We Are Oliver Twists

  A street hawker in Port-Harcourt prays that God provides heavily congested traffic A rich man in Lagos prays to avoid every congested traffic All these people are children of God After all, whether from the church or mosque, they both pray to the same God At this point I would ask if God shall … Continue reading We Are Oliver Twists

Eki: The Prince’s Bride

Along the river road The three young girls walked single file along the path that led to their village, Igodi. They were returning from the river, where they had gone to fetch water for their mothers. Placed on their heads were clay pots of different sizes with Edafe, who was at the rear of the … Continue reading Eki: The Prince’s Bride

Man!! Stop the Blackmail – I am a feminist.

All I ask for is equality…not sameness. Religion is currently a tool for blackmail as men keep subjecting their women to an absurd level of slavery, claiming the man has been placed over the woman from the very beginning and backing up their claims with excerpts from both the Bible and the Quran. It is … Continue reading Man!! Stop the Blackmail – I am a feminist.

For Those Boys Who Returned Home As A Breaking News

We have broken those kola nuts on the family shrines. Shattered elegies here and there in templates of agony. We may be a plight on the body of this river, we may not but your gracious imagination of thoughts must we reserve in the morning of this ancestry ancient memories. broken tenses tend to write … Continue reading For Those Boys Who Returned Home As A Breaking News

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