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Playing The Substitute Game

Playing The Substitute Game. By Victoria Ozidu. In sports, substitutions are generally made to replace tired or injured players or to replace those who are not performing well. In relationships, the game of substitution is also played. Someone else is being used as a filler or to replace a significant other for a variety of … Continue reading Playing The Substitute Game


Towards “Decompartmentalizing” Nigeria

TOWARD DECOMPARTMENTALIZING NIGERIA Few days ago we celebrated Nigeria at 54, where we had so many sanctimonious patriots who claim to be true citizens of a country where ethnic differences and cultural segregations seem to be worn like a cap on the heads of almost every citizen of Nigeria; the aroma of the decaying frame … Continue reading Towards “Decompartmentalizing” Nigeria


Sincerely Q- Mr Nice Guy

  Hi Everyone, “SINCERELY Q” is a segment i intend to write every weekend regarding trivial issues concerning love, relationships, men, women, social life, beliefs and whatever it is i feel like writing…hehehe.  I hate politics , so i’ll definitely wouldn’t be writing about any of it; only  just general stuffs that my little head … Continue reading Sincerely Q- Mr Nice Guy

All for big brother

All For Big Brother Africa

The Nigeria-South Africa relations may be facing the cadillac of its existence since the end of apartheid in 1994. It showed recently in the decision of the South African government, promising to return the $15 million arms deal money it earlier seized from Nigeria, though no timeline of when the seized money will be returned … Continue reading All For Big Brother Africa


African Capitalism: Economic growth without Human Development

Although I am not happy saying this as an African, but I think very deeply inside of me and very convincingly that 80% of all the African countries have failed woefully; economically, politically and socially since their various independence dates. I think that most African countries and leaders are not serious. I am bitter about … Continue reading African Capitalism: Economic growth without Human Development


If Wole Soyinka and his Family and Friends Exist?

I have heard about the existence of this old boy with a beautiful mind, Akinwande Oluwole Babatunde Soyinka, ever since those yore days of childhood. Wole Soyinka does not know me, I have not seen him eyeball to eyeball or even caught a physical glimpse of him.Then, so I also do not know him. I … Continue reading If Wole Soyinka and his Family and Friends Exist?


Diary Of A Sane Non-Conformist:19/9/2014

I AM THE LAST OF MY KIND? You have probably heard that line, many times before it has been said, in the movies, music, interviews with failed career people. LIARS, CHARLATANS, FAKES and PHONIES, every single one of them. See, I know you’ve been told you’re unique, special, one of a kind. And you believe … Continue reading Diary Of A Sane Non-Conformist:19/9/2014