The #ChallengeMe Contest For New Writers

NaijaStories is pleased to present an online writing contest in recognition of new writers. This contest aims to create awareness to upcoming writers who have joined NaijaStories of a new level of professionalism that the site requires. Writers through this contest are given opportunities to put fort their best work and effort. This contest should … Continue reading The #ChallengeMe Contest For New Writers


Before I Get Stained

    Lord if you will, do it now The pleasure of hell I don’t want to taste Perfect I will never be Garment of righteousness too big for me Like a white rose growing In the midst of mud I stand. Pluck me, if you will Before I get stained  

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Memoirs of an Introverted College Student

With great enthusiasm, we gallivant, perhaps, not entirely aimlessly, but directed by the pleasure we gain from it. We are new to the environment after all. We meet people, new people; fellows out of which great friends are eventually made. Sons and daughters of men destined to touch our lives one way or another; and … Continue reading Memoirs of an Introverted College Student

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