The Emeritus Professor

He bursts up into a old popular igbo song having concluded his lengthy syllabus for the semester, with the class joining suit… “Akwukwo na-ato uto O na-arahu na mmuta Onye nwere nkasi obi…” “Sirrr… off me” Dimkpa, one of the popular class guy nicknamed for his huge stature, roared in excitement. Finally, the 6 hours … Continue reading The Emeritus Professor

Idanni – 1

  She walked with the elegant stride of a gazelle. Her head of luxurious black hair carries a delicate oval face which sits on a long graceful slim neck.  Her supple black skin glows under the fading evening sun, her lean young and curvy body moved with feline agility. ‘Call for an emergency meeting of……………………………….,’ … Continue reading Idanni – 1

These Dangerous Things Happen To You When You Talk A Lot

When you talk a lot, you talk away many things which are life-success and valuable in your life. These things happen daily, but less number of people realize, correct and apply them gainfully in their lives because of talkativeness. Talkativeness could be the reason you’re not doing well in life, and thus, you blame people … Continue reading These Dangerous Things Happen To You When You Talk A Lot

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