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Americanah Ko, Britico Ni

Americanah Ko, Britico Ni

AMERICANAH KO, BRITICO NI (A review of Chimamanda Adichie’s book “Americanah”) I just finished reading Chimamanda Adichie’s “Americanah”, intrigued and spell bound are the least I can describe the experience. Ifemelu, the main character is almost a representation of Chimamanda’s person. Tough and unapologetic about it with the strong need to be heard. A tougher […]

New Book Publishers, Kalimba Publisher ltd

New Book Publishers, Kalimba Publisher ltd

Kalimba Publishing Limited is a new Nigerian publishing company dedicated to developing and distributing African written contemporary stories through eBooks, paperbacks, audio books and other channels. For now, Kalimba Publishing ltd has just one imprint which is “Kalimba Books”. Kalimba Books is a traditional publishing imprint which publishes two-five books each year. It must be […]


Indigenous and Traditional Adaptations in Contemporary African Fiction

African fiction is the socio-political, historical and cultural documentation of the experiences of the African people; it reflects and refracts the goings-on in the society, as it is functional and committed to the course of liberation from the shackles of neo-colonialism. African writers cannot be separated from these realities and thus, they use the whole […]


Book Review: Under Bridge, Two sides of a coin

Under bridge, a strikingly beautiful narrative of life in 21st century Nigeria, is an exciting addition to contemporary Nigerian literature by an author, whose mastery of narrative is reminiscent of the German writer, W G Sebald. Immanuel James has succeeded in weaving a rich blend of history, fiction, meditation and myth with Under Bridge – […]

Angry black woman

Lamentations of an Ugly Girl (Episode One)

With my bag and baggage, I bundled myself into a bus going out of Ibadan to school. Buried in my novel, I heard the driver call out “last bus stop” I packed my things off the bus and boarded the bus-shuttle into campus. As soon as I got to my hostel room and unpacked, I […]


Please Support ‘Dressed Like A Prince’ in The Etisalat Flash Fiction Prize

Dear family,friends,and well wishers, Compliments of the season. I trust that you have been fine, and from a glance at our timeline, I can see that we are still doing what we do best– telling Naija’s stories. I am glad and honoured to be one of you, and I want you to know that. I […]