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The Writer’s World

I do not want to be a bee Always busy producing honey, I do not want to be a banker Counting other people’s money I do not want to be a policeman Collecting bribes on the road Or exploiting unsuspecting drivers The Nigerian police, I detest. I do not want to be a Politician Making … Continue reading The Writer’s World

A Neuter Nation

But there is a name we can earn a child Born with the fluidic cells of deceit. He is a body of knitted brows That has grown into piqued poetry. He could be called a neuter nation Whose identity and intuition is drowned in an eddy of putrid polity, That its history becomes only a … Continue reading A Neuter Nation


As he knelt before the Altar Feeling like Judas Iscariot His thoughts wandering… His mind pondering… His head wondering… Immersed in reminiscences It came like vivid pictures Showing on a Cinema Screen All his promises resounding Reverberating in his head He tried to keep his pact She came unannounced to him Luscious and Seductive in … Continue reading Irresistible