road block

I was at the front passenger seat, eyes facing the window, it was pitch black outside as we rolled forward, I hear someone grunt at the back ‘I pray no1 pukes” We were on our way back from the club, it was around 4am, tope drove the car, I couldn’t I was that wasted, my […]


My Place of Solace

Inside my mother’s womb I find solace I swim from one corner to the other With liberty and freedom No hunger, no pains and no sorrow oh what a life ! It is an apartment occupied by me and my tiny microbes friends that works tirelessly for me, yes this is priceless To be candid […]


My Boss’ Wife: Episode 6

While we were discussing who to invite and who not to invite to the wedding, what food to prepare and what not to prepare, my phone beeped. It was my husband. “Hello honey.” “Hello Madame.” A feminine voice said from the other end. “Who are you? What are you doing with my husband? Tell him […]

Making reading fun again