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Old Houses. Peeling Walls.

You should have been there, between the clumps of misery, and contrasting reality. You should have been there, at that threshold that restrained everything. We were certain We’d run Mad. Clothes peeling,Lungs blaring mad. At those Moments when You should have been there. Ever heard Cricket Croo-Crooing in an Uptown town? Mingled with sweat sounds. … Continue reading Old Houses. Peeling Walls.

Adanma – Dances With Wind

I love memoirs, I enjoy those sad and sometimes humorous mind trips down memory lane, remembering or telling these stories isn’t the hard part, putting them into words is, but every time I am able to piece these stories into words, Its always a delightful pleasure sharing them with you. On a late winters eve … Continue reading Adanma – Dances With Wind

Smoke Until You Are Six Feet Under!

  Life, they say is a tale but oftentimes people forget it’s distorted. Smoking thwarted his destiny, it misled my brother, Segun.Jeffa was Segun’s best friend. They knew each other since secondary school. He was studying petroleum engineering but everything ended suddenly. Their first year in uni. was great. They were zealous and ambitious. They … Continue reading Smoke Until You Are Six Feet Under!