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His Highness (12)

His Highness (12)

Eight years have passed since Omotayo and Adunni moved into the commander’s compound things have been going on well except occasional disturbance from Folasade but she wasn’t a real threat. Everything has been going well except that there had been no progress in finding their loved ones and strange things were happening in the city, […]

Murder street

Murder Two

His journal is of one who is first of all a person, and then a man. He is a happy man, for lack of a better word to portray his refusal to let anything bother him; and his having nothing else other than the fact that he refuses to let anything bother him being the […]



I am swarthy, swarthier than Udogwugwu’s impassive countenance. Every night I lie, like a green snake skulking its predator’s sward-surrounded purlieus, in apprehensive anticipation of day.   My hazel eyes are Granny’s snuff store; my nasal bore Ojadili’s fetish-flute. Little children can, for firewood, fetch my gnarled legs.   My visage is bumpy, with a […]



Glam ladies beauty personified wonderfully shaded body wraps and body magic in hidden operation bum sculptured in butt enhancers and waist clincers suited flame taste eloquent in accessories and smell hmmmm baritone on display oh how that makes me yearn white and damn there she is a dame grace and sexy innocent and wild a […]

Night Watch

Night Watch

By Kay Cee They set out at midnight An hour after 12pm Their lantern shone a dim bright They walked in silence, seven of them Bare footed, head bowed The owl has hooted to herald What was and is seen to be The passing procession of an astral family An earthen calabash, a black cock […]


Barrow-man blues

I want to entertain you. It should happen that in the next few moments I will arise from sleep. Whilst outwardly I may lie down, sprawled as if I was a dead man, this was a period of sleep that was actually quite pleasant because I had been working all morning in the busy market, […]

Making reading fun again