HAPPY HOLS! (Episode Six)

The blue and white taxi came to a stop in front of a brown two-storey building and the two girls hopped out immediately. Pamela was wearing a blue shirt on blue jean trousers while Judy was dressed in her signature jean skirt and polo shirt. Being a member of Deeper Life Bible Church had placed … Continue reading HAPPY HOLS! (Episode Six)

Love Beyond Reason 3

The next day Ugochi received a call from Frederick. “Hi.” “Hello dear,” he answered. “I just received a very distressing call from Ijay some minutes ago. She said it seemed your man saw us together the other day.” “Yes, I think he did. It’s not confirmed yet but he’s been acting very strange. I think … Continue reading Love Beyond Reason 3

HAPPY HOLS! (Episode Five)

Judith took one last look at the reflection in the full-length mirror and nodded in satisfaction; dressed in a blue jean skirt, a black polo and a face cap, she was ready. She glanced at the wall clock in her room; it was already 11:30 am and from Pamela’s explanation, the notes were supposed to … Continue reading HAPPY HOLS! (Episode Five)

Deprophets I: Prophet Ikokonlaja

“Hmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm, Holy Reekadofeaturingtiwa, arabinrin, your ibujoko is shaking, wo, very shaking, laipe, they will pack your load from your husband house. The chair you are sitting on now is 3 leg”. The woman looks frighteningly at the chair she is sitting on. “No ooo, I do not mean this one oo, I mean … Continue reading Deprophets I: Prophet Ikokonlaja

Corruption In Africa Part II

  Endowed with natural resources, yet the continent falls within the negative quadrant when it comes to the fight against corruption. In spite of its natural riches, the continent is widely considered among the world’s most corrupt places, a factor that seems to be contributing to the inhibited development and mostly speeding the impoverishment of … Continue reading Corruption In Africa Part II

HAPPY HOLS! (Episode Four)

What do you mean by that?” Judy’s high pitched tone pierced the eerie silence. Eche looked up at her and began to stammer defensively, “I-I thought it was a prank or something”. “The words written in blood, not red ink”, Pamela emphasized as Eche frowned before nodding. “I know the difference, Lawson”, he told her … Continue reading HAPPY HOLS! (Episode Four)

Blame The School System For Those Lies Our Teacher Told Us.

BLAME THE SCHOOL SYSTEM FOR THOSE LIES OUR TEACHERS TOLD US Blame the school system for those lies our teachers told us in the classroom. Good grades are not what life needs, in reality, good grades sometimes don’t take you up there but they condition your mind to one man’s idea. Blame the school system … Continue reading Blame The School System For Those Lies Our Teacher Told Us.

Questioning The Illusion Of Burying The Dead In Some Part Of Nigeria

QUESTIONING THE ILLUSION OF BURYING THE DEAD IN SOME PART OF NIGERIA Why do people spend much money during funerals? Why do we honour people more when they are dead than when they were alive? We build houses, we re-paint the old house, we repair the Zinc, we build more rooms and repair the damaged … Continue reading Questioning The Illusion Of Burying The Dead In Some Part Of Nigeria

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