blessed.

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Nur'ayn (new reign)

In soft wooden leaves, my overflowing mind lives-twisted with strong heaves.

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I'm young and love to read and write.

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A talented poet

11 Articles
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Dammy Keke

Deep with a probing heart and a wandering thought.

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It's great to be here. To be where Nigerian literary art is created and shared. I am a writer. I write poetry, songs, novels, thoughts, philosophies and diaries. I am 23 years. I write with a great lot of thing for the art. I began writing sometimes around 2002. I was greatly inspired by other writers. I admired Wole Soyinka. His works to me were impressive. I have been writing my own style, my concepts, and ideas of poetry and prose. You can see my works at www.thejuvenilecrime.blogspot.com www.scriptapoiema.blogspot.com

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Ife Watson

I just like to scribble, scribble and scribble... started writing little bits and pieces since I was in Junior secondary school; some poetry at first then I found my depth in prose; more of the short story variety. I see myself as a writer still enclosed in a cocoon but I think I'm emerging bit by bit everyday...

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Prince Ajubo

An Ijaw from Okrika,Rivers,I have a B.A.degree in Linguistics/Communication,from Uniport.A musician and a freelance radio presenter,I also write for the African Labour Watch Magazine.

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Shadiat is a young Nigerian who has been writing for some time now. She is a voracious reader, an avid movie fan and a lover of music.

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If words were rivers, I'd love to swim at the deep end...If stories were fruits, I'd love to be a farmer...

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i have been writing since i was 10. I write from politics to fiction; memoirs and even biography. Recently i found a source that makes you want to continue writing and there is no way u can run out of ideas when you start...............do u really want to know?

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32 yr old male, started writing in 2012 for the 1st time. Hoping to enter as many competitions in 2013 and get my writing out there. Who knows what could happen, if I try

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Adamu Donald

Adamu Donald hails from Odogomu in Ankpa Local Government Area of Kogi State Nigeria. He is Igala by tribe. He was born into the family of Mr. Ismaila Adamu and Mrs. Omaye Adamu as the first child. He is currently a Student of the University Of Jos, Nigeria. He received his primary education at Uwani River Primary School in Enugu State and then Army Children School, Dodan Barracks Ikoyi, in Lagos State. He completed his secondary education at Government College Umuahia and the Federal Government College Ugwolawo in Abia and Kogi State respectively. Although a science student, he has found great joy and comfort in writing because he believes that he can have an important impact upon contemporary society by imparting what he thinks and feels through his writings. He speaks and understands four Nigerian Languages which are Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Igala and English.

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10 Articles
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Abraham Tyson

A foot on this pedestal, I ponder why they put the 'know' in knowledge, that ledge outside of the window. The urge to breakthrough and discover, 'A man on the ledge'. Thoughts dancing around in my head eager to be written, my mind on the pen...

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10 Articles
Avatar of Elizabeth


Simply Me... After reading Nosa's Wedding by Sharon Abimbola Salu I just contd clicking...

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P.J. Burre

Young Nigerian mom, addicted to reading and writing. I see everything in technicolor, and i've been told severally, that I tend to over analyse. I'm a firm believer in first doubting everything we know, in order to know for sure, the things we know, ergo, I am usually open and non critical of every life choice, personality and event, as long as it does no harm to others.

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aderemi Oluwaseyi

just a cool dude

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I don't judge,I don't condemn,I hate nosy pokers,I love children,I love sharwarma,I love club sandwich,I love sfc,I cry a lot,I love my God-dad,I love God,I'm excessively self-confident.I'm Gretel.

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Binyerem Ukonu

Quite acting like you don't know me.

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Prism of an Immigrant


9 Articles
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9 Articles
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Salatu Sule

9 Articles
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Akeem Olalekan

9 Articles
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9 Articles
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Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. ~ Ben Franklin

9 Articles
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Akalugwu Chinyere

i'm an open book, written in a foreign language... Translations available though.

9 Articles
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My name is Abby Fayokun, the Host of Circles of Love. I am first a lover of Christ, a wife to the most amazing man and honoured to be a mother. I love to write and I hope to use my stories to encourage, teach and motivate people to be the best God has ordained. I started writing almost fifteen years ago, in which some has been seen in church's plays and school's drama. I am working towards my first novel and also working with this site to bring my stories to you. I hope it has been a blessing to you and I look forward to seeing more success in the future in Jesus name.

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Avatar of phronesis


My love for life and passion for the little things that make life beautiful have inspired me to explore and exploit the "Treasure in this Earthen Vessel-" me. Writing for me is life;as it plunges into the archives of the human mind to express our deepest emotions . I love life; and writing makes life more interesting to me...

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sometimes we choose our stories, sometimes our stories choose us. my name is eye kay. I am an assistant curator at Black Passionate Art Gallery, Benin. i like to kid myself that I can write. I confess to being attracted to the strange and unusual, and I guess it shows in my writing, if you call it that. Maybe one day, in the foreseeable future, I'll take my writing a bit more seriously, but until then, let's just have fun. Cheers!

9 Articles
Avatar of Maria Somorin

Maria Somorin

built for greatness.

9 Articles
Avatar of ifeanyienoch


Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha is a higherlife coach, an inspirational teacher, leadership pro and social entrepreneur. He is the author of OVERCOMING THE CHALLENGES OF LIFE and LEADERSHIP TORCH, available at http://www.amazon.com/OVERCOMING-CHALLENGES-IFEANYI-ENOCH-ONUOHA/dp/1467041262/ref=la_B006QMHHIY_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1351688630&sr=1-1 and . He is a young man enriching lives positively through his works.

9 Articles
Avatar of magic


I love writing. Maybe getting to read what others are writing will wake up that 'Something' in me. Maybe.

9 Articles
Avatar of katiee


Medical student.I love reading and writing.still a beginner in writing.would love to improve.

9 Articles
Avatar of Kurannen Baaki

Kurannen Baaki

9 Articles
Avatar of Ogwo David Emenike

Ogwo David Emenike

Sage, Essayist, Motivator and Writer

9 Articles
Avatar of Oxygenmat


I'm an award-winning Nigerian essayist, expert freelance writer, writing tutor, poet, public analyst and the CEO of www.NaijaWritersCoach.com. A multi-linguist, I’m humble and I respect all persons.

9 Articles
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9 Articles
Avatar of Admin Assistant

Admin Assistant

9 Articles
Avatar of Thelma


I'm a lawyer in my late 20s who loves reading and writing. I believe I'm a work in progress, ergo, i'm here, to read more, write more and LEARN more. I also own a blog where Have some of my written works among several other things. www.thelmathinks.blogspot.com

9 Articles
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9 Articles
Avatar of Emmanuel


9 Articles
Avatar of Chris Bamidele

Chris Bamidele

Christopher Bamidele, a Nigerian through and through. I currently work in a TV station, Ebonylife Television, DSTV Channel 165. I am an amateur writer and writing for me is a hobby, but a very huge one I would like to improve on.

9 Articles
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9 Articles
Avatar of imaniking


With love for life and the complexities it brings...beauty and the sound of a child's rant. I take on each day viewing them through different eyes...as a child, a human, a writer and sometimes just me...someone that luvs crazy and pictures!

9 Articles
Avatar of herexg


I'm all about creativity, prolific writer, an actor an orator

9 Articles
Avatar of Blessing


I'm a natural born writer...I've denied my identity for too long! Writing has always come easily for me, hence I never appreciated it. But thank God for revelation! I've discovered that it's a gift and I plan to use it for his glory...so help me God! I hope you join me in this new journey!

8 Articles
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8 Articles
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8 Articles
Avatar of Itodo Samuel Anthony

Itodo Samuel Anthony

8 Articles
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Dipo Adesida

8 Articles
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pinkette dawn

8 Articles
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8 Articles
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8 Articles
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8 Articles
Avatar of obinwanne


I wield a mighty sword and slay dragons in my real life. Sitting in the office and having meetings all day, that's just an illusion created by Babylon to keep me in check...

8 Articles
Avatar of taiwo odumala

taiwo odumala

I'm a graduate of English Literature at the Lagos State University and love reading and writing

8 Articles
Avatar of aceDprodigy


i am me. you want to know more ask me.

8 Articles
Avatar of Amor


Have more humility. Remember you don't know the limits of your own abilities. Successful or not, if you keep pushing beyond yourself, you will enrich your own life!

8 Articles
Avatar of Chimzorom


Sometimes I wonder what would be of me; if I had no hands- to write, or if I was too dumb- to talk. I'd never be able to express my numerous thoughts- I could go bananas. Apart from God, there's no place I find better solace than in a book, armed with my pen... or as it now mostly is- on my keyboard.

8 Articles
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8 Articles
Avatar of Fiyinfoluwa Akinsiku

Fiyinfoluwa Akinsiku

I am what I am.

8 Articles
Avatar of sarahchristy21


I am a writer with a passion to make an impact in every life with my piece of writing. I have so many stories swarming in like bees everyday to be penned down and i can't thank anyone but God for such gift and talent.

8 Articles
Avatar of Melody


I love writing and i love to learn how to write better

8 Articles
Avatar of Daniels Adeoye

Daniels Adeoye

Daniels Adeoye is a reader who writes. He has been shortlisted for the Happy –Bookers International Poetry Prize and The British Council Nigeria Short Story Competition . He writes when he is not busy with Economics. He resides in Nigeria.

8 Articles
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8 Articles
Avatar of Perfecta Bassey

Perfecta Bassey

I am an accounting graduate of the university of Uyo, have published a novellette titled Dilemma, i write stories on my blog, and for other online clients.

8 Articles
Avatar of Irene Ese

Irene Ese

I am a screen writer and a theatre arts graduate.

8 Articles
Avatar of jollyone


I'm a reader who is constantly looking for inspiration.

8 Articles
Avatar of Eminefoh


A male descendant of the Eminefoh's. He is a speaker, great thinker and appreciates work of arts. He is not perfect yet strives to learn given enough room to grow

8 Articles
Avatar of Psalmy


I do love reading and weaving African tales

8 Articles
Avatar of oluchukwu


student of english and literary studies at the university of nigeria

8 Articles
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Tolase Ajibola

I'm the riddle locked within a labyrinth. I live unseen. Anyone who seeks me must be willing to travel outside his map. An undergraduate at the University of Agriculture Abeokuta, a student of statistics. A poet, Tolase Ajibola is obsessed with literature.

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Nwosu Chibuzo Cee

Am cool..and admires hot challenges..Am a sole writer,a lover of poetry nd a writer of many.Wuld be glad if u share wit me my luv 4 poems. I havn't done any publication of my own yet, buh most of my poems have been publicized in magazines and Newpapers.I hope to do publications of ma write up's in near future. I hope also to impact More of ma knowledge in the lite of poems and to attain its apogee in greatness and achievements.

