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The Struggle To Survive!

The Fries woman. She hates when the weather is too hot as that would drive away customers except if they were coming for her Puff Puff. Those customers were mostly school children, keke drivers and the everyday man that went about, looking for daily jobs. On those days, business was slow. She’ld curse the heat … Continue reading The Struggle To Survive!



“Life, in its very natural form, sometimes so unpredictable, unfathomable, formless and even lifeless! All life’s feelings; happiness, excitement, Eye sores, violence, embarrassment and all other man’s feelings are nothing more than the way the subject and receiver perceive them. If only we interpreted everything differently – positively!”  – Me, January 7, 2022 Today, the … Continue reading Conception


It Gets Lonely

Living within the dictates of this world’s definition of existence. Dying with each attempt to match society’s image of the relevant. Loneliness is, whether in the crowd of 3, or a 100 times that maybe, But most disturbing: strangers in this society are our daily surrounding. A society that keeps claiming it understands we, Denying … Continue reading It Gets Lonely


What Goes aROUND

What goes around is the tragedy of Baba Risika, popularly known as Baba Risi. Iya Risika is his wife, he wasn’t a polygamist so she was his only wife although they were not legally married. After her fourth child for him, Iya Risika became almost three times bigger than the lady he had married – … Continue reading What Goes aROUND

God is all you have, God is all you need

God is all you have, God is all you need

Someone in my church once contributed during Sunday School, “When you realize God is all you have, you’ll understand that He is all you need”. The teacher tried to take a few moments to explain the depth of that statement. He tried, but words failed him. That statement however hasn’t left me. My mind wanders … Continue reading God is all you have, God is all you need