Hello, and welcome to Naija Stories – the premier destination for writers and readers of Nigerian literature.

The site offers many features to help you enjoy your stay here. You can read, rate, review and recommend your favorite stories without being registered. To get to our selection of stories, you can use the menu bar at the top of the page to access the different topics, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc. You can also select particular writers from the dropdown. The latest stories and Top Stories are showcased as well.

To get the best out of the site however, you first need to register.

Once you have registered, you become a part of the community and can do many different things as follows:

– You can submit a contribution which can be a story, a poem, a review, an article on writing, your musings or memoirs. Contributions are bylined by the name the author chooses to be publicly known by on the site. We encourage you to add descriptive tags to your contributions so that readers can find other contributions you have submitted. To have your bio on all your contributions, fill in your dashboard profile completely including the space for “About Yourself”. For more descriptive detail on how to submit a contribution, please go here: Submitting contributions

– You can comment on a contribution. To do that, go to the bottom of the contribution and enter your comments in the ‘Leave A Reply’ field.

– You can view and maintain your profile – to do that, make sure you are logged in. Then navigate to http://www.naijastories.com/bp-profile to go to your profile page. From there, you can change your avatar.

– You can add friends – to do that, go to the Members List section. Then click on the ‘Add Friend’ link next to the person you wish to add as a friend.

– You can update your status just like you do on Facebook and you can also send private messages to other members, and you can see all recent activity on the site.

In addition to all this, you get points for participating in site activities. For example,

– Registering gives you 200 points; logging in daily gives you 5 points

– Submitting a story gives you 50 points; commenting on a story gives you 10 points

– There are also points for uploading an avatar, making friends, sending messages and updating your status.

The more points you get, the higher your status on the site; in addition, if the site holds competitions or holds promotions, you may need to have a minimum number of points to take part in them. If you’re just a reader and reviewer, you can also donate points to your favorite writers to let them know they are appreciated.

With time the administrators of Naija Stories intend to set up a dedicated forum where writers who wish to get more in-depth and complete critique will feature their submissions. Expert and professional editors will be on hand to edit such stories for a fee of points. Please stay tuned.

All these are just some of the great things you can do on Naija Stories. Feel free to discover more by clicking on the links around the site. And if you have any questions, please send a mail to info@naijastories.com, or contact us by using the contact form.


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  3. I realize that much time and effort has been channeled into making this literary site a kind of its own.
    I congratulate the admin.
    Keep working.

  4. Ogbewe Famous Amadin (@OgbeweFamousAmadin)


  5. huntermayor (@ODEYEMIM.MAYOWA)

    Though new here, I am loving what I have seen so far. I look forward to making friend here, read, post and get assistance from experience writers too. Exactly what I have been longing for for ages.

  6. Afolabi Muideen Adewale (@AfolabiMA)

    Understood. Thank you words.

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