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Jacob Gad

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Alozor Michael Ikechukwu

Iyke for short, I was born and bred in Lagos Nigeria. A rating in the Nigerian navy, enjoys writing poetry and stories. A 2005 national winner of Scenarios From Africa and Words, Rhymes and Rythm Nigerian Poet of 2013, my works have been featured both locally and internationally in various anthologies. I own www.enigmatikheartflows.wordpress.com and www.facebook.com/Heartflows. I tweet via @enigmatikpoet

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Ehi Abah

Short story writer (my novels are still in my head) and poet.

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God's special best friend.Writer. Med student. Sarcastic. Avid reader. Esoteric. Klutz. I love football. #TeamMUFC. I couldn't care less about fashion. I live on cocopops. Imperfect. I'm just trying to find my way with words. I mostly tell stories but i'm giving poetry a try.

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I like to tell stories. Wish I could write them down as much as I create them in my mind.

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Diva Divine

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Divinely commisioned to be a Problem Solver!

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adeniyi ife

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Addy Bardust

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I have dubbed myself "the persistent patriot". Why? I love Nigeria, I believe there's a good future for it and I believe it is left to us all to reach that future. Being a diehard Nigerian and a writer, I am naturally drawn to this great site.

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Shinaigo Tadi

born in the home city of bajoga, kwami LGA, Gombe state. But later grew up in my parents hometown...

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Gbenga Awomodu is a freelance writer and editor. His first short story, 'Dozing on Awolowo Road', was first published on Pank Magazine's This Modern Writer blog in March 2010. Since then, he has gone ahead to work on short stories for publication on various platforms in the near future. Egbe's Diary, his eclectic blog can be accessed at http://gbengaawomodu.wordpress.com. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria and currently works with Bainstone Ltd./Bellanaija.com as an Editorial Assistant.

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The username says it all. I can be the most boring person in the world. Only good thing is, I love writing except again, I am also very lazy so I don't do much writing. What I do well though is listen and analyze situations. However, Im sure many people do this well too so I guess there's nothing exceptional about that. Just thought Ild mention it. I love books except that the kind of books I love are not the kind NS members would like to hear about. Except you are a geek, Im not sure talking about probability, neural network, artificial intelligence will excite you. If it does, then you need to check yourself. Sadly, things like that excite me and I spend most of my time, looking for solutions in that realm. When it comes to fiction, I love anything from the stables of Stephen King. To me, that is the most gifted writer in the world. Sadly, I only love reading his books, Im not sure I can replicate his style though. If you have read up all Ive written above up till this stage, erm....kudos. I must apologise for taking 20 seconds of you time. I will like Oliver, ask that you give me more of your time by reading my stories and if you think they are boring, please do let me know!

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TB Caleb

My birthday is 19 September. I'm muscular, five-nine-foot, a writer and student filmmaker. I made my first short film "NOSTALGIA" in September 2012. I'm from Osun State and live in Lagos.

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I definitely can express myself better writing. I have been reading since I was a toddler and started writing while I was in Secondary School in Nigeria. I am a junkie for novels especially books by Robin cook, Mary Higgins Clark etc. I am glad to find this site and hope to get some constructive, deep and critical review on my write-ups. Please stop by and check it out ok. thanks. Shalom!

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dulen ogbari

I live and work in Port Harcourt, as a senior management staff of an environmental engineering and management company. I also moonlight as a management consultant for small and medium scale enterprises in the city. I live in Rumuodara with my 3 children

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dagbeyon thomas

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Ayo iz a Scrawler

I'm just an unapologetic scrawler traveling through life preferrably sitting by the window seat of life taking down notes !

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Muy caliente

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Whyte Datonye

Am like every other person with the desire to share my experience of the world with the words i can best use to convey my subjectivity. Every book hooks me. Every writing fascinates me, especially when i contempulate that an average good writer must have turned books(in numbers) the size of a library upside down to have one book standing upright in the book stand. No publications yet, no prizes, no awards, but they are sure to come.

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A passionate writer, a very cheerful and talkative lady!!! Deedeelicious is the prolonged but short version of Adaeze Ibechukwu. She is the blogger behind the Life of a very funky naija teenager http://lifeofaveryfunkynaijateenager.blogspot.com/ and www.senoritathelagoschick.blogspot.com

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Oyenwen Odia

Writer. Medic. Musical. Loves to dance. My life revolves around Christ and it is impossible to seperate Him from who I am or what I do.

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I am a Nigerian from the eastern region. I grew up in the north central region of this great country. My real name is Nwafornso Tochukwu. I love to write alot.

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Am a christian precisely a catholic from Ebonyi State .Ist out six children and I love writing,travelling,networking,cooking and making money.

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i love to write, and not just prose fiction. There is a certain beauty and pride to the fact that i can prick my brains, until landscapes and characters pop out! Poetry, to me, is a perfect medium to shares my aesthetics (which are most times weird!) with people. like i said, i just love to write....

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I love poetry.

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Redmosquito Bringer of souls Ender of lives Drinker of blood Redmosquito Breaker of Time Nemesis of Mankind

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richard mbanefo

good, sweet, caring, i love making friends and writing about them.

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I am a trendy mother who loves life and family. I work by day, blog by night, and desires to have fun combining work, motherhood and blogging! I share my thoughts and opinion on my blog - http://rossie-memoirs.blogspot.com .

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A cool gurl with so much to offer. My head is a box filled with stories, just waiting to be unlocked.

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SAFoundation/Unilorin Prizes for Literature

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I am from Neni in Anaocha LGA in Anambra state. I am a poet, drummer, essayist and a photographer.

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Adeyemi Okhayode

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Emmanuel Ocean

Olukanni Emmanuel Country: Nigeria State: Osun Third in a family of four,loves reading, writing and playing games. A computer database and graphics operator.

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Suyi Davies is a creative mind who “daylights” as an Engineer. He writes words and music in the dead of night, swims and plays guitar and piano in his not-so-spare time. Don’t attempt to follow him on Twitter, you’ll only end up regretting it. But if you insist, here: @IAmSuyiDavies

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Reneé Anastasia Davidenko

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Ndukwe Onuoha

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I love to write. Just as we cannot do without air, I cannot do without a pen, fresh paper and words!

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Change is inevitable.

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Omoruyi Uwuigiaren's writing achievements include nine articles, sixty-five cartoons, and nine books published under his own name. Ruyi not only writes, he publishes books for children. The Vanguard newspapers, the Publicist International, Moronic Ox Literary and Cultural Journal, TownCrier Times and other literary journals have published his works.

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Emmy Okafor

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Clinton Ifeanyi McDubus

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Environmentalist, Designer, Photographer, Writer, Reader, Blogger.

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Oaikhena Imoukhuede Amaize

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Nigerian poet and a philosopher.

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ex gypsy...clipped wings...frau

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I'm just a teenager...can't do without writing...so there's this small, still voice that says..."Literature is no respecta of age..." Just a whispering voice...

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Alex machine

I craved for creativity and the pen posed a greater challenge than I thought..... so here I am.

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Mildred is a lawyer by day, muser by noon and writer by night.

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started writing in secondary school. am not perfect but am getting there. I'll make mistakes and I'll take corrections.

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A ‘restless’ Nigerian with a passion for creative writing, customer service and personal development. Author of THE JOB SEEKERS’ CREED™

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Bayo Salawu

Bayo Salawu, a resourceful researcher, hails from Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. After his primary and secondary education, he proceeded to the Nation's Premier University, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, for his first Degree in Linguistics, and second Degree in English Literature. He is a writer per excellence. Apart from being a Publisher/Editor-in-chief of 'Pre-Campus Digest' educational magazine, and Director, Brainwave Educational Concepts, he has published a Literature-in-English text book entitled 'A Simplified Approach to Literary Devices.' He is currently working on his poetry volume entitled "Echoes of Serious Seasons" among others.

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I just love writing

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Joshua Oyeniyi

I am Nobody*eyes~aglow?* Yes, you read right. But you already know that *Nobody is perfect*, right?..........So, who am I now? Let's get serious now! I am a two dozen years old undergraduate student of the Federal University in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa, Africa, World, Universe, Galactica......oh mine! What's wrong with me? Well, I love to write and speak in public. I also travel a lot! I am here to read and learn and possibly put up my articles for the house to see. Achievements and awards? Well, I received the Vice Chancellor's Honourary Certificate award for the Top 6 Public Speakers in the nationally televised University of Lagos debate. I also won the university award plaque for public speaking, the Dean of Students' Affairs(former) Prize for Best Faculty Debater, I won the University's 50th Anniversary Debate recently and represented the Institution, alongside others, at the National Students Economic Forum and the National Assembly sitting 2012 in Abuja. I was nominated to be Unilag's Blackberry Brand Ambassador and currently do editorial work for a number of magazines. Like I said, I have a lot to learn and I know it and thatKs why I am here. I do hope to feel at home.

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Olayiwola Olarewaju Metamofosis

I am a poet, a novelist, a romantist, a philosopher and a tutor. Being a writer is as well important to me as being an administrator because the two channel towards fame.

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a poet climbing up d ladder. I ave a liking for for good poetry. You can visit my blog....www.ukemewilson.blogspot.com

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Kingsley A

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5'8, black, male. What can i say? I'm just your average Nigerian.

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Richard Ali is a native of the Nigerian Middlebelt, born at Kano in the early 80's. He has lived in the resort city of Jos since 1989.

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I'm a young lady who loves to write. It's always been my passion and it always will. I have always been able to express myself best with a pen. I don't write as much as I would like to, med school leaves you very little time for hobbies. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed writing it :)

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Scot Eritemu

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chika winifred eneanya

avid reader. hopeful human. believer in the unseen. someday to be published and prolific writer. and yeah............i am very nice too!

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Author of "The Beautiful Peacock And The Jealous Bird": - Available on Amazon.com

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king jay

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Nolly Forever

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I am calm looking young man with a daring spirit for rare and demanding achievements especially those that will affect humanity positively

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Ukamaka Olisakwe

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Edidiong Esara

Editor of The Sermon newspaper.

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Adewale S.

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Lakunle Jaiyesimi is a Writer and then, he became a Pharmacist.

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'Dare pius

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Software engineering student by day, aspiring writer by night. Got a couple of novels in varying degrees of completion. Also written a number of poems.

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stella ukaoma

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Just Samson! A 29 years old historian, writer, playwright, researcher, and a motivational speaker. The Chief Responsibility Officer of GET FIRED...redefining purpose, winning back the future; an educational revival, and student redemption project. I'm just a normal easy-going cool dude You'll see on the street. I love things that triggers my creativity. I love to give much to the World.

