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1: The Great Facade that was Unity

Let me begin by saying that I had no intention of writing this book so early on in my life.  This was supposed to be one of my final works.  The ruminations and ramblings of an old man if you will.  Then again, I never knew things would get bad this quickly.  The world around … Continue reading 1: The Great Facade that was Unity

Chlamydia Calls for Vengeance

Chlamydia Calls for Vengeance

One step, then two and she sinks, screaming for help, How was she even able to walk on water all these years Nevertheless, he whispers to her, “Welcome, welcome.” He had it, he won. He robbed her family, broke into her home and raped her. She should have seen it coming, Too broke to go … Continue reading Chlamydia Calls for Vengeance

Princess Agbaje, That Sweet Sister Who Is A Ravishing Paragon Of Beauty: By Agbaje Ayomide.

My beautiful princess, that sheen and caramel-skinned sister whose face is ever stunning and alluring. I began to look for a spot on her face but fortunately I found none. I became afraid afterwards, because I believe only angels and some heavenly creatures are spotless (Yay!! I have seen some in my dreams) . She … Continue reading Princess Agbaje, That Sweet Sister Who Is A Ravishing Paragon Of Beauty: By Agbaje Ayomide.

Old Houses. Peeling Walls.

You should have been there, between the clumps of misery, and contrasting reality. You should have been there, at that threshold that restrained everything. We were certain We’d run Mad. Clothes peeling,Lungs blaring mad. At those Moments when You should have been there. Ever heard Cricket Croo-Crooing in an Uptown town? Mingled with sweat sounds. … Continue reading Old Houses. Peeling Walls.

Adanma – Dances With Wind

I love memoirs, I enjoy those sad and sometimes humorous mind trips down memory lane, remembering or telling these stories isn’t the hard part, putting them into words is, but every time I am able to piece these stories into words, Its always a delightful pleasure sharing them with you. On a late winters eve … Continue reading Adanma – Dances With Wind