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Every day is not more than another For none takes one from the border No day is blessed Neither is another cursed Today someone was born Another got fun Same day brings another sorrow And all events still follow A day that brings death A day that springs debt A day for the mourner A […]

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Sexual Heroes

Mama I’m sick – I’m bleeding Mama’s advice was straight and simple Now you have become a woman – daughter Let no man touch you if not you get pregnant In trust I avoid Papa’s gaze A touch and a blush as I enjoy more days In lurking darkness I go low Morals run low […]

The Making of a Local Champion

The Making of a Local Champion

I’m not certain that non-Nigerians have the same definition for ‘local champion’ as we do, so I will attempt to define it. I did it! A local champion, is an individual that is viewed as popular, remarkable and world-class within a relatively small area and who sincerely agrees with the prevailing sentiments. It is not […]


Maybe not Maybe (Part 8)

We need to choose leaders who understands where we stand Though we don’t have great options like in the past When Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe held the flag for NPP And Chief Obafemi Awolowo for UNP Alhaji Waziri Ibrahim for GNPP Mallam Aminu Kano for PRP These were a quartet of men with character and vision […]


Maybe not Maybe (Part 4)

Friends who believe have added words to the battle for nationhood For in this we stand together in brotherhood Kudos to Mode9 for his consistent tenacity Not forgetting MI for his audacity They’ve stood firm to sing songs with meaning not following the wave of stupidity And have chosen to stay above mediocrity Ruggedman for […]


Maybe not Maybe (part 2)

The current political class could do this country a world of good While it is still within their power to do good Ensure that those who looted are never elected again And that those elected never have the opportunity to loot again A country with a legislative framework for all in authority To make transparency […]


The Poison Of Corruption.

A proverb in eastern Nigeria goes thus: when one finger brings palm oil, it soils the rest fingers. This is the way with corruption. Defined by the Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary as ‘dishonest or illegal behavior, especially of people in authority’, corruption starts from leadership. The reason is that, power rests with leadership, and a […]