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marred soul

Marred Soul

  “Bimpe, Bimpe… Shade is dead… she is dead” … that was Elorha screaming from the door. “I heard she committed suicide; she jumped off the bridge”. I was shivering, scared, shocked “I killed her; Lord I killed her”. Shade was a colleague. We worked together in a financial institution as customer service representatives. I … Continue reading Marred Soul


My View Concerning Premarital Sex in Relationship

I will have to say my mind concerning pre marital sex in relationships, I don’t care if it hurts you because the truth is a bitter pill to swallow in the world of lies. Why must sex be the basis of relationships? I know some of you will begin to give me some lame reasons … Continue reading My View Concerning Premarital Sex in Relationship


That ‘Other’ Kid

The May 27, 2016 Children’s Day celebration at the Kutchingworo Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp in Abuja the Federal Capital Territory was a huge success. Despite the horrors they’ve witnessed in their relatively young lives, the over 1500 kids housed within the confine of this camp were so excited when humanitarian organizations like Dorcas Tabitha, … Continue reading That ‘Other’ Kid