There was something off about the office setting. I felt it appeared too serene. I had successfully maneuvered every camera and heat signature sensor, but I wasn’t comfortable. It wasn’t my first time: it definitely wasn’t for lack of experience. I tried to clear my head of doubts: for it was my overburdened mind that … Continue reading Bullseye

No ! They Won’t Tell You

They won’t tell you About the gory images of gruesome murders Of the streams of our blood on their streets No ! They won’t tell you About the pregnant women Whose bellies were slit open With their innocent babies butchered No ! They won’t tell you Of the Russian birds of horror Strafing and bombing, … Continue reading No ! They Won’t Tell You


I pay that u may b beautiful I pay that u may be pleasured I suck and kiss your sensient parts You lay back and take the pleasure I gain not milk from your bosom I gain not treasure from my pleasure I keep my strength up for my Ego Trying in futility to reach … Continue reading Parasitism

“a Thin Line”

There’s a thin line between “Life and Death” “Success and Failure” “Beginning and Ending” “Health and Sickness” “Wealth and Poverty” “Good and Evil” “Justice and Injustice” Your Central Bank could be Consumed by an Inferno Just like Locusts eat-up Green leaves of promising crops Preventing glorious yield of bounty Your life may desert you But, … Continue reading “a Thin Line”

“the Morning Sun”

The golden rays so generously given Promising a day full of hope and love When you hide behind tall buildings The world around me looks gloomy The clouds criss-cross your surface Trying to shade your rays in futility You conquer all obstacles and shine Your wonder is a mystery unrivalled Sitting on the morning sky … Continue reading “the Morning Sun”

“the Wife I Never Had”

She was my dream girl The one I fantasized about But, hard as I may try She never gave me the chance I loved her like my Mum I wanted her like Riches I needed her like food But she was always far-fetched Each time I look back in time I remember her with nostalgia … Continue reading “the Wife I Never Had”

Systemspecs To Host The September NCCF-ICT Sectoral Working Group Meeting

Systemspecs To Host The September NCCF-ICT Sectoral Working Group Meeting

SYSTEMSPECS PROMISES TO HOST THE SEPTEMBER EDITION OF THE NCCF-ICT SECTORAL WORKING GROUP MEETING The Executive Director of SystemSpecs, Mr. Aderemi Atanda who is also the Executive Chairman of the Nigeria Content Consultative Forum in Information Communication Technology (NCCF-ICT) has promised and assured the members of the Forum that his company shall host the net … Continue reading Systemspecs To Host The September NCCF-ICT Sectoral Working Group Meeting

A Woman Shouldn’t Stare

A Woman Shouldn’t Stare

Once again those eyes will rest upon me I do not know what they want They keep staring now and on,  back and forth they go The eyes of a lady are ambiguous to watch They are iridescent in emotions i wonder what they want Is she confused trying to play on my emotions and get them confused? Is she in love does she think of us both as a clove of love? Again the stare! My eyes flee from her stare Even distant from her line of sight i can feel her eyes on me as i leave the site A woman shouldn’t stare it can cause a man emotional wear In my room it took me on for hours The light of those eyes even at night it shook me It took me into the place i am now at Evading,  avoiding the limelight: her line of sight A woman shouldn’t smile and stare Its not good for a man we do not understand what it says Next time she shoud leave a note and we will get back to her.  

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