Old Houses. Peeling Walls.

You should have been there, between the clumps of misery, and contrasting reality. You should have been there, at that threshold that restrained everything. We were certain We’d run Mad. Clothes peeling,Lungs blaring mad. At those Moments when You should have been there. Ever heard Cricket Croo-Crooing in an Uptown town? Mingled with sweat sounds. … Continue reading Old Houses. Peeling Walls.

Reminisce from a fractured heart

“Nedu please stop, I’m still with Prince”…… she muttered scarcely to his hearing. The effect of those words was instant. He detached himself from her and lay on his back. He wanted to speak almost immediately but either he was short of words, or he just couldn’t find his voice. In the end, it took … Continue reading Reminisce from a fractured heart

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