The Crying of an Owl

These woeful cries Echoed to deafen my ears Like a squelching cargo on mount climb I felt my broken rib, Wriggling in my emasculation For my whole being is in fracas with its faction This fellow’s cry is a friend rather fiend As the stormful breeze blows, I bend To hear its voice of reason […]


Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 10-The Acquaintance 3

John’s sermon on the second day was most impactful and insightful. He taught on righteousness and expounded on its meaning,implication,and fruits.”You’re not righteous because you’re rich,or because you don’t lie. Your righteousness is of God and not your good deeds. He qualifies the called and not vice versa. See,when a drunkard receives salvation,he doesn’t stop […]


My Boss’ Wife: Episode 10

“What are you doing?” Busayo asked as soon as she entered the hospital room. “Ooh Busayo, I was thinking you weren’t coming again.” “Not coming again? Noo, I would have arrived earlier if not for the traffic.” She said smiling. My son had been discharged from the hospital and I was dressing him up when […]

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Adindu The Village Drunkard

Nothing make more sense, Than his always on-hand bottle. Nothing muscles more strenght, Than the liquid content of his green bottle. Nothing stops his pace’s escape between space, Not even his soaked face can ‘normalcy’ talk to. It triggers-off his truthfull and semi false stream. In his words, ‘A man is never drunk of what […]


Sarah 6

The first week of October brought a few changes to my life. I had been attending St. Joseph’s for four weeks. I had even gotten acquainted with a few of my classmates. That week had teachers announcing that we join school clubs we were interested in. The school choir and the drama club seemed to […]


Love Like Knife

Love like knife It’s power, gentle, but controlling Just like life It is inevitable, but intoxicating – Dean Bin’Jamiu Twenty four hours ago, if you had caught a glimpse of his heart, you would have seen love circling it, like the loops of the Olympic symbol. But some minutes ago, his heart shattered like a […]


And It Rained

Sometimes I wonder, but deep down in me I pray, prayer for d raining days to come, since our cloud has gone black and our soil gone famined leaving our sheeps devoured by d wild beasts, the little left for d minors are beign shared by d rich, the news are tragic and terror defined […]

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