Oh! Pastor

Oh! Pastor

You teach us the ways of God … so many a times

You direct us to be holy … as holy as the Almighty

You direct our steps to walk in holiness … how I wish you do

Oh Pastor … You make me lost for words!

My Pastor, so desirable … someone I wish to emulate

My Pastor, my shepherd … so I’m told

My Pastor, my mentor … please spare me!

How sad I am right now, oh! Pastor

You lead people to God …

You say the words so strongly

You preach the words so passionately

Oh! Pastor, how I wish you just practice them

How do you treat your female folks … I ask

What do you do with the offerings paid by the masses?

How about the tithes of the poor and needy in distress

Hmmm … how you’ve turned the house of God to a business venture

But, I trusted you, oh! Pastor

I believed in the words you teach

I could have laid down my life to defend you … thank God I didn’t

How so shameful it is to learn of your evil ways!

You make people blaspheme God’s name … hmm …

You do more of money-making principles than winning souls …

You’ve forgotten that only a saved mind is taught the secrets behind wealth-making

…that only God can make a man wealthy without adding sorrow to it!

Can you count how many females in your congregations you’ve not spiritually washed inside out? … what a shame!

Can you sincerely look to heaven and tell the Almighty so sincerely how you have achieved this assignment you’ve so undertaken?

Can you be sincerely trusted … ?

So tell me do you become weak and melt at the smell of money … I mean money with all the syllables intact?

In distress I run to you  … Oh! Pastor … for advice…

In my anguish, I wish I can take you as my mentor … for emulation…

In my pain I cry to you for relieving words … as a leader…

I cry deeply and with anguish at the deteriorating state you find yourself in … I’m so ashamed!

I know you love God … everyone knows it …

I know you want to be PURE … as GOD adjures us to be …

I know you are passionate about the works of the Almighty … so very much …

But, Oh! Pastor … repent before its too late!

105 thoughts on “Oh! Pastor” by boomingsols (@boomingsols)

  1. This was more like a sad point than a poem,it’s cool oh,pastors should be careful ‘coz people think they’re too good and true,but I don’t think we should judge them.nice one duh

    1. Like I’ve been saying … not judging … thanks all the same … we all should be very careful!

  2. @boomingsols, your combination of poetry and prose is… HORRIBLE, to me, o! :( Jesus! This is, like, the second time I’m seeing this. Let me suggest that you take a creative writing course (not workshop, o!) If you’re teaching morals, then this should go under non-fiction. Your poetry is awkwardly prosaic. Mind you, it is a very dicey thing to combine poetry and prose together without making a mistake, and learning from it. If you don’t have a complete understanding of poetry and prose in order to combine them, to be either poetic prose or prosaic poetry, then the combination is a mistake or awkward.

  3. Hmm…I guess you need to dertermine how you want to structure your poem. Still I get the focus of your poem and it does have salient message in it.

    @Emmanuella…I beg to differ a bit. Creativity should never be limited. Forget if there’s a course that teaches you creative writing. Those are just basics which won’t help you really explore new terrains. Everyday, new concepts and discoveries break built barriers in the prose and poetry universe. Besides we have countless works of art that have been first critized for style and later appreciated as works of art.
    However for boomingsols, I’ll advice you take time to study other works and learn some basics for the sake of just knowing them. they may come in handy some day.

    Still, don’t stop writing and don’t be discouraged. You’ve got something good there; moral or not. keep doing your thing.

    1. I appreciate all … but trust me … not personal!

  4. @emmanuella-nduonofit: i think ‘HORRIBLE’ is an unfair score to give anybody’s work of art irrespective of its flaws. I suggest you take that back. Really. E no easy to write! Cool down… Poetry and prose are art forms. Not empirical sciences. We should generally have some leeway with expressing our thoughts…
    @boomingsols: Having said that, the mix of prose and poetry is kind of disorienting. Couldn’t tell when you lapsed in and out of the other. But your message rang true and clear. I actually enjoyed the irony of the last line. Simply work on your structure: you really have somethin to say…

    1. hmm … the mix could in the long run create anew style u know … u just wait and watch. Thanks all the same!

  5. @ boomingsols; You have said your piece and your message is quite poignant, your structure needs some work though as others have rightly said.