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Yemisi Moweta is an American of African descent. She lives in San Diego, California with her husband and two daughters. She began writing when she was ten and has written over a hundred books; most of which have not been published yet. She loves to cook, draw, read and travel. She writes mainly Christian fiction and Children books. She blogs at yemisimowetawrites.blogspot.com

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Uzoma Ihejirika

A boy who is still learning.

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If only I were a writer, I would paint the whole world blue with the inks from my pen. But no, I am just like a little child, sitting by the seashore, picking pebbles, while the ocean of great truth flows past me. Apologies to Scientist Isaac Newton.

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ogbole agala

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Just a literature aficionado, nothing more. :)

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I used to have a hard time expressing myself until I discovered the power of words.I have been in love with self expression for a while now. I like to tell the stories that I make up in my head so often. Join me and enjoy the creativity of my little brain box.

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La Chica Bonita

I'm young, I'm female. I write stories, poems. Hmmmn What else? I'm still learning.

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Inspired Illustrationz

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Sally Kenneth Dadzie

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Deolu A.

I'm an Engineer who's (trying to be) good with a pen. I enjoy writing short stories, because of the challenge. Growing and learning! (Blog: deoluadeleyeblogshere.wordpress.com)

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Airsay Thinkingpen

A Poetic Computer scientist, and a lover of art.

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Nonso Uzozie

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I am that constantly evolving persona, who apparently gets lost in the middle of not writing. I am quite courteous, but aloof - and that's unhealthy. I know. I realize a genuine sense of belonging when caught up with writers, because then, my creativity hits its peak. A Materials Engineering graduate presently obeying the "clarion call", I write, but mostly when challenged by great and/or compelling situations or people. I am from Akwa Ibom, and in my mid-twenties. I have loved poetry now, more than the prose and play. I love literature, and, yes, Engineering - for creativity's sake. And as a valuable tool...!

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I am a student,studying English. I am extraordinarily unique. I love to read.

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Sulaiman Wasiu Olalekan

I write more of poetry than other genres of literature because it's my favourite. I'm a student of The English Department, Obafemi Awolowo University. I love meeting people and love challenges because I believe they are part of life. I equally have strong passion for journalism, especially the entertainment aspect.

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am young ,interesting and enterprising

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Am just a young man who is trying to improve in my story writing skill

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Ebele Mogo

Hey there! My name is Ebele. I am learning to be a more committed writer and share my work more often, hence being on here! You can check out what I have been up to at my blog here: http://streetsideconvos.wordpress.com/

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ash the dream

My love ƒσя writing started in my later years of secondary education which is evident in opting ƒσя literature even as a science student. This later resulted in me studying mass communication at the tetiary stage which led me into working as an editor and graphic artist at a production studio where my writing profession took of as copy writer. The love ƒσя movies soon make me move on to script writing where a credits as the script writer many dramas and movies. Some of my scripts includes: Corrective Rape(a short film on the rape of homosexuals), The valentine story, Room 22, Curious case of Dr. Lambo et al.

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Aanu Ajay

I'm just starting out. Pulitzer(Not yet) I tweet at @aanuajayi, and my personal blog is at aanuajayi.wordpress.com

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I discover I am only human. I laugh and i cry, i feel hunger and i eat full, i smile and i frown... i have been bitten twice or more without learning my lesson, and i have been cautious not to be bitten at all, i have been beaten and i have beaten, i have conquered and i have been conquered, i have fought and i have been fought, i have loved and i have been loved, i had not believed and i believe... i am human... i have made mistakes and i have learnt... and sometimes adamant on improving... at times i get tired, but still i fight on. I am owseaman and I am me.

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Umefien Epepe

Umefien Epepe, is a freelance copywriter, blogger, advertising consultant and writer. She blogs at, www.writers4real.com.

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Jennifer N. Mbunabo

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Adeleye Adeyemo

when blood flows through a pen-sized male body spewing forth a cool mixture of milky thoughts and honey words. glasses up, let's drink some words.

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helen chels

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Ogundairo Abiodun

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Uche Ebo

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Somefun Oluwasegun

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Oluwatosin Ayeni

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Cyndy Ernest

writer at www.thejanuaryexperience.blogspot.com

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Wittty, Mad, nawtie, and with a rather demonic liking to moi-moi, red wine and MI Abaga.

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I am a writer,poet,spoken word artist and a staunch supporter of creativity.

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oluwole olalekan

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writer, screenwriter, artist and future martial artist (when I stop having migraines)...

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Ayodeji Matuluko

Loves to write and read

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Adekunmi Ayinde

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Yemi Soneye

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Ope Ajala

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Naija Mum

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Inomah, Charles

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Young, fun, life-lover! I'm a 17-year old third-year university student who loves to write.

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Chukwudum Okwudarue

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Temitope Write Isedowo

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Ibiso Nwachukwu

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Ajayi Olubunmi Kolade

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Muyis Adepoju

I am a young man who was introduced to reading early on in life by my father who would bring home the daily newspapers and 'beg' me to read to him... then later on as an escape from bullies in my primary and secondary schools. I would seek the protection of the library walls from these bullies and in time the residents of this sanctuary-books-became my faithful friends. I love listening to people talk but people can't talk long as books can so I read their thoughts in books. Writing is my response to questions asked in books I have read and as a way of answering questions I have asked myself about myself and others. I like writing about human frailties and the desire of the human mind to triumph over life's half chances. Some of my short stories have been published by www.omojuwa.com and by www.nymaonline.com. all under FICTION. My recent short story, The Liberation Of Alhaja And The Keys Of Manhood will be published this Sunday, the 19th of February online by Story Time Africa (@storytimeafrica). I am evolving. Gracias! My Twitter handle is @abdulmuizzx. Please note the 'x'. I will follow back to know you better.

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Avatar of Anne


Anne Abike Muyiwa is a welcome fresh voice to complement important female creative writers like Seffi Atta, Sade Adeniran, and Jumoke Verissimo. UNCUT is her debut volume of poetry that thematically span a wide spectrum of thoughts and experiences. Other books include Dear JB, What is wrong with us and Pillar of Strength. Coming soon... Just Sharing.

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Writer,poet,motivator, et al

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4 Articles
Avatar of Naboulove


I am mother, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a panafrican & a passionate writer.

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onyekaba N. charles

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Adesitimi Taiwo Damilola

I'm a poet and novelist. I've published many poems but they've not won me any laurel except good comments.

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still in the discovery process... wud get back 2 u.

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Pever X

Pever X is a Novelist and Blogger. He Blogs at www.peverx.wordpress.com

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Avatar of Obinna Udenwe

Obinna Udenwe

Novelist and youth/democracy activist, Obinna Udenwe is the author of The Dancing Bird (Trafford, Canada, 2009) - a book that mirrors the socio-cultural tensions that existed in an African society in the 15th – 16th centuries. He is the owner of the Creative Wings Short Story Prize – that recognizes African writers below 40 living anywhere in the world. His stories have appeared in Dreams at Dawn anthology, The Short Story is Dead, Long Live the Short Story anthology, Kadunaboy.com, Tribe-Write, Voice and Nation Newspapers and Kalahari Review. He has edited an anthology ‘Voices From My Clan’ with Mukoma Wa Ngugi.

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Avatar of Uche Chidozie

Uche Chidozie

A living Poet, Outlaw Rapper, Spiritual Writer, Meta-physical Actor from Virginhood/Aba. Student of English, Department of English Caritas University, Enugu.

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Avatar of Onoto


Just a medic who loves to write

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Avatar of janefrances .c. maduka

janefrances .c. maduka

Growing up, the toys i had were books. my parents both studied English and literature so i never lacked poetry books, novels and news magazines at home. i consistently won the best prize in English and Literature during my study at Federal Government Girls'College Onitsha Anambra State. In 2006, i won the Ecobank Essay Competition for Eastern region which had a prize tag of #50,000. I have written 6 short stories, 100 poems,50 songs, 2 novels and i'm working on my third; all are still unpublished. Currently, I'm a practicing Legal Practitioner.

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Avatar of Rita


The world of literature has forever been an inner skin layer. My collection of literary works has never failed to surprise people and I am never humble when showing off. An avid reader and an editor by choice and profession, every creative effort has the tingly feeling of experiencing something excitingly intense.

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Michael E. Umoh

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Avatar of The Goth Who Smiles

The Goth Who Smiles

The truth. That's all I want.

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A writer, poet, actor and public speaker.

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Telsumbini Mashi

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Adepeju Amadi

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A final year student of Univeristy of Nigeria Nsukka. Studying Art-Education and English language.

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Echezonachukwu Nduka

Echezonachukwu Nduka was born in Anambra, Nigeria. He attended the University of Nigeria, Nsukka where he studied Music. Till date, he performs as a concert pianist and organist. With burning enthusiasm for Literature, his poetry, short story, essays and articles have appeared in journals and magazines both online and in print. Some of his works are published in The Kalahari Review, Nsukka Journal of Music and Research (NJMAR), Literatinaija, Naija Stories, Saturday Sun, Sunday Sun, University of Nigeria Campus Hit, The African Street Writer etc. His poetry ‘My Dame of Fame’ was shortlisted for 3rd Korea-Nigeria Poetry Feast 2013. Echezonachukwu belongs to several professional organizations and currently lectures at the Department of Music in Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education Owerri, Imo, Nigeria.

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Avatar of Kelechi Eze

Kelechi Eze

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4 Articles
Avatar of glow


I am an avid reader, seeking to become a prolific writer

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crazy and fun- loving......i seek to entertain with my poetic skills.

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4 Articles
Avatar of Blackgold


4 Articles
Avatar of the inkheart

the inkheart

4 Articles
Avatar of Chiazo Egbukwu

Chiazo Egbukwu

A chemical engineer cum writer, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, host of official events or ceremonies and a lover of words. An idealistic human with great values for reality and people that shares same values. He had had written to numerous online journals in Nigeria and United Kingdom. He featured in several literal and cultural events in many Nigerian state including the federal capital territory, Ghana and other west African countries. He currently works in an agency in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Avatar of Moshope


Hi,my name is Moshope. I am 16 years old. Nice to meet you.

