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Roads untravelled, Words unsaid

I His whole life flashed in front of him, as the words filtered into his ears. He was never one to hold that expression to be realistic. It was something he often came across casually in novels and articles in magazines. When people come across a sudden life-threatening bad news, the first few seconds often … Continue reading Roads untravelled, Words unsaid


Rolling Stone (excerpt Of My Biography)

If birds were always supposed to fly Of what importance is kiwi? If foods were always meant for the mouth Of what importance is IV fluid? Soil to the soul Only makes one dirty, Like a garment in a hole I found not myself until twenty, Aggressiveness, Endurance, Routine Taught to me since like forever; … Continue reading Rolling Stone (excerpt Of My Biography)


Bane of my Bone; Stress of my Flesh

You do not want to take too much of a direct approach when trying to tell your Igbo relatives about the fact that you don’t intend to get married. I believe I can take the liberty of saying that the same applies to any Nigerian family as well; cutting across tribe, and the parameter of … Continue reading Bane of my Bone; Stress of my Flesh

Horror in the world: Victims and Victors (Short story)

Horror in the world: Victims and Victors (Short story)

This has to be rated the shortest and the most eye opening event I’ve ever witnessed. The horrors in this world cannot fully be enumerated because more and more horrors spring up by the second, faster than anyone is able to take count off any longer. From the corner that’s the window in my  room, … Continue reading Horror in the world: Victims and Victors (Short story)


I Was Biafran

Last week, the news of the solidarity march for the detained radio Biafra director went viral like the news of a pastor who was caught masturbating. Everywhere was muffled up in that news. The eve of the march was characterized with young boys who smelled of a horrible cross-pollination of cheap spirits popularly known as … Continue reading I Was Biafran