    @emmanuella-nduonofit: some opinions of ours are better left unsaid and i also think ‘horrible’is overdoing it. Please try to be more circumspect in your criticisms, afterall you are supposed to help not malign potential.

    1. Thanks for your your observations @Elly Turtoe.

  6. Your story and theme’re very okay for me. Structure and delivery, not too good. Overall though, a good poem. I was planning on taking some free lessons on poetry from Anderson. Maybe we might do it together. What do you say? Anderson’s really the man around here.

    1. I will when you start. Thanks so much.

  7. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    @emmanuella i think horrible is very harsh, we are all budding writers here, and trust me when i say ur writing is far from prefect, so pls tone down the negativity, its too harsh

    1. no qualms on comments though!

  8. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    @boomingsols i think ur style needs work, i love the poem aspect, depicting the true nature of the pastor, i think the whole mesh of poetry and prose should be more fluid, u can mesh them but u need to perfect it first…dont ask me how thou, i do know that writing more improves ur work, and loads and loads of revision…pls dont stop writing rather perfect it….

    1. Thanks. I’ll work on the lapses!

  9. boominsols: I like the message been passed across and the fact that you chose to write poetry,it aint easy.I know there’s something called free rhymes and there’s also spoken word but you still have some work to do.keep it up dear.
    @emmanuella-nduonofit: I dont know who you are but i know that people who criticize horribly like this usually suck at their own stories and i’m sure u’re not any better.Naija stories is n avenue for people to write and get encouragement and not writing competition,even myne whitman never criticizes anyone like this.So,if you dont have any meaningful and encouraging comment to make,kindly put a lid on it and save the rest of us the headache of reading your poor excuse for criticism.
    I hope you take this as nicely as boominsols did yours.

    1. Thank @mona … very well noted!

  10. @boomingsols – i love that you are exploring new writing methods. Thats the whole point of creativity. Of course you still need to work on it, as do we all. That’s the whole point of a site like this.
    Do keep doing what you are doing. You will definitely go places.

    1. @Lade … I’ve always loves ur comments and your way of expressing points. Thanks once more!

  11. @ emmanuella,thou shall not use the name of the Lord in vain and hope you understand what everyone is saying
    @ boomingsols,sweet,maybe you should change the category from poetry to musings or non-fiction,guess that would save you lots of trouble,but I got ur message sha.
    @ mona,you don vex oh,chey,you can even beat her up,lolz

    1. Ok noted … thanks @gretel!

  12. @boomingsols – Trust me, when it comes to creative writing, listen and read suggestions very very well, but always write what you enjoy. Animal Farm was seen as a non-publishable novel by all publishing houses but one that published it, today it is one of the all time best selling novels. When Samuel Beckett wrote, it took many years for his works to be fully understood. Today he’s often regarded as the father of absurdism. The point is this, do what you feel you really enjoy. Learn and experiment new genres. Try out people suggestions too. But never let what anyone tells you, Wole Soyinka or Amanda Adichie or any other f**king writer for that matter, affect what you believe is true arts. We’re all different and can never never be the same. The same way someone’ll like a skinny woman, another fat, another short, another tall, another big breasts, another big ass, another same sex, another opposite sex, another older girls, another younger girls, another men who like bj, another disgusted by bj, another anal sex, some geeks, some guys, some tomboys, some ladies and so on. Was listening to some six friends discuss. Now for a perfect date, four agreed you need to take a guy to a big fast food and eat as much as you can. One believed she’d see a movie with a guy that understands a lot about movies. The last girl believes a perfect date for her was just talking anywhere. It sounds weird. Talking anywhere. The movie girl spent four years in the university eating as much as she could but never enjoyed a good date. The talking girl, left the group after year one to trully discover herself. F**k the group and discover your full and true potentials potentials.

    1. … just the tonic I need to get me geared up …
      And I tell u … ‘Potentials pleanty o … no be small … the tin wan burst comot sef’. But trust me, I’m taking my time.
      Thanks once again @Jaywriter … your Jay sure Writes!