4 Articles
Avatar of Badiru Kehinde

Badiru Kehinde

Poet|Plawright|Motivational speaker & Writer via www.facebook.com/badirukehindeinspires|Author|Writer of several articles via www.badirukehindewrites.wordpress.com|Feminist Right Activist|Satirist| It is true that success involves diligence,hardwork and fervent prayers,this is why the aspiring NOBEL/POET LAUREATE & JOURNALIST has seen writing as something inborn & has an unimaginable flair for it.Some of my works of art is based on didatic treatise,which portrays the view of moral lessons or ettiquetes.Badiru Kehinde is a (playwright) and he owns to himself various dramas;An author of a novel and also a poet of various individual poems and poetry collections,though yet to be published due to sponsorship.One of my Poem titled 'LAGOS' was being read on air via a Programe titled;'METRO LIFE' onSMOOTH98.1FM,Victoria Island,Lagos on March 2nd by exactly 13:00 GMT.I enjoy creative writing and criticism esays,which are most times satirical, inspirational & nature appreciating,also,I have about 5 poems out of over 40 Poems that exposes the ills of the goverment... FF me on Twitter:@keji_banks IG & Skype@kejibanks E-mail badirukehinde@gmail.com WhatsApp: 08135359053 'Never say NO to an optimistic vision,Never say YES to a pessimistic vision'...Badiru Kehinde. 'I'm not working but I'm not employed.I'v got the best job in the world,which is writing.Buying more pens,seriously working on diverse articles,poetry and drama because the world's waiting for the words of my pen'...Badiru Kehinde. 'As a writer,don't just look...but observe.Create stories from anywhere you find yourself'...Badiru Kehinde Thanks & God Bless

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Tobi Tayo

4 Articles
Avatar of Efe Edosio

Efe Edosio

4 Articles
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4 Articles
Avatar of Real Tee

Real Tee

I am a young lady that doesn't have a favourite genre and wont mind trying out any of them as inspired by the environment. I find a lot of things interesting and worth sharing which particularly might not interest the majority. I just want to tell a story and let my readers know that I am for real!!!

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Avatar of Scarlett Garnett

Scarlett Garnett

18 year old Psychology undergraduate with a passion for Creative Writing and the Fine/Visual Arts. A hopeless romantic.

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Avatar of that african kid

that african kid

adventurer, explored alot.....writing is just my thing.

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4 Articles
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Avatar of inspire


Writes short stories, poetry and is currently writing a novel. Winner of the Words of colour and Wasafiri International writing competition. More of my work can be found on my website - http://www.easytowrite.wordpress.com/ Twitter - createandwrite

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3 Articles
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3 Articles
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3 Articles
Avatar of dizzale


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Avatar of king unyimek

king unyimek

I am a freelance contributor with several publications including TW magazine, Uzuri magazines, Afrocaribe magazines. I am about to delve into screen writing for movies and i also have a few books in the pipeline that i am working on. I am a married mother of 3, a loyal friend, and a God fearing person, who will Not cut corners to win.

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Zino Asalor

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3 Articles
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3 Articles
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Kiru Taye

3 Articles
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3 Articles
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3 Articles
Avatar of Kemmy


Was born and grew up in Nigeria, but presently lives in the US. I'm addicted to reading and writing! And I like critiques, comments, and opinions about what I do.

3 Articles
Avatar of Johnson Bankole

Johnson Bankole

Male, resident in London. Business and Financial Consultant.

3 Articles
Avatar of siraj


Makuochi is a writer, an essayist and a dancer; he has had his works published by many online and print media, He graduated from the University of Nigeria in 2010, and he is currently working on his First Novel. He loves music, dance, meeting people and he appreciates arts and nature. check him out on www.sugarabc.blogspot.com

3 Articles
Avatar of village maiden

village maiden

3 Articles
Avatar of kelora


an over achiever.....

3 Articles
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Mustapha Nasiru

3 Articles
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3 Articles
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3 Articles
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3 Articles
Avatar of Prospero O. Anuforo

Prospero O. Anuforo

3 Articles
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3 Articles
Avatar of Farafina Books

Farafina Books

Farafina Books is an independent publisher of literary and popular fiction, textbooks, coffee table, general interest and children's books. Our mission is to tell our own stories. We have published over 30 titles to date by Africa’s most celebrated authors such as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Ben Okri and Ngugi wa Thiong’o, amongst others.

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Avatar of ebhodaghe daniel

ebhodaghe daniel

3 Articles
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Bams Ade

3 Articles
Avatar of larazworld


3 Articles
Avatar of Ife Martins

Ife Martins

Photographer and computer programmer.

3 Articles
Avatar of AJAYI Olayide

AJAYI Olayide

Olayide, a born and bred Nigerian. Trained as Electrical Engineer and working for Shipping coy. Thereby, a sailor. Writing is a hobby and that makes me amateur of the amateur writers. I love poetry. And poem is the vent through which I let off steam. And would love to explore this realm of literary art more and more.

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3 Articles
Avatar of Chioma Sylvie

Chioma Sylvie

I'm inspired by life and passionate about change and freedom. In as much as I think Nigeria is plagued by bad leaders, I strongly believe still, that it is a great country and everyone should be doing something about making Nigeria what they want it to be rather than complaining... I"m Chioma Sylvie, I will never stop writing!

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Avatar of Omenka Egwuatu Nwa-Ikenga

Omenka Egwuatu Nwa-Ikenga

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i was born on the tenth day of march 41 years ago, am married and have a lovely and wonderful son by name Asher.I am interested in writing and also i do read a lot.

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3 Articles
Avatar of emekajemil1


I am cool and self confident. Am a poet, a fiction writer and an Actor.

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3 Articles
Avatar of graciemama


I would like to be a great writer. I love to write,its my passion. I love to hear constructive feedbacks on my write ups

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3 Articles
Avatar of Tonye Willie-Pepple

Tonye Willie-Pepple

Tonye Willie-Pepple is a native of Bonny Kingdom in Rivers State of Nigeria, Born in Enugu he was educated at Federal university of Technology Owerri where he bagged a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering, He is a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors and Lives in port-Harcourt with his family, His poems and short stories have been published in Anthologies within Nigeria.

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3 Articles
Avatar of osyrina2


3 Articles
Avatar of emmanuel ugokwe

emmanuel ugokwe

3 Articles
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chinyere chimodo

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3 Articles
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Avatar of deedeew


3 Articles
Avatar of Kenneth Okpomo

Kenneth Okpomo

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Mr pre$ident

Am a 300L medical student,lively and my friends will say am quite a jocker,anyway i just know that i can make u laugh

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3 Articles
Avatar of Niyi Aderibigbe

Niyi Aderibigbe

I am an adventurous writer, always ready to discover myself in new genres. For me, writing is a passion.

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A closet poet who just found this group. think I'll go back to my first love: poetry. She's held my heart in tight velvet fist since forever and refuses to let go!!!

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Avatar of Evang. charles melody

Evang. charles melody

I am dark or brownish or anyone you choose. tall, not fat, not tin, not muscular but slim. i am from a large family, was born and brought up in Jos, plateau state but originally from Benue state. Had a rough beginning but things are now better in Christ. i write poems, essays and other forms of literary art. i think alot,observe alot, talk less and mostly alone. i believe solitude is the attitude that takes one to his altitude. many people look, few people see..many say am gentle, some say am quite, some call me nice... some say i have a good heart and some call me a gem while a handful of others are jealous. but MY CHRIST KNOWS ME BETTER... I am not rich, not a beggar but know one day i will surely be rich as prefare to be holy first.. above all, i will die evangelizing.

3 Articles
Avatar of Mahatma Honey

Mahatma Honey

3 Articles
Avatar of mimimarshal


I was born after twenty-one years of marriage into the family of Mr. & Mrs. Adebayo Olafihan. Was named IyanuOluwa by Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory. My full name is Miracle IyanuOluwa Adebayo Olafihan. From Ila-Orangun, Osun-State, Nigeria; but was born and brought up in Benin-City, Edo-State, Nigeria. A member of the Christain Redeemed Voices, Church of God Mission Internation, president & founder Oaim group, Exco member Youth Achievers Support & Empowerment Initiative, member Society of Young Writers Nigeria, member klassique klob Philamonic Benin and above all Body of Christ. An Entertainer and a Writer.

3 Articles
Avatar of nora dominic

nora dominic

3 Articles
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3 Articles
Avatar of Idi Ace

Idi Ace

Reading, Learning, writing, creating a better world, a better me.

3 Articles



3 Articles
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3 Articles
Avatar of Joey


Sometimes I open my device and type up some words, I like to think I have a talent to write, because without that, I'd be talentless.

3 Articles
Avatar of Ovie Israel Omanudhowho

Ovie Israel Omanudhowho

3 Articles
Avatar of Nwanokwai Joy

Nwanokwai Joy

3 Articles
Avatar of shiningem


a freelance writer and blogger.

3 Articles
Avatar of ADEBOTE


A young nigeria unsong writer, dark-complexion with no awards yet.

3 Articles
Avatar of Young


A student of English and History in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Now a year into writing.

3 Articles
Avatar of Tosyn


A PR Consultant with a deep appreciation for well written words and an upcoming writer who creates / narrates "Life" as she sees it using her best tools (pen, paper, keyboard and keypad). I have written several articles basically geared toward self awareness and enlightenment, most of these articles can be found on my personal blog; www.tosynsem.blogspot.com

3 Articles
Avatar of brownie


3 Articles
Avatar of Darl Ogugua

Darl Ogugua

3 Articles
Avatar of Musemussang


Born to Nigerian parents. Schooled in Nigeria. Lives, works and minister in Nigeria. An introvert but a lover of all good things. Loves truth with a passion. Flesh and blood, with a pure mandate.

3 Articles
Avatar of Distinguished


Anoke Chinyere Lydia, Lover of creative works, writing in particular. Hope to inspire, entertain and enlighten you with my works just as others' did and still do for me.

3 Articles
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3 Articles
Avatar of olugbemi .a. olukayode

olugbemi .a. olukayode

A young passionate individual that is concerned about the development of Nigeria and her attendant societies. A law student, writer, speaker, CEO and more to come...

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3 Articles
Avatar of silvabright


am dark incomplexion and of average height.

3 Articles
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3 Articles
Avatar of maskottchen


am a writer, who like to learn how to write everyday

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3 Articles
Avatar of Kingsley Okechukwu

Kingsley Okechukwu

3 Articles
Avatar of Isaacola AA

Isaacola AA

A passionate Nigeria that believes in justice, equity and fairness. A radical opposition to corruption. Writes with a touch uniquely unique.

3 Articles
Avatar of immanueljames


I'm afflicted mainly by three evils: writing, philosophy, and entrepreneurship. And in each, I have earned neither recognition nor fulfillment. A paltry gust of compliments from naïve, courteous or sympathetic others has not been lacking. I yet stick around these dreams partly because it is shameful to quit, and partly because I have not yet been totally drained of essence and spirit, the very condiments of Hope. I am a constant irritation to blind religionists and fanatical atheists. Apologies! I subscribe to that Ideal called Christ, but not in the conventional sense of pious gyrations and exclusivist arrogance. Term me Universalist. I'm the author of the new book, Under Bridge.

