Boss Lady – Chapter Seven

Rosie was super excited when she received her offer of employment from the Ministry of Justice one month later. “With a regular paying job, I will eventually save up the required amount of money for my university education.” She thought to herself. Rosie’s salary from the Ministry of Justice was close to nothing but she … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Seven



As Eneh drove away from the school toward his workplace that morning, he kept wondering about the revelations. He recalled that morning, eight years ago, when Toby was handed over to him. The boy was barely four years old then. They had moved to Lagos and lived together even before he secured a job as … Continue reading THE MADMAN’S RECOMPENSE (Part Two)


Memoirs of A Repentant Slut ~ Episode 16

I grabbed her top. . . “Wetin do Aunty Amaka?” I was coming back from my friend’s place when I saw an okada jam a bus and Aunty Amaka was the one on the okada. She was bleeding and she looks unconscious to me. “Bleeding? Unconscious? Where? How? What’s going on?” “It was opposite our … Continue reading Memoirs of A Repentant Slut ~ Episode 16

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