  13. @all – Emmanuella used the word she felt best represents what she read, think she oughtu to be left alone. One of the best writers ever was called ‘a ghoul of a soul’. He never stopped writing. In fact, he’s regarded as the father of realism today. We’re here to post works and expect honest reviews. If we honey-coat our reviews, how do we get better? No more invincible ‘horribles’ to Emmanuella, she gave her honest opinion. And as an artistic writer, she meant no more than helping Boomingsols up her game and upping her game boomingsols will. We all leave it at that. Artists are strong. Criticism makes us stronger.

    1. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by ‘honey-coat’ of reviews. It seems like a contradiction to what you initailly mentioned. You can constructively critize a work without being harsh and thats what most people are doing. If you are in support of harsh critizism then it means you’re a discouraging factor to a writer’s creative growth.

      If you take a look at all the critizism done by some of the commenters, you’ll see that they point out whats wrong, and also what they feel is right and what can be done with the work. But there’s no need to be harsh as if the writer has crucified Jesus. Even if Emmanuella wants to give her honest opinion, theres a better way to give it than for her to go the bluntly harsh way. I know many good writers that have felt they could never write well because of such harsh retorts.Psychologically, its a bad way to go.

      Yes, critism does makes us stronger when put forward rightly. Also have in mind that not all critics can be right!

      1. @Afronuts … I will soon hand you and @Jaywriter to each now ok … these criticisms makes me better … or can’t you see?
        Thanks all the same … so much.

    2. Hey, sticking up for the mastress right? lol
      I get your point sha.

      1. lol…abby dear, I only stick up for what i feel is right.

        1. @Afronuts, thats true …
          Thanks all the same.

      2. @abby … lol … thank God you got it!

    3. … hmmm … so you feel … expressiona are free my dear … lol!

  14. @Boomingsols – Waiting for next post…

    1. … might get you more surprised than this … lol!

  15. @gretel, @mona, @Meena, @Elly, @cikko907, yes o! I got a well-deserved FLOGGING!!! Ouch-ouch-ouch…!!! Especially from @mona!!! Make I pick-pin as well? ;) God, I even loved her very blunt opinion the most! Such people really interest me. I’m patiently waiting for an invite from her. Sorry, em, I’m not good at finding friends in this site. :D

    Well, em, I thank @Jaywriter for coming to my defense (rescue?), in a way. God, I blush!!! (*blush,though dark-skinned*) Ewo, how very very very bitter the truth can be!! I say this because we here at naijastories as naijastories authors are trying to pursue the truth, right? In our individually unique ways, correct? The bitterness of it marvels me, my dear boomingsols. Take me as oke (rat), ok, for instance. U chop food, u no wash ur hand, u con sleep, me wey b oke con dey chop d food wey dey ur hand, u no go ever no becos me I dey chop,dey pet u,dey blow air for ur hand. Shebi u understand me?

    Publishers out there are vicious, far more vicious than I was in my commentary here. They will make you cry once they reject your work, and this can shake your self-esteem a lot. Like I told @Isaac, life is simple and also not that simple. My advice for a writers course is just it, an advice, a suggestion, something that may be good for you, good for your craft. I have the fear of writing and publishing, not the fear that I write badly or HORRIBLY. I don’t want you to have that fear at all, boomingsols, and I follow everyone here in saying that you have the potential of being a good (very good) writer in the nearest future.

    Chei, I don cause kata-kata for here, and I apologise. E kpele gan, everyone!!!

  16. Writers are learners…the best of all is learned in trying, focusing and believing in the best….No one ever means any harm in all…We are all here like brothers, sisters…the lessons go onward…@ boomingsols..oil you pen and write on…the lessons has began….U are ok….

    1. more encouragements keeps me moving still … thanks bro!

    2. And sure …. my pen’s ink just got fuller … really to spill on any available paper … tanx once again @treasured1!

  17. hahahahaha!!!!! I missed this o! Chai, see vexations on NS! Aahh.. I knopw what to do… I shall write something very ‘contrary’ and hope to get a comment-fight too! lol!

    Truth be told, I did not get this piece… so I held my peace. But like Jay said, who knows… maybe another animal farm manuscript…? ( hard to see that, but hey…!)

    1. Please do, make me sef start the fight. lol.

      As for the piece, the message was clear, and that I do like.