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3 Articles
Avatar of seun thomas

seun thomas

Writng is what I was born to do.

3 Articles
Avatar of Tayo


Tayo Emmanuel Utomi means different things to different people, but most importantly she loves relating life issues because she finds life intriguing, beautiful and dynamic and she’s continually drawn to the interplays and unpredictability of human behavior and relationships. Her corporate working experience in the banking sector includes Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Events Management, Marketing, Customer Care and Corporate Social Responsibility. She has a Masters Degree in Management and Certificates from various schools including the Lagos Business School. She is a Member of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR). She volunteers for various Non-Profit organisations, including the Fate Foundation and the Real Woman Foundation. She also functions as a Relationship Counsellor and currently maintains a column on Adam & Eve in Mentor Magazine. An astute writer, she lives in the United Kingdom with her family.

3 Articles
Avatar of Dona Bona

Dona Bona

I'm an Engineering Graduate born in Nigerian in the early 90s. I used to be a dilettante at many things... (sighs) right now I just want to get better at writing.

3 Articles
Avatar of Chinma Eke

Chinma Eke

Psychologist, blogger, creative entreprenuer.

3 Articles


3 Articles
Avatar of Honeywrites


I was born at a very young age really. God lover. Survived the first few pages of my life by a thread of grace but not without a story. Living for the ultimate happily ever after;with page after page of grace. My mind is my very own secret place...it's the place where I like to play 'make-belive' writer ;) Accomplishments? I dunno but I do own a blog...somewhere if that counts. Twitter@Godsverygirl

3 Articles
Avatar of Asokogi


A fighter of right of an ordinary man

3 Articles
Avatar of Theophilus Amenger

Theophilus Amenger

3 Articles
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3 Articles
Avatar of Edwina-Neofloetry


3 Articles
Avatar of Chibuzo


Chibuzo Obimdike is a graduate of sociology, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He lives in Abuja and enjoys writing at leisure. His debut novel 'Signs of the Harmattan' is widely read across Nigeria. He is equally a member of Association of Nigerian Authors.

3 Articles
Avatar of Onimiya


I am a law student with a passion for writing. check out my work... comments and critiques appreciated...

3 Articles
Avatar of stephanie


singing and dancing are my hobbies but reading is what I love doing most.

3 Articles
Avatar of Unen Ameji

Unen Ameji

3 Articles
Avatar of Jacquie


3 Articles
Avatar of Einsteinette


Strong, Ambitious,Opinionated and purpose driven. I am a writer focused on inspiring and communicating my thoughts to impact lives. C.E.O Einsteinette Limited

3 Articles
Avatar of ayobare


3 Articles
Avatar of Sunday Erhun

Sunday Erhun

3 Articles
Avatar of cesarziggy


i have been through a lot of changes in my life, i'm still on a journey though to discovering me

3 Articles
Avatar of Ifayoriju Olubuyi - Melissa Harris

Ifayoriju Olubuyi - Melissa Harris

Writer. Poet. Life-Giver. Spiritualist. Seer. Astral Traveler. Loving. Generous. Free!

3 Articles
Avatar of kalimba books

kalimba books

3 Articles
Avatar of adaezediana


Hi! I'm a life coach and speaker that helps depressed, hopeless, and/or suicidal young women discover their God-given purpose and learn how to find joy in each single day. I've loved reading and writing since I was young. I mainly write short stories, poetry, flash fiction, and screenplays.

3 Articles
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2 Articles
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2 Articles
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2 Articles
Avatar of Ikeogu-Oke


2 Articles
Avatar of Jasmine-Peace


Jasmine Peace is a young writer who loves words. she believes it to be the greatest weapon there is! She aspires to be great in d world of writing.

2 Articles
Avatar of korede Oyewoga

korede Oyewoga

i will tell you later...but all i know is that i am crazy about writing as well as editting ...ok

2 Articles
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2 Articles
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2 Articles
Avatar of Chika Onyenezi

Chika Onyenezi

2 Articles
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2 Articles
Avatar of www.abimboladare.com


2 Articles
Avatar of Aeeshah Ibraheem

Aeeshah Ibraheem

2 Articles
Avatar of Zahymaka


There are too many things going on in my head.

2 Articles
Avatar of Lily Johnson

Lily Johnson

2 Articles
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2 Articles
Avatar of grayshores


Just Me...

2 Articles
Avatar of chimmy chikezie

chimmy chikezie

2 Articles
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2 Articles
Avatar of Dr. Tansi Nigeria

Dr. Tansi Nigeria

Dr. Tansi Nigeria is young man in his late twenties that loves writing Children stories, adventure and romance books. Already, he has a work in the market, titled, "The great magician and other stories", which he self published. He is currently working on his next Children's book, "The Goat that Killed a lion and other stories" and an adventure/Romance Novel titled "Savannah Adventures" for young adults. He lives in Lagos and shares the same Brothers, Sisters and Girlfriend with Francis Okaformbah (an Internet marketing guru), loves Egusi soup and Pounded yam and hates the traffic in Lagos. He has a website at http://www.drtansinigeria.com, where he promises free copies of his next books to his readers.

2 Articles
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2 Articles
Avatar of Oyelakin Gbolahan

Oyelakin Gbolahan

2 Articles
Avatar of Darqsada


2 Articles
Avatar of Demola Thomas

Demola Thomas

2 Articles
Avatar of Matty Onyeka

Matty Onyeka

From the eastern part of Nigeria, I'm a lover of nature and an incurable optimist. Writing has been my passion; reading, my hobby; studying, character; perseverance, my virtue and success my addiction. My online fiction website, where I post short stories is at http://literarymatty.blogspot.com

2 Articles
Avatar of Aniekan Ekaette

Aniekan Ekaette

2 Articles
Avatar of adetollah


a lover of fine things yet classy, a beautiful creature inside and outside.

2 Articles
Avatar of thegood1


2 Articles
Avatar of Ade Cutie

Ade Cutie

2 Articles
Avatar of olugbengathebard


I love everything creativity, I am a creative writer and a TV production person, I am also a very quiet person who loves to read a lot.

2 Articles
Avatar of Oyin Affinnih

Oyin Affinnih

2 Articles
Avatar of Lowla Dee

Lowla Dee

2 Articles
Avatar of ballistic70


2 Articles
Avatar of Mr Dickson

Mr Dickson

2 Articles
Avatar of Olusola


I live writing. Okay, I have M.B.Ch.B. I publish "BeholdMag" with a great company of friends, started this in Senior sec school 2. I was CMDA School Editor-In-Chief for MEDICHRIST, currently working on my first novel and MA in Creative Writing. Sure like to read your work.

2 Articles
Avatar of Benedwit


Programmer/Banker by day; event manager, entrepreneur, writer, actor, strategist, violinist, salsa dancer, movie buff and overall awesome guy(i hear) by night.

2 Articles
Avatar of Pearls Of Wisdom...YoungRevelation

Pearls Of Wisdom...YoungRevelation

2 Articles
Avatar of amarachimex


2 Articles
Avatar of morounmubo


2 Articles
Avatar of anjolaoluwa badaru

anjolaoluwa badaru

2 Articles
Avatar of NylaGold


2 Articles
Avatar of Eyitemi Egwuenu

Eyitemi Egwuenu

2 Articles
Avatar of Nnadozie


2 Articles
Avatar of linorajj


I'm a lady who prefer people to make their own judgement when they see me, because what you see is what you get. No pretence... I hate it! But I love writing and that's all you'll know till then... See ya!

2 Articles
Avatar of Julius Bokoru

Julius Bokoru

i am a teacher and a writer. i stay at yenagoa, bayelsa state

2 Articles
Avatar of TJ O'Karo

TJ O'Karo

2 Articles
Avatar of crestor


2 Articles
Avatar of adept


Read my works and you'll know all about me.

2 Articles
Avatar of Jay and Jef

Jay and Jef

2 Articles
Avatar of feathersproject


2 Articles
Avatar of nate isimemen

nate isimemen

i have a published book of poems titled 'the wayfarer's journal'.I am also a media content developer and knowledge facilitator. I reside and work in Lagos and presently working on a music compilation with tentative release for the first quarter of 2014. The teen manual - 'The Value Creation Mandate' is now available as an e-book for free download at www.petraplusng.com

2 Articles
Avatar of simodo22


2 Articles
Avatar of ayostephens


An Emerging Storyteller. The stories we want to see might be the ones we are not telling

2 Articles
Avatar of ugodilibe


Possessor of Intricate thoughts...on the verge of something.

2 Articles
Avatar of henryhero


2 Articles
Avatar of Robert Egbe

Robert Egbe

Wouldn't you prefer to find out by yourself?

2 Articles
Avatar of RuuD


Just another dude!

2 Articles
Avatar of Adebusola


I'm a lover of literature and I love to read good books and stories and I believe that the best stories ever told are African (a little biased maybe...lol). I also believe that there is a wealth of talent and abundance of stories to be told in Africa and by Africans and I aspire to be one of the privileged few who will tell this story to the world. My favourite genre is poetry and i love it because so much can be said in so few words. There is a depth of meaning in poetry and I believe that could be utilized effienciently to bring the much needed change that our continent requires.

2 Articles
Avatar of JNyX Melah

JNyX Melah

Whatever happened to a little mystery?

2 Articles
Avatar of editiq


EditIQ offers freelance editing and proofreading services to individual, non-government and corporate Nigerian clients. Our mission is to ensure that your text is clear, clean and compelling. We offer a discreet and timely service, working with freelance editors in Nigeria and abroad. We also offer free writing tips, news and information about events on our blog, Facebook page and via Twitter.

2 Articles
Avatar of jonnysnow


2 Articles
Avatar of John Anusie

John Anusie

2 Articles
Avatar of horpemiohtan


i love writing and read. know and could sink myself into a pool of water in the quest to assimilate an interesting book. not a fan of romance. love adventure, thriller, abstract stories.. you know i love the naija bk called ``the worshippers'' by pacesetter... it is horribly fansinating

2 Articles
Avatar of obijulia


2 Articles
Avatar of kaydie07


easy going fun loving person.....................

