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Adindu The Village Drunkard

Nothing make more sense, Than his always on-hand bottle. Nothing muscles more strenght, Than the liquid content of his green bottle. Nothing stops his pace’s escape between space, Not even his soaked face can ‘normalcy’ talk to. It triggers-off his truthfull and semi false stream. In his words, ‘A man is never drunk of what […]


Love Like Knife

Love like knife It’s power, gentle, but controlling Just like life It is inevitable, but intoxicating – Dean Bin’Jamiu Twenty four hours ago, if you had caught a glimpse of his heart, you would have seen love circling it, like the loops of the Olympic symbol. But some minutes ago, his heart shattered like a […]


And It Rained

Sometimes I wonder, but deep down in me I pray, prayer for d raining days to come, since our cloud has gone black and our soil gone famined leaving our sheeps devoured by d wild beasts, the little left for d minors are beign shared by d rich, the news are tragic and terror defined […]


Cyan’s Revenge: Moonlit shadow

Ten years later The man was dressed in dark conservative colors so that he blended seamlessly with the night. His left hand was seated at the belt attached to his trim waist, an unstrung bow leaned against the sleekly muscled thigh of his right leg. His piercing eyes roamed the wide stretch of open land […]

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