- Making reading fun again


We live to wear Furrows gather everywhere Life seems a torment Blood via veins,a current Ageing Rhythms of steps incoherent Miseries lucid and inherent Bent knees torture speed Pains lead and bones heed Ageing Resurrects old habits Cravings wake in bits Nudge us to the margin At fringes hard to imagine Ageing Dredges up the … Continue reading Ageing

evils don't live

Evils Don’t Exist

“Christiana! You won’t kill me o!” Iya Basira yelled loudly, as she stared disdainfully at the poor girl. Christiana suddenly fidgeted at the sight of being caught, as she hid in the small room of the canteen –it was the most secured part of the place in which they commonly called Store, because it was … Continue reading Evils Don’t Exist


Rants of a Frustrated Girl.

I’m so angry right now that i might forget to proof-read. I used to pride myself in my ability to write long classy essays(the type,people my age find boring). But i’m beginning to doubt myself.So naturally,i’m angry;at myself,the government,schools and everyone with the last name ‘Nigeria’. Before i joined Naija stories,i used to (and i … Continue reading Rants of a Frustrated Girl.

Making reading fun again