2 Articles
Avatar of tinababy


I am good, nice

2 Articles
Avatar of Onanuga, Paul Ayodele

Onanuga, Paul Ayodele

2 Articles
Avatar of vivekanandjha


Dr. Vivekanand Jha is a translator, editor and award winning poet from India. He is Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Certificate in Computer Hardware and Networking, MA and Ph. D in English. He is a contributing poet to Wavelengths – 2011 Savant Anthology of Poetry (USA) which has won first place in the 2011 London Book Festival. He has been Poetry Contest Winner-Third Place Winner for the poem “Hands Heave to Harm and Hamper” conducted by Beginners®, a documentary, graphic, nonfiction book series (USA). His poem, “Song of Woes” was featured in the 10 Selected Poems for Performance & 10 Selected Poems for Award in 2nd Korea-Nigeria Poetry Feast on 21st March 2012 organized by the Korean Cultural Centre Nigeria. He is the author of five books of poetry. He has also edited two critical anthologies on Indian English Novels. His works have been published in more than seventy five magazines round the world. Besides his poems have been chosen and published in more than fifteen poetry anthologies. He has more than twenty research and critical articles published in various national and international anthologies and referred journals. He is son of noted professor, poet and award winning translator Dr. Rajanand Jha (Crowned with Sahitya Akademi Award, New Delhi).

2 Articles
Avatar of imisioluwagbemiga


2 Articles
Avatar of ebuka


learning to live a good life to make a mark after I leave

2 Articles
Avatar of s'am


love to read and write..

2 Articles
Avatar of starrilyn


Asides writing , I currently work as a content developer and I'm a singer too.

2 Articles
Avatar of Omotola


Studied English at OAU ife. Citizen of Nigeria. Daughter of my mother

2 Articles
Avatar of yankyaa terkaa

yankyaa terkaa

2 Articles
Avatar of LadyTee


2 Articles
Avatar of freya


I love music but i just happened to impress my literature teacher, anytime i wrote a poem. So I siad to myself, hey there might be something to this!

2 Articles
Avatar of hesey


Just like Bryon, If i don't write to empty my mind...i go mad!

2 Articles
Avatar of JamesMelbin


I write to develop myself as I am novice. I love listening to musics and reading books. My blog: www.melbinpiwi.wordpress.com

2 Articles
Avatar of Angel Dee

Angel Dee

Born 20th of June on a raining day on the way to the hospital, I became nature's boy to the core at birth. I live tentatively and love effectively. I am a burdened writer studying literature at OAU, Ile-Ife. Welcome to my world!

2 Articles


2 Articles
Avatar of Igbekeleoluwa


I am a graduate of the University of Ibadan. I read Communication and Language Arts combined with English (combined honours). I am planning to start my master's soon. I just finished my first novel and I seriously need publishing-related advice.

2 Articles
Avatar of Ms. E-C

Ms. E-C

2 Articles
Avatar of chaka eze

chaka eze

An upcoming Poet who has written over 50 poems. An Art Enthusiast. A Nigerian.

2 Articles
Avatar of Okey Egboluche

Okey Egboluche

2 Articles
Avatar of Casterbridgee


A young mind with a fetish for writing

2 Articles
Avatar of danfo girl

danfo girl

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My name is Azubike Ossaite aka Zubi. Me be Delta...ie From Delta State (Ukwani) a Graduate of Mass Communication from the Federal Polytechnic, Bida. I write for Radio Nigeria for play of the week. A Professional Photographer and very Culture-oriented person. Also a Logical, Practical Christian...please don't ask me how! At present, the Author of the play "Oh Mother Tongue" and I am dating Naijastories!

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'then out spake brave Horatio/the captain of the gate/to every man on this earth/ death cometh soon or late...'

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A lover of words and colour.

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Females are considered tender, frail and vulnerable. Then Female I shall have to be. That way, you won't see me coming.

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I was born in lagos,Nigeria on the 19th of may,i'm a fun loving person who absolutely loves to write and meet new friends...it's my heart's desire to positively affect as many lives as possible...

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I live in Canada and started writing poems to share with the outside world.....i am in a relationship for the past 43 years.......have 2 children...one married lives in Los Angeles.. has 2 children......my other son lives in SF .....i visit them a lot.....they are my whole life......I am a grand mother of 75......and i love life and poetry.......

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Tim Taiwo

ADEBAYO TIMTAIWO, am a Nigerian and am 34years old, am a twin am 6.00ft tall, i live in lagos Nigeria with my family, am a graduate of Maths and Computer Science, i work with 5056 Estaes ltd and also am an enterpreuer. My hobbies are; Reading, Watching Tv, Listening to Radio,Going to Cinemas, i like this kind of musics; R&B, Gospel music, Jazz, Country Classic. I also enjoy going to the beach. Am an easy going person, i like to meet new friends. I dont really have much dislikes, the only thing is i dont fancy decite. hope u will read my poem.

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Rad, Simply.

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Yax Mokwa

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i'm a Petroleum Engineer and Graphic Artist, Editor for the KNOW Magazine team, a successful blogger and an article i wrote on "The Nigeria of Tomorrow" was published on the Daily Times Nigeria of September 26th, 2013

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Femi Debonaire

Peeps call me Blogger, Photographer, Screen writer and more, I call myself a cRaziLY creative dude.

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Ayibu Makolo

I like to read, I like to write, I like to travel, I enjoy humour, I enjoy people, I enjoy life in its simplicity.

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I'm just a simple young lady trying to discover her full potential

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A sweetheart

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Emma Nuel Cosmas

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New to this world. Here to make the best out of what I have to offer.

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What can I say? I am an avid reader with poetic twist... an excellence bidder in a chained beast.... an advocate for liberty in self expressions.... projecting dignity and pride in literary reflections...

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My fascination for reading birthed my thirst for writing, I've learnt to best express myself in short stories but any pain I feel never fails to come out in my poetry.

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hassana shuaibu

I am just a girl who recently discovered a love for short stories. I started writing poetry but I have come to want to write short stories. So, I have no clue about what I'm doing. I'm just going to write, post and hope for fellow NS writers to help me out. To help me grow and be better.Hopefully, With time, I will get better and help out someone who needs it too. Thanks, Guys, In advance.

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Fodio Ahmad

I am just a young writer and literary activist

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Ebenezer Olasunkanmi Akinrinade (also known as Gent2smile) is a plain language poetic writer, public speaker, social worker, youth / child advocate, book editor, social media trainer, and a bit more. His social nickname is “Gent2smile” which is already registered as a blog. Ebenezer is a founding executive member and Director of Projects/Publicity for African Resourceful Leaders Foundation, a reputable and registered non-governmental organization founded in 2010 with relevant projects and milestone achievements in Education, Leadership and Good Governance; Communications & Research Officer for YE Magazine. Ebenezer is also an Alumni Fellow of the prestigious Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative (CYFI) of the United States Consulate General Lagos as well as an alumnus of the renowned Daystar Leadership Academy. Ebenezer and the entire ARLFoundation team won the Person of The Year Award for 2012 from Kiddies Digest Magazine for giving support and bringing public attention to the needs of the helpless children at the Home of Destitute in Oko-Baba, Ebute-Metta, Lagos. In February 2013, the YEC-Academy project which he co-founded with other three exceptional youth ambassadors won the America-Nigeria Partnership Award as the overall best among other five projects sponsored by the Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative owing to their outstanding performance on the youth engagement vocational training project which empowered over forty-five youths in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria and for successfully hosting the Creative Youth Exhibition 2013 sponsored by the Joan Agha Foundation in partnership with Alliance Francaise Ibadan and Ibadan North-West Local Government. On several occasions, Ebenezer has appeared as a special guest on major national TV and Radio stations like Television Continental (TVC), Silverbird Television (STV), Lagos Television (LTV 8), Voice of Nigeria (VON), National Open University of Nigeria Radio (NOUN Radio) and others. The antecedent of Ebenezer as a passionate social worker was not born out of idleness or mere interest in charity, but rather out of purpose and determination to fulfill a divine call embedded in the meaning of his name, Ebenezer, translated as Stone of Help. And over the years, he has worked as a dedicated and active volunteer with RISE Networks, Registration Officer with The Apostolic Church Lagos Metropolitan Youth Convocation, Clean Up Nigeria Project among others. He worked briefly, but effectively, with HealthGuard Foundation as Programs / Development Manager during which the organization was selected under the Global Fund project to implement the Community Mobilization and Sensitization on Tuberculosis in Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos, Nigeria among other successful project. As a writer, Ebenezer is well admired and appreciated for his poetic writings and coinages expressed in plain english, making it easy for almost anyone and everyone to read and understand. He is a featured writer and co-editor of the bestselling book titled "Dare To Live Your Passion" written by Alex Akhigbe; Co-editor of "Creating Wealth From Your Talent" by Kenneth R. Imu; and he is also currently editing a new book written by a young author whose name is Michael Bolarinwa. A few collections of the finest poems written by Ebenezer are usually shared on his personal blog (http://gent2smile.blogspot.com) and via other social media platforms. You can keep up-to-date with Ebenezer by searching for "gent2smile" on Google or by following the hash tag "#StoneOfHelp" on all hash tag enabled social media platforms. To invite Ebenezer for Speaking Engagement, Training Facilitation, Book Editing, Social Development Project, Brainstorming, etc., contact: Direct Line: +2348027701092 (NB: Active on WhatsApp and Viber) Email: ebenezer.akinrinade@gmail.com; gent2poetry@gmail.com

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Yus Dem

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Frank Onuoha

Frank Onuoha is a historian and a writer. He tweets from @iamfrankelean

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mojisola olajummy

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olanike olasiyan

writing is like second nature to me,I have found myself through writing.I got a certificate of participation in the world bank essay competition. I blog at yettyolas.wordpress.com(relationships, everyday living and poetic lines).

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Ronald Bellaz

Idleness can't shade criticism. So why sit dormant.

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A graduate of Mass Communication from Institute of Management and Technology Enugu and fed.Poly OKo Worked as a journalist in several medie houses before resigning to go into full time writing. An avid reader, but never choosey about what I read, I believe there's something to gain from every book. A relationship consultant, my years of listening and talking to people in this area must have influenced my writing of romance, life and social related stories. Presently I have two published work, Pawns in the Hand and Fool's Paradise under lulu book publishers. A mother of two boys. Right now trying to set up ladyzizi bookworld, a publishing and marketing outfit in Lagos where I'm based, as well as put together my books on love and relationship for publication next year.

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Nel P

Writing is my joy and words are my best friends. I relish making new ones daily.

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i am a poet and an essaiyst

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Leo Timely(Tamunodiepiriye)

Unpredictable Smiles... Still approaching heights

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I am 24 years, a graduate from the University of lagos, Banking and Finance, I have a great Passion for writing

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I love art, and art to me is words; the written word, the spoken word. I'm a presenter and co-producer at a campus radio station in the Coal City. I think I'm a writer (not super confident yet) and yes I blog at delectablekay.blogspot.com (although I've lost count of how many blogs I've created and deleted). https://twitter.com/delectable_KAY

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Chino Ibe

Chino Ibe is a 22 year old Law graduate. She loves reading and creating beautiful Literature...

