ISLAMIC FICTION: Call for Submission

ISLAMIC FICTION: Call for Submission   Cerath Press, an independent Islamic publishing house in Nigeria, is now accepting submissions in the genres of Islamic Fiction—novels, novellas and short story collections.   Islamic Fiction refers to creative, imaginative, non-preachy fiction books written by Muslims and marketed primarily to Muslims. Islamic Fiction may be marketed to secular … Continue reading ISLAMIC FICTION: Call for Submission


8:19 pm June 19, 1998 Ikenegbu Layout, Owerri. Kathryn walked with careful steps along the lonely dark bushy path. Her feet moved, one after the other, in swift strides; her thoughts maintained an equal pace too. Kathryn’s thoughts alternated between the possible dangers, she’d heard, that lurked in those paths; memoirs of the evening—well spent; … Continue reading Illusion

Addicted to The Feeling

She asked for more. Adele couldn’t get enough. Was Bayo’s soft lips that were running kisses down the sides of her neck that she needed more, or her other drug which she stared at with anticipation? Giggling, she lightly pushed Bayo off her body.  Bayo wanted to resist, but the look in his lovers eyes … Continue reading Addicted to The Feeling