      1. No fight convoy o … abey … you know say I be Minister for Peace … thanks all the same!

    2. No fight … no fight … here … no warfront ok …
      @yetitweets, thanks so much.

  18. Oh Pastor! lol No need to flog a dead horse.
    Nice content babe; as for the structure, am sure you’ll get the hang of it some day.

    Make una free Emmanuella oh.

    1. Free me o … oh! Pastor. lol! Thanks for the notes.

  19. Wow … where have I been all these while … hmmm …
    (Smiling) … I never expected anything lesser anyway … criticisms flying everywhere …
    I say a very big THANK-YOU to all who made the criticisms … they are well taken.
    One more thing: this is not judging as gretel feels … all what I write are realities … that’s the bitter truth!
    And to Emmanuella-Nduonofit, thanks all the same, I just want you to realize that Poetry, Prose or better still Prose poetry (guess that’s what you mean) is a choice of the writer. Also, what you feel or refer to as poetry today is all about what you read and taught. In other words, it came into play sometimes ago in the 19th Century (that really is not a subject of discourse anyway).
    And all that matters is a state of mind about how comfortable you feel when you write. Now, I don’t really feel that the rhythm or musical pattern of verses of write-ups that makes a poetic prose should be a problem when I write as the main focus is to pass a message across and get people along … who says rules of thumb must apply all the time (remember rules of thumbs are created by people in the first place & I can create mine too).
    & About going for lessons … you’re just making me smile more … really … ‘coz I think you need some lessons as Afronuts have pointed out. lol!
    All in all … there are better ways to point out errors … more more beautiful ways to do so. Thanks once again for the criticism!
    & to others who have also said one thing or the other, thanks also. But, my advice is this: “Never restrict yourself to a rule of thumb … writing is all about expressing your views structurally. If you do, then, you may end up not really passing across the message you intend to”.
    & to the others, even the best still learns … who am I then to say no? As far as I’m concerned, I know nothing yet!!!
    & Jaywriter, I’m sure my next post will shock you … just be @ alert. lol!
    to mona, Lade, gretel, treasured1, thanks for the pure criticisms …
    & to loyal cikko907, Elly Turtoe, Meena-Adekoya, yetitweets, abby, thanks for the audience.
    Thank-U, thank-u, thank-u all … for your honest reviews!

  20. very nice poem here.
    opinion is kinda divided and i agree with those who say we shouldnt judge the men of God.
    well done.

    1. And Anderson … Not a judgement issue please (there are always bad eggs)… you ought to have seen it from the lines ‘My Pastor’ (thats actually specific … not general) that its about those whose ways are obviously contrary to what they preach and the writer being dissappointed had to voice out his/her observations such that at the end of the day, had to preach (seeing that things had deteriorated so badly) … thats all!

      1. I like this a lot. This is not judging at all, because Christ said ”By their fruits, you will know them” the writer is pointing out a fact we all see everyday.I got the message and it was obvious she wrote from the depth of her heart….well done, keep experimenting. My guy Jay,I don’t think ANIMAL FARM was written by Samuel Beckett, I thought it was George Orwell, unless my memory is failing me?

  21. @Afronuts – There’s nothing wrong with Emmanuella’s criticism if that’s really what she really thinks. Let us not make this site where we come deceive ourselves. @Afronuts, if after reading my work, horrible comes to your mind, say it. Don’t honey-coat it down to not too good. That’s all me’s saying. The harsher a criticism the better and stronger a true artist becomes. Methinks me now really love @boomingsols for saying here next work’s gonna wow us. That’s the spirit girl.

    1. $ thanks for having faith in me!

    2. You’re saying the same thing and its obvious you don’t know how to give constructive criticism otherwise you wouldn’t repeat yourself.

      Go and check out TolaO’s post on the forum about how to give constructive criticism. Criticism is not just about mouthing off on how horrible a person’s work is. its more than you think it is.

      1. @Afronuts … you know what? … the criticisms just make me smile and I take nothing personal … why? People are left to their individual views.
        Now, constructive criticisms are said when required and its just a pity that some prefer to sound very harsh (that won’t make someone change anyway) and justifying sometimes knowing quite well that we are humans.
        So, my dear, my words to you is just to leave everyone to their views … maybe one day, they’ll all learn ‘the art of using words constructively/appropriately’.