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Writer, editor, creative entrepreneur and strategist

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poet david aprils odiase

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Oyin Oludipe

Nigerian writer, poet and playwright. He lives in Lagos.

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Daramola Rotimi

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Writing and Editing Services: Book editing, ghost-writing, articles, speeches, captions, business proposals, legal writing, song writing, blurbs, web content.... www.write4all.com @writes4all

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Deborah Ekechukwu

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Anaele Ihuoma has worked as a journalist, teacher and banker, and is currently affiliated to a civil society organization. He has published three books of poetry – Tongues of triumph ( 2004), Song of the Threshing Floor (2006) and Song of the Swallow (2007). A forth Whispers of Angels is published online by YSGHubs. His full length novel Imminent River, completed at the Ebedi International Writers Residency, Iseyin, is awaiting publication. His poems and short stories have appeared in several publications of the Association of Nigerian Authors, (ANA). He is co-editor of Rivers of Treasure, an anthology of short stories published by ANA Rivers State Branch 2013. He holds BA (Drama) and MA (Literature-in-English) as well as Post graduate Diploma, all from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He was among the pioneer students that earned a Statement of Accomplishment from the Online Coursera program Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World. Ihuoma won the Sparrow Poetry Prize in Nigeria in 2009.

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I was born on September 8, 1994.

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Odewale Abayomi

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Litm dreamer

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a graduate of political science,from a decent and lively background where moral teaching was/is held in high esteem,presently engaged in printing press in abuja

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I love to read, and I'm pushing myself to write: short stories, poems and soon a novel (I hope) :) For me life is what we make of it, like I say, I paint my pictures with words.

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Tesiro Dore

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Toyin Titiloye

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Fun, spontaneous and full of spunk!!!

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Ubon Felix Ebong

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Adimchinma Ibe

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Kamal is the archetypal nerd. Loves reading and sees nothing wrong in curling up with a good book finishing it and starting all over again from page 1! He is currently working as a Talent Manager with a global manufacturing company. He is married with 2 children and lives in Lagos.

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Mariaah Ali

Born and bred in Lagos Nigeria, moved to Abuja when I was 13 years old, I have had brief stints in Nassarawa, Sokoto and Kebbi state Nigeria. I speak Yoruba and Igala, fluently, understand a little bit of Hausa and Idoma, but I 'd really love to speak French or and Spanish flawlessly. Though been in the UK for sometime now, I am leaving very soon although, I don't know where to or when. I am still trying to know myself but so far, I 'd like to think I have metamorphosed over the years. People think I am complex but I say they just can't unravel the misery?.. Ooh and I love to cook. :)

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Adeola Yusuf Amuni

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servio gbadamosi

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Patrick Ose

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Adewumi Fabarebo

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social engineer, electrical engineer, writer...N*E*R*D :D

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i am a girl, a daughter, a sister, a citizen and a student

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Akingbulu Oluwatosin

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i love the simple things of life... i love to appreciate the very little things. i love to learn new things and explore new horizons. i love to write, there is no paper i do not torture or nurture with a pen or pencil. i love to draw anything on my mind... That's me!

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Nkem Onyemachi

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Legal practitioner, with a passion for writing novels (legal thrillers) and poetry. My diving force is Nigeria...... Yes! Nigeria. My entire life is dedicated to the Nigerian project.

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Sola Kayode

Writer, Carry your burden

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Kehinde Obafemi

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Christopher Okiri

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Richard Ugbede Ali

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A literary ghost trying to exhume himself!

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Imayuse Esosa Peace

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Masai Warrior, Progressive Pilgrim. Banker by day, Writer by night.

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Success Ojo

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Victor Agbo

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Yousuph Ola Azeez self-published his firt novel in 2002. He has also published 19 other shortstory books. His works transverse both secular and Islamic fiction, but are more of the latter. One of the books, The Obedient Faruq, is now adapted to a movie. www.theobedientfaruq.blogspot.com SUCCESS, as he is popularly called, is always hooking up with people whose knowledge and judgements he trusts. Glad to be here.

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gladys aghete

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Joseph Jaiyeola

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lhanray badmus

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Osarenkhoe Efe

Wow... I really cant tell you. If I do it may become stale on the next dawn. Daily i keep discovering myself.

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Alligator Legs

1 Article


Jennifer Ekene Onochie is a Nigerian from Delta state. She is Graduate of English/Literature from the University of Benin.

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'JIde Jinadu

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mcPhuture Otitifore

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ACE Woman

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Ismael Alfredo Dougan

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Invincible Ivy

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Kemmy O

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i am a poet

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Larry Sun

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Chris Teck O

Just love reading and writing

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obi onyinye anne

I am bold,blunt and beautiful.I am very open and love to have fun.I have a lot of leadership skills and i love God and his word.

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banker desperately wanting to be a writer. misunderstood- perfectly fine that way.

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I love reading. Recently, I've been putting pen on paper and letting my thoughts and emotions flow through. I intend to spend the time between now and a couple of years when I'll have award-winning author and filmaking as my description by honing my skills here.

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with me, more often than not, the first impression is never the real thing.

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Godswill is an educated individual who believes in professionalism at everything he does. He is a loving writer and always willing to read others...

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I am 17, I am currently at A-levels in South Africa, although i have lived all my life in Nigeria. I love to write, and read.

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ayangalu d drummer boy

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I am Speaker, Author, Poet, Missionary and Medical Laboratory Scientist...

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Jonas Dogara

I am a blogger, lover of the arts, lover of books and lover of sports... a lover. I love the Pidgin English so I write in that medium. Some of my work can be found at http://notfreshlysqueezed.blogspot.com and I can be followed on Twitter as @nfsqueezed and Facebook at http://facebook.com/notfreshlysqueezed

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Koye-Ladele Mogbekeloluwa

I read and I think, therefore I write. I am a young graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the Obafemi Awolowo University, and I am a passionate believer in a new Nigeria. I am interested in Sourcing and Procurement, and in Global Businesses.

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Mikail Bashir

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terh agbedeh

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Prince Jacon

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1 Article
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Eno Ekere Usen

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austin de poet

I was born into the family of Mr. Sunday Evbokpiagharu of Edo State.I'm the fifth child in a family of nine.I'm so much in love with Jesus.A graduate of the University of Port-Harcourt where I studied Economics.I'm presently serving in Anambra State.I discovered my prowess in writing and performing poetry in 2006 and since then I have featured in some programmes such as;Come and See,Comedy Untold,World Student's Day,Public lectures,amongst others. My art name is,'Austin De Poet' although I'm popularly called,'I have a dream' by my friends due to one of my outstanding poem called ,A dream for Nigeria'.I'm presently working on two of my books.One is a poetry collection to be published before the end of August 2013.

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1 Article
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1 Article
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sonia awala

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idris harun

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Social Media consultant for www.udookonjo.com I am smart and intelligent.

1 Article
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Ifetayo Abiola

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1 Article
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AKPOVETA, Valentine 't

AKPOVETA, Valentine 't is a Life Coach/Trainer, Public Speaker, Author and Infopreneur. He has served severally in Leadership Capacities in various Organizations and is a contributor to several Print and Web Media. The President, the green project, CED, Connectus Consulting and an ardent believer in the principles of Kineto-Leadership, he believes in the boundless powers and potential locked in every human and constantly seeks avenues to facilitate their conversion into products that will stand the Universal Test. His pastimes include Critical Thinking, Reading, Group Discussions, Net Surfing and Writing.

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Adonai Dgodz

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1 Article
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Words really can't describe me..but I love God, Life,Caring,Family,Photography,Poetry,Smiling....

1 Article
Avatar of Kama Anuforo

Kama Anuforo

1 Article
Avatar of Ajisafe Mayowa

Ajisafe Mayowa

I am an Self Publishing author and coach,motivational writer and blogging expert.I owned TheSavvyIndie.com where I share free resources and information on book marketing,writing,publishing and blogging for author.I also have a motivational blog at MayorALan.com where I post and write motivational and inspiration articles and post for everyone.LearningAnnexNg.com is also an informational portal where I share various information and resources on smart ways of doing things.I presently have 3 book Self Published as an EBook on Amazon Kindle and as a Paperback Book on Amazon.com.They are Eagle Success : How Not To Be A Vulture,Path To Success : The Failure Factor and Success Stories Of Failure.My book details can be found at MayorALan.com/Motivational-BooksI am a Computer Scientist by Training and Profession and writing,Self Publishing and blogging is what I do as a passion and hobby.

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Avatar of loud lumi

loud lumi

1 Article
Avatar of KENwryTs


...Currently a pharmacy undergraduate @ Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. Loves writings of all kinds especially Harlan Coben's works.Working on 2 novels I hope to publish soon after graduation. kenchukkky@yahoo.comm 08054035270

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adewale samuel

1 Article
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ibrahim afolabi

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1 Article
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1 Article
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Eze Ossai

1 Article
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1 Article
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1 Article
Avatar of Haemlet


One of the last left in a dying race of free thinkers

1 Article
Avatar of kennethyalidiouf


I am an editor and self-published author...

1 Article
Avatar of JasmineBrakz


Always writing...never completing my works....that has got to stop

1 Article
Avatar of Theodora


I am a young,talented writer who has humanity at heart

1 Article
Avatar of Ruth Omovie

Ruth Omovie

1 Article
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1 Article
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1 Article
Avatar of adurodolu


A young writer, aspiring for excellence and presently run blog

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1 Article
Avatar of latchy


I am a 29 years old Nigerian woman, married with two kids. I currently live and work in Lagos as a learning and development manager in an insurance company. As a long-time fan of the fiction genre, I feel I can bring a unique perspective to telling our Nigerian stories. I have written several short stories but am yet to publish any of them

1 Article
Avatar of damson chibuzo

damson chibuzo

Undergraduate of English and Literature at the University of Benin.

1 Article
Avatar of Joshua Segun-Lean

Joshua Segun-Lean

1 Article
Avatar of Ifedi J.m

Ifedi J.m

1 Article
Avatar of Okeke Nnamdi

Okeke Nnamdi

I hate that part of me that forces me to write,I wish it never existed...

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1 Article
Avatar of toyojei


1 Article
Avatar of paula nwankwo

paula nwankwo

I am Paula Imaobong Nwankwo. A native of Onna local government of Akwa ibom state. I was born in lagos state.I had my primary education in lagos,my high school at Onitsha and moved on to the University of calabar where I studied English&communication skills. I am presently in the University of abuja studying English education. I am married to Ben Nwankwo and have children.

