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Beautiful Wings – 8

I apologize for the delay in posting. The holiday period carried me away! Enjoy! Lara stared at Soji as he knelt before her with her hands locked in his because he refused to let go. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and really hoped it was some joke he’d planned together with their … Continue reading Beautiful Wings – 8

Smoke Until You Are Six Feet Under!

  Life, they say is a tale but oftentimes people forget it’s distorted. Smoking thwarted his destiny, it misled my brother, Segun.Jeffa was Segun’s best friend. They knew each other since secondary school. He was studying petroleum engineering but everything ended suddenly. Their first year in uni. was great. They were zealous and ambitious. They … Continue reading Smoke Until You Are Six Feet Under!


So my friend had invited me to this new year’s party that his Uncle and aunt were throwing. He already told me that a lot of people would be there including many ‘singles’ as it wasn’t just a family thing. I was quite happy because this was another opportunity to continue my wife hunt. My … Continue reading JIDE’S HUNT FOR A WIFE (Part 1)

Mango Juice-The tournament

Mango Juice-The tournament

“Hmnnnn, I see,” said the shrink nodding her head. “So you get along well with men, why are you afraid to get married then? you could talk about your concerns with your fiancée you know” “of course talking is a good thing” Adaeze continued “that’s why I’m paying so much to talk to you” she … Continue reading Mango Juice-The tournament

Love me, even in dark times.

Love me, even in dark times.

“Don’t go baby!” She cried out, her body writhing in sync with her voice. “Doc, help her, she’s in pain.” The gentleman turned to look at me in distraught. I remained speechless, pretending to be too engrossed in what I was detailing to the Nurses with me. I heard the wife speak faintly. “Don’t leave … Continue reading Love me, even in dark times.

The Evil that Men Do…

Tunde sat with his head in his hands. Tears rolled down his cheeks and splatter on the carpeted floor, leaving wet spots between his bare feet. His mind was in upheaval. Regrets enfolded him. He scrambled to his feet rubbing his bruised knuckles. A clutter of blood-stains on his forearm sent a shivering sensation down … Continue reading The Evil that Men Do…

Between Earning Shekels And Being Wedded

  Their words: I can’t marry a man who earns 200,000 or less. This is the topic trending hot on social networks all over the web. It has caused a mayhem, which rocks Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. I met this one girl and after few flings we settled into the same argument. ***********************************************”Hey Bae!”, I … Continue reading Between Earning Shekels And Being Wedded