        That just takes me to the art of raising children, I’ve realized that been ‘harsh’ on kids makes them worse. Also in a workplace, being ‘harsh’ on your workers as a boss frustrates the boss. And thats why like I said, I just smile … (not that I’m out of words).

        Then one last thing: that my works do not conform to a norm do not make it ‘strange’ … its just a style, and I think the literary world welcomes new concepts and like every form of art, its appreciated … (I’m amazed that this starts a whole new controversy).

        And like I always preach, please, let out your views, I’m all ears.

        Thanks all for your views.

        1. Ha! I like that part you explained on being harsh to children and to workers. I hope Jaywriter is reading this.

          1. Oh AfroNUTS … lol … thats just an example anyway … thanks for liking it!

      2. If I am right, you come from a literary background? You speak the words out of my mouth when you say that people don’t know how to give Constructive criticism. Some people on this forum just run people down without seeing the positive and that is not the way it works

        1. @afro-prince ,
          I’ve always been a lover of the arts in all ways and that’s why I see a single thing from different perspectives.
          A work of art can be interpreted in a millions ways with a million words all depending on the way the artist sees it. Same is the literary world. That I choose to write a certain way does not make me ‘out of this world’ even if it sounds/looks strange to the ears (which is expected anyway).
          And my dear, as long as you’re living, you have to take people for who they are (that makes the world go round) … ‘coz you all can never reason in the same way.
          I appreciate criticisms so much … and that’s what makes me want to explore even ‘stranger’ ground.
          Thanks for the input @afro-prince.

  22. hehehehehehe,Jay I can’t believe what you’re saying,a writer calling another writer’s work horrible simply ‘coz some people tell you ur work is good?funny.
    @ boomingsols,it’s happening but it’s not nufff for u to judge,you aren’t God,what would u do if u get to know what u’re doing?lolz……….

    1. @Gretel – Don’t get me wrong. Emmanuel has blasted me stuff before. Sorry oh if you misunderstood the comment.

    2. U’re correct … we judge not … and also … its good to voice out displeasures so you don’t just choke yourself up!

    3. Never Mind gretel … the level of understanding of most of us varies … so, dear … thats just it!

  23. @Jay do you understand that this is not about you or Emmanuella? Its simply about what is right.I totally misunderstand your comments because even Emmanuella has said sorry, so why did you take panadol for another person’s headache in the first place?

    1. @elly – I totally get your point. Freedom of writing posts. But no freedom in commenting. If a kid takes the last position in class, just write failed. Don’t tell the kid his position, it’d be too harsh on the kid. You all took panadol for boomingsols, you never noticed that. It is my own panadol you’ll notice. I’ve always liked you on the site. I think I like you more now. Like girls who really speak their mind. And it’s kinda funny, elly elly. So?

      1. @Jay, there sure is freedom in commenting, afterall that’s what you and i are doing now. The only thing is in doing it dont scare people away from the craft. This is not like a kid coming last in class {besides some schools have even stopped giving positions, because they say it affects the morale of their pupils, though i am not in full support of stopping positions in exams}, boomingsols did not come last, cause this is not even a competition, she was airing her views.

        And ofcourse i will notice your panadol, or are you not this month’s featured writer (lol) bigup yaself bro …

        1. … you all have said well … there is freedom in writing and commenting to posts … so no-one should be blamed ok … no more headaches and subsequent drug-abuses ok …
          Thanks all for the concern!

    2. lol @Elly Turtoe … well … lets leave that aside and concentrate on NS for now …

    3. … well taken. Thanks!

  24. lol @ Emmanuel,thought it’s Emmanuella,LM@O
    @ Jay,big bros before,you don’t have to be sorry,it’s a free world and a man’s world abi?

    1. @Gretel lil sis before- Don’t go all man’s world, I’m a feminist. Women have rights to air their views. Turns out Emmanuella’s make. Emmanuel’s his real name. At least that’s the NS story me’s working on, Gretella Gretella.