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An easygoing young student of Lagos State University studying English language. I am presently in my 3rd year

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Avatar of gunji b

gunji b

1 Article
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Oku-ola Paul Abiola (pauldesimple) is a nigerian engineer turned writer

1 Article
Avatar of Oladimeji Busayo

Oladimeji Busayo

1 Article
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1 Article
Avatar of Osagie E.O

Osagie E.O

I am a realist

1 Article
Avatar of Anote Ajeluorou

Anote Ajeluorou

1 Article
Avatar of mnemosyne


An amiable guy with an eclectic taste for music. I relish good food and genial company. I am addicted to books..

1 Article
Avatar of Opy


Aspiring medical doctor who ABSOLUTELY loves to write <3 ;)

1 Article
Avatar of Ezer Meet

Ezer Meet

Inspired by God, all i am and all that i do is for Him.

1 Article
Avatar of Henry Konadu D

Henry Konadu D

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1 Article
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1 Article
Avatar of Chambers Umezulike

Chambers Umezulike

1 Article
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Heart: God. PINK. Music. Art...

1 Article
Avatar of Odion Jesse

Odion Jesse

Call me Jesse! I am a medical student..Hope to become a better writer. #TeamUNIBEN #TeamJesusFreak. Your constructive criticisms are highly welcomed. Thanks

1 Article
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Student, 400level law, I love to write.

1 Article
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Webmaster @ www.naijabambam.com

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1 Article
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Karo Oforofuo

STATE OF ORIGIN: Delta State LGA: Isoko North STATE OF RESIDENCE: Edo State. NOVELS WITTEN: My first published book is Fantasy Island which is presently available in kindle format for free at the Amazon kindle store). Mountain City: An e-novel blog accessible at http://www.moutaincityenovel.wordpress.com SCREENPLAYS: Gabriel and Toreka UPCOMING NOVELS: Gentle Wild and Kids Next Door INTERESTS: My interests are writing, reading, composing, creative thinking and learning new things.

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mendel martha


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Kuye Samuel

Kuye Samuel is a young Nigerian Student of English at Unilag. He writes and reads and analysis a lot. He is me. I write poems, short stories, novel, plays, essays and reviews.

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Sam Bajulaye

Sam Bajulaye is a short story writer and poet. He is a graduate of English Studies. And he is currently working on his debut novel 'Phantasmagoria'.

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Theresa Osaji-Abela is the author of the book 'The Virtuous Virgin' NCE-LACOED, BSC-Bus Admin Unilag, MPA Unilag she is known by her friends as Tessy. An ex-banker, a trained teacher and a motivational speaker who has devoted her life [through her writings] mentoring the young ones on how best to have a successful life living with their guardians.

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Daniel Nwachukwu

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ali smart

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Kemi Okpaka

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TEK Omogbai

A Young Man Trying To Make The World A Better Place

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Kazama Feeds

Am currently an official Google Student Ambassador, Gadget-Columnist. I love music, football and also in love with Waje's daughter . Am a little bit crazy on the inside, I literally do what other's don't so i can accomplish what others can't. errrrrmmm.... Dazall!

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Nzube Ifechukwu

Nzube Ifechukwu studies electrical engineering at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He has been published in the Sunday Sun and on Sentinel Nigeria.

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Am Ezekiel, graduate of Lagos state university where i bag a bachelor of science in Economics, am tall, chocolate in colour and i like reading and writing. Cool music is a big part of me and my favorite game is Basket ball. Am a die hard fan of ManU....#smiles#....... Thanks for reading

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Izuchukwu Udokwu

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JM Achineku

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I am a writer! Sounds kinda shallow baa?............Well read my stories and find out the rest!

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Emykhells Effe

He is an individual with the ability which God as endowed in him to impact lives, he is a motivator and a blogger, he is the host on kofoshoja! a forum from Emyk Initiative LLC at the same time he is the author at Emykdablez's Blog {where you get to know new things} Emykhells Effe is a coach and he's into Personal Development, Mentorship, and Companionship. He is a web and graphics Designer. Due to the pasion he has in impacting lives, he setup a Non-profit Organization know as IMPACT UR WORLD FOUNDATION, [IUWF]. Emykhells Effe is internet friendly and at the same time able to promote you Brand, Products, or Personality online.

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Ucheoma Onwutuebe

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18 year old Student of English Language, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife. I love to read and write, especially poems. On the issue of achievements and all.. I choose to be modest.. (lol... na wash.)

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A up coming writer from the Federal RadioCorporation of Nigeria.

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Michael Bassey Johnson

Nigerian Poet, Playwright, Author & Blogger. A free- thinker and versatile writer with vivid power of imagination and flow. Michael.B.Johnson hails from Onna L.G.A in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. He attended Government Technical College, Ewet, in Uyo. After studies, he veered into Mindset Computers Academy for a six month course in data processing and information technology, graduating with a diploma at credit level. Presently, he's a self-employed creative writer and contributer/fan of FunDza Literacy Trust, a South African platform, aimed at popularizing reading and writing among creative teens and adults.

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King Samuel Benson

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A Lawyer by profession with years of experince in Corporate Law.

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Dharmone Events Blog

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My names are Uwajeh Obioha Samuel hail from Asaba in delta state, born and bred in ikeja, lagos state. A BSc holder in computer science from the University of Nigeria. Currently working as a customer care executive in the media industry. Love football and driving... ...am just a heck of a guy!!!

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As a thought mine, I seek to hide my written treasure for faithful miners searching for the best of literature expressed in prose, play and poetry. Join me

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I love reading. I am a professional researcher. Please visit and comment http://concoctionsbyme.blogspot.com

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Kate Kerindo

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Saviour Iz Otubelu

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S.I Ohumu


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Ewuola Michael

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Kuti adetoye prince

upcoming.....but coming up strong

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Law Student | Book Lover | Founder; The Musers Book Club.

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Etim Ukorebi

I'm nothing but droppings of pure ink on ancient scroll

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Imaobong Igwe

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Mr Mathy

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Tosin Babalola

I'm like the eaglet trying out at flying...I sure can fly. It all ends well.

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Sinmiloluwa Makinde

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silent G

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Chidiebere Wisdom Chris Uwakwe

Chidiebere Wisdom Chris Uwakwe is a freelance writer and a preacher of the gospel who hails from Amorji-Ani Aninri, Enugu State Nigeria. He is a member of the Historical Society of Nigeria (HSN). He has written a number of seminars, theses and articles on various platforms. He holds a master’s Degree in History and International Studies (UNN). He also played a part in the movie “Sister Rebecca”, "Room 202" among others and he is single.

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dawan speaking

Dawan Ejomah is a versatile Radio Presenter, Voice over artiste and Compère. Smart, lively, passionate and witty are a few words to describe this lady of many talents as she sings and writes excellently. She currently co-hosts a motivational Programme titled “Realms of Freedom” on Eko FM, a show that has featured a wide array of interesting guests across different fields including: Such entrepreneurs as Fred Agbata Jnr. of Fate Foundation, award winning Cinematographer Onye Ubanatu, , Amaka Ikenga-Amadi (The Future awards nominee for Best use of New Media 2012). Dawan has also shared her microphone with artistes such as Dtone Martins, Aduke, and Ruby of Loopy Music. Spoken word artistes Efe Paul Azino and Jeffrey Jaiyeola ‘Plumbline’ have also graced her show, not to mention Chuma Nwokolo, author of “Ghosts of Sanni Abacha” and “Diaries of a Dead African”. Dawan is also a guest presenter on the Smooth Book Review on Smooth 98.1 FM. It is to her credit that she reviewed Abubakar Ibrahim's "Whispering Trees" a couple of months before it was nominated for the 2013 Caine Prize for African Writing.

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Call me Timi or Sheyzz. Am from Ogun State, Nigeria. A graduate of Business Administration and Banking and Finance, but found a flair for writing at a very tender age. I love suspence and comical way of telling stories as you'll all get to see in time.

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Becca Pauls

A writer by design, bags a BA in theatre arts

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Mik Ahludba

Story teller

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I am a Nigerian that loves to write. I tweet @_ChampKing

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emike Osumah

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Dominic Ohai

Yeah! I can write. I write. I like to write, but i don't know if my young age affects the way i write

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I am Imi Oyomire,a Nigerian who loves writing,I blog at www.tranquilrecollections.wordpress.com

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I am the CEO of The Great Concepts Media. The Company was set up to take care of all Media-Related Jobs in and outside Nigeria with specialization in Cinematography, Video Editing, Video Coverage, Branding of Artistes, PR Consultancy, Shooting of Commercials. Etc. As well as training for those who are interested in Media (Camera, Editing, Script Writing, Directing). I currently work in the Electronic News Gathering Department of TVC NEWS. I, alongside My Colleagues Edit, Prepare and Package daily News Stories that emanate across Nigeria, Africa & The World. TVC NEWS is the First 24HRS Pan African News Channel in Africa with Correspondents in the 36 States of Nigeria as well as Some African Countries & beyond with Bureau in South Africa, Ghana, Kenya as well as in The UK.

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Olaoye Joseph

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manuel olivia

The northern part of the country Kaduna were I was born has a lot of impact on me,but not as much as the one the eastern part of the Niger Enugu to be precise has on me, life in the east thought me tolerance ,judging from the fact that not every second child in a family of six, four boys and two girls can be considerate of the fact that nobody knows it all and therefore tends to take it easy with everyone, I'm the type of person that never goes down without a fight, being so passionate about life perhaps will explain the reason why i value my relationship with everyone and never gives it a second thought if an opportunity to learn from people both young and old present itself,i hate to be pissed off and always resort to good country music whenever the situation becomes inevitable,,,,,,,, i know you will be wondering if my life is so boring but please enough about me for now ....thanks

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Eniola Ake

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christiana olofin

I'm a studenti,a lover of literature,and like to expend my talent in writting.Hope you'll enjoy my write ups.

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Miz Asa

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My Name is Haris Aliyu, senior administrator at (www.booksherald.com) You are welcome to my NS's profile. I Love to Read, I Love to Write and I Always find my happiness in the written WORDs. I work as a computer graphics artist at Al-had Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd.

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El-Amin Yusuf Alronawy

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Benson Joseph

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Tchidi Jacobs

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Oluwafemi Sossa

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I am a literary student, I learn from everything and everyone. I am a lover of stories and I see situations in words and colors. I am a teacher and a self employed fashion illustrator.

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Okafor Arinze

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Tosin Bankz

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Jessica Dice

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Nduka Ekeh

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