The Wait

THE WAIT I.) Wait for me! Tarry, Mon Diamanté For it’s a long journey- Across jagged rocks of despair- To the oasis of sweats. I am on the roads, At the junction of hearts. I drive in haste But love is a snail. Wait while I come to thee. II.) You must wait- when I … Continue reading The Wait



Prologue   Papa led me down the dusty path, pulling my hand as he went. From the corner of my eyes, I could see with the help of the dim light proffered by the crickets in the bushes that we had just passed Mama Osarodion’s Akara stall which stood almost at the outskirt of the … Continue reading FATAL ATTRACTION: The Prologue

Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love (episode 10)

Continuation……. On my way to the hostel, I met two senior girls who were also walking to the hostel a stone throw away from me. “Junior babe! Junior babe!” one of them called out. I looked at them to see who they were calling and realized it was me so I walked up to them and … Continue reading Forbidden Love (episode 10)


The Watershed

*** Last week was hectic, but rewarding. At the end, I came back from Eket- restless and exhausted. It was not the drinks, though the occasional stares from fellow passengers in the cab I boarded back to Uyo told me my sweats were oozing alcohol. Alcohol from two nights of inebriate drinking, but it wasn’t … Continue reading The Watershed


The Penitent Prostitute

She once stood at the junction of decision Sampling her structure to cause a centre for attraction. Waiting for men who’ve lost their direction For she led the way to destruction. She called it not prostitution Neither will she say it’s fornication. But rather she’ll say it’s an occupation That gave customers their desired satisfaction. … Continue reading The Penitent Prostitute

planet pluto port harcourt

Planet Pluto In Portharcourt Part 1 of 2)

Driving through the city of portharcourt on a Friday evening, it is evident that this is the city of the moment, the city that never sleeps, especially on a Friday night. The atmosphere at all corners of the city is filled with an energy that would make even the most calm and reserved person, uneasy, … Continue reading Planet Pluto In Portharcourt Part 1 of 2)

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