- Making reading fun again

Casualties of the Mind 1 by Somefun Oluwasegun

There was the blind drummer boy who sang of tales that nobody ever sees until they come to happen on a person. This is what the harsh breeze of the jungle that tingles Layla’s bare skin makes her remember now. The story made sense to her now. It told of the evil that men do … Continue reading Casualties of the Mind 1 by Somefun Oluwasegun

two dying stars

The Tale Of Two Dying Stars (Episode 1)

Narrated in point of view of two main characters…YINKA and ADAEZE   YINKA At first, the droning of the bus and Mama’s voice sounded as if echoing from miles and miles away between my half sleep and half consciousness. Then later, her voice was hurting my ears, almost replacing the cold wind with hot one. … Continue reading The Tale Of Two Dying Stars (Episode 1)

ball player

Playing The Substitute Game

Playing The Substitute Game. By Victoria Ozidu. In sports, substitutions are generally made to replace tired or injured players or to replace those who are not performing well. In relationships, the game of substitution is also played. Someone else is being used as a filler or to replace a significant other for a variety of … Continue reading Playing The Substitute Game

Making reading fun again