      1. Hmmm…So Emmanuella is really Emmanuel?..Didin’t know that. Thanks for the info Jay.

        1. Eh, @Mercy, you are one of my best commentators I have here, o! You are the one that produced that third-eye view for me, o! It’s just that I don’t have enough points to give you, I for give you, o! My God, do you have to believe what @Jaywriter must have probably typed in DELIBERATE error, eh??? Or are you pulling my legs pretending to believe that Emmanuella is really Emmanuel? No be me wey get d name? If @Jaywriter wants to re-name, that should be in another lifetime, abeg!!!

          …. :)

        2. @Mercy Ilevbare … u sure are a comedian!

      2. hmmm … feminist JayWriter … hmmm … I’m still pondering on that … lol!

    2. @gretel … its every1’s world … we all possess equal abilities … depending on how we utilize it!

  25. @ Elly,thank you dear,this is more than gaining points and fame on NS,it’s a court issue lolz,but serzly imagine if boomingsols has a good lawyer?

    1. & thats d point … ‘coz I do … just that I don’t show myself too much … lol!

  26. Boomingsols has really tripped me badly. She said her next post’s gonna wow us. Let’s stop this panadol intake please. Panadol’ll soon finish for chemist oh. Boomingsols has replied. Emmanuel has apologized. And it seems there’re more females on the site. Anyone noticed that yet?

    1. I see …
      Anyway … this is a forum … everyone has a right to say anything … yes … I mean … anything … as long as it makes sense … u get the gist? lol.
      And also, remember that we are all co-writers o … & that means friends … and I apologize too!
      Lest I forget, I love the fact that u like my newest work … hope I’ve improved sa?

  27. Hmm … gretel and Jaywriter … I think I’ve said this over and over again … that to voice out displeasures doesn’t mean judging …. its mere observations …
    The fact that the narrator had to turn to a preacher at the end of the day does not mean judging. Like I pointed out before, its no judgement pleaseeee … and like I said … its specific based on the observations of the observer. Thanks anyway!

  28. Interesting comments, especially on @Emmanuella’s comment. It’s kind of ironic that I started this thread a while ago on criticism:

    Criticism – how to give it

    My view is: it would be nice if people were sensitive in what they said so as to ensure that their message was understood clearly by the recipient instead than being obscured with anger or resentment. However, I would still much rather prefer that people gave some kind of criticism (even if it was harsh) than no criticism at all.

    1. Correct … so let the criticisms flow …
      Thanks @TolaO … for saying your thoughts.

  29. @TolaO, very well said … thanks for the input. Never knew this post will generate views such … hmmm
    Anyway, reiterating, I’ll like to make the following points:
    * This write-up judges no-one (‘coz no-one on earth has the fair right to do that)
    * The writer thanks all for the criticisms especially @Emmanuella-Nduonofit, @Jaywriter and all well-wishers for their pure thoughts on the work
    * The writer has thus starter a training session on literature as a whole (lol) … based on advises from YOU.

    Thanks once again for your outspoken thoughts … they were well received!

    Signed … @boomingsols (c) 2010

  30. hey folks,who made u judges.anyway i tink creativity is in bringin a whole new style 2 life!!!

    1. Mr Blaize … thanks o …. no-one is judging really … thanks for the input!

  31. I didnt read the previous comments (71 comments is a lot) so permit me if I repeat what has already been said.

    I think this poem/prose was lovely. I particularly loved, for the want of a better word, the use of sections in box (the first one began with “My Pastor, so desirable … someone I wish to emulate…”), although I don’t think you maximized its use.

    If I had written this, my approach would have been different. The general flow of the poem would commend the good virtues of the pastor (with the sections in the box intermittently chipping in his flaw; best from the point of view of a scorned mistress). The flow of the last stanza (that section that begins with the “I know you love God … everyone knows it …” verse) would then go to conclude that he deceives all including himself.

    I this it all became a little shaky when you put in the verse “Oh! Pastor, how I wish you just practice them”. That was untimely merger the flow found in the section in the box with the general flow of the poem.

    All in all, it was a nice one.

    1. Mr C … thanks alot.
      Actually, I never knew the post would attract so much attention as it did … was astonished it did anyway.

