I can’t help but feel this way Think about you on this special day You’re alive and doing so much better On a day like today, I miss you Ella Words can’t explain how you make me feel And your priceless heart I hope to steal With love, care and devotion With words, playful acts […]

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A Date Gone Wrong

Ok… now this was just crazy! I’d been sitting here for the past two hours listening to this dude complain about all the women in his life scaling from his mother to his female cousin, down to his niece and then there were the girlfriends…ex girlfriends he had corrected. For heaven’s sake, I hadn’t even […]


Never Again

Mama calls me from the kitchen, her voice shaky, fear wrapped its arms around her words, “Junior, come help me here, it’s almost time”. As I came out of my room where I had be staring at my PV ceilings, thinking of my life, I walked reluctantly to the kitchen. Mamas hands were trembling, she […]


The Scrawling Kid

“Dominic, what are you doing?” Uncle Jimmy was on top of his voice. “Sorry sir, I’m only…I don’t know?” I said, shuddering in fear. “What are you saying? You don’t know what..ooh, I forgot you even got zero in your test.” “Yes sir. I don’t know but…” “But what? Come here; let me see what […]

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