Poor boy

A POORBOY (7667269) A poorboy (7667269), Suffers basic human wants, Slave to the cost of breathing, Obscures to the milieu, His voice has no poetry, Possesses incomplete life, Poverty is his second skin, Cannot possibly revere, But can be empathized, Condemned to a sordid. A poorboy (7667269), Labor and be firm, ‘cos it’s risky and … Continue reading Poor boy

Ouevre La Porte!

Exams and joy reached a nexus As graduation calls echoes; On the belfry of Everest Booming shimmering sounds… And like a roaring hurricane, Hope speaks from its cocoon After eternal punctuating waits… Marching towards Phillipa, Penkelemes suddenly unleashed… Ouevre la Porte…Ouevre la Porte But God still pass them all… Whether S.U’s or A.U’s Etudiantes or … Continue reading Ouevre La Porte!

A Case Of Three Sinners 2

A Case Of Three Sinners 2

As my phone rang, I was drowning in an abyss of fear. I froze like someone who was being electrocuted from an AC power source. “Whose phone is that?” Tolu’s husband called out, “Did you just get a new phone?” The ringing stopped before Tolu would answer. My hairs stood still like a battalion of … Continue reading A Case Of Three Sinners 2