      Your comment is very educative and I really catch the points in it.
      It would amaze you to know that some of the stanzas was actually not completed … I didcovered it after publishing. All in all, I have the refined version of it. Thanks once again dear, they’re all very well noted!

  32. how did i miss this? anyway, as an amateur, i don’t usually feel qualified to objectively critique other people’s works. however, i would say that it was an unusual read. keep up d good work @bloomingsols

    1. Muyisco, thanks so much.
      Thanks also for your sincere view … and thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate it all … really I do!

  33. Something forced me to reread this work. Think all NS members gotta try and reread this if they can. There was something wonderful in the message we all missed especially with the whole fucking drama that was going on. Let’s all try to see an artist’s work a little from his/her angle. Really good work boomingsols.

  34. Hmmm … Jaywriter … Thanks … Thank God that you’re beginning to see through my eyes now. 5t sure was a drama … and in an artist perspective. Thanks Jay … and how have you been?

  35. this poem should be sent to all CAN members first of all. its a nice one though i always favor poem that have below the surface meanings. this is good for me .

    1. Hmmm … xikay … if you say so o …
      Thanks for looking through the poem and not on the surface. You can start sending … amybe after you collate all the names … lol

      Thanks once more dear!

  36. How Come i missed this? Great Stuff!

    1. Thanks also @2cute4u … I appreciate!

  37. @boomingsols abeg send me the names of the people that stimulated you to write this …i feel it is soulful…i enjoyed this 3rd read

    1. 3rd Read … wow! This is highly encouraging.
      Hmmm … xikay … I must say that I really don’t have names … its just a message to every1 concerned to put the fear of the Lord in everything that’s done on earth especially when it involves the works of God … for HE is a highly jealous GOD.

      Thats all …

      Thanks once more dear … u’ve really inspired me this minute!

  38. yeah, i got you….just kidding

    1. I know … lol … Thanks for the contributions!

  39. This poem is all about breaking into a new unknown territory; this is bound to generate a lot of critisms and controversy. I admire your courage in doing so. The intercalation of a poem in stanzas and some lines in prose shows a new artistic terrain in poetry. By using prose in this work,@boomingsol is able to accentuate the contradictions between what the pastor preaches and what he does. It becomes an interlocutory indictement of the hypocrite pastor
    ” Can you count how many females in your congregations you’ve not spiritually washed inside out? … what a shame!

    Can you sincerely look to heaven and tell the Almighty so sincerely how you have achieved this assignment you’ve so undertaken?

    Can you be sincerely trusted … ?

    So tell me do you become weak and melt at the smell of money … I mean money with all the syllables intact?”

    This is awsome! Keep it up

  40. @Johnson Bankole … I’m lost for words … how can I express my happiness seeing someone having faith in me …
    I’m happy you appreciate and can see through my eyes …
    I promise never to let all down as I explore all that gives me fulfillment.

    Thanks once more!

    1. I am sure you are getting bored of this but I appreciate your ‘courage’ in venturing into new territories as this made your work unique & fresh. Please don’t be afraid to be different from the rest as you would always stand out as you well know! I enjoyed your combination of prose & poetry (brilliant! am still trying to comprehend it fully) as well as your use of rhetorical questions as it makes the reader to reason along the lines of the poem. I also like the fact that you are open to constructive criticism. I throw wey salute!

      1. @afro-prince ,
        Hmmm … bored? Did you say ‘bored’ … not at all … I’m just enjoying myself … as it makes me to see the way people see things and that itself is an area of research.
        I really appreciate your encouragements and thanks for enjoying my works.
        All in all, THANKS a mil as like I often comment that: I’m still learning too.
        Thanks once more @afro-prince !

  41. If this is an invention, it is one of the greatest I have come across in this world of writing… Everything of course was invented… Even words, sentences etc

    1. Oh! Idoko Ojabo , I’m highly motivated by these words of yours. Hmmm, I’ve not written for a long time, but this definitely will increase my pace now. Thanks once more dear, if you say its an invention, then, I’m honoured.

  42. Chioma (@nutritionalert)

    Was wondering why this got so many views. I know why, its a creative piece.

  43. really long comment out here.@ boomingsols, the comments has educated me more than the original piece..so thumbs up.

  44. Very…very creative…

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