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“Unaware”- 3

Tayo got to the office on  Monday morning feeling less than refreshed and ready for work. For the first time in months, he truly pitied his wife, Ibimina. He had not realised that Tami, his daughter had become more than a hand’s full. It seemed it was easier to love from afar instead of involving … Continue reading “Unaware”- 3


Hello guys, how you all doing. I really want to appreciate the members of Naijastories.com for their support in every way. since i joined this forum, it has being more fun as i got exposed to many more writings. I know you have seen quite a few of my writings but this one is very … Continue reading Crush

Smoke Until You Are Six Feet Under!

  Life, they say is a tale but oftentimes people forget it’s distorted. Smoking thwarted his destiny, it misled my brother, Segun.Jeffa was Segun’s best friend. They knew each other since secondary school. He was studying petroleum engineering but everything ended suddenly. Their first year in uni. was great. They were zealous and ambitious. They … Continue reading Smoke Until You Are Six Feet Under!

Udin’s grouse – Episode 1

The sun was scorching as hard as it could that afternoon, it was having relentless fun irking everybody, from the cobbler who was constantly twitching under a poorly built kiosk which was obviously letting in more sunlight than normal to the seemingly distraught student, pacing near the departmental car park. she was obviously waiting for … Continue reading Udin’s grouse – Episode 1

Yes To Education

Imagine a generation that relegates Education to a hidden location. What will be the situation if not retardation instead of illumination? What will be the situation If not like a child suffering from malnutrition? Only if they have seen procrastination as an abomination. Who birthed Civilization? Answer me. Who nurtured millions of World population and … Continue reading Yes To Education


Boss Lady – Chapter Eight

The Letter Rosie tossed and turned on her bed that night, unable to sleep. A thousand thoughts swarmed around in her mind. Some were great, others not so much. “Doesn’t this sound a little too good to be true?” “What if he’s lying to me and just wants me in his bed?” “He looked honest, … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Eight


12th September, 2014 Lagos, Western Nigeria. Eneh sat resignedly in his 2005 model Honda Civic saloon car. The traffic on the bridge was not moving any faster and the tropical heat of the day was replaced by engine and exhaust heat emanating from the cars crawling fender to bumper across the Third Mainland into both … Continue reading THE MADMAN’S RECOMPENSE (The Finalé)


Boss Lady – Chapter Six

Rosie’s best friend from secondary school, Dora came to visit her at her house, after getting the application form for the state’s polytechnic. She encouraged Rosie to get the form as well so they could attend the Polytechnic together. “We had such a great time at the A.G.G.S. Hostel, Rosie. So many memorable times. Let’s … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Six


Boss Lady – Chapter Five

Rosie made her way past other commuters in the rowdy bus park back in her village. She had just returned from her trip to Benin and wasn’t particularly in a great mood. She transferred her purple box from her hand to her head in a bid to ease the weight. She had no idea what … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Five


Boss Lady – Chapter Four

It was 4:30 pm on Wednesday evening when Rosie arrived at Mr. Adam’s house. He was a close friend of her father who was living in a neighbouring village. Following the cancellation of the free education scheme, Rosie had made up her mind to find alternative ways of paying her school fees. She had decided … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Four


Boss Lady – Chapter Three

Rosie sped past passers-by on the dusty village road that led to the Anglican Girls Grammar School (A.G.G.S) compound. The result of the entrance examination into the secondary school had just been pasted and she couldn’t wait to see if she had been offered a spot. A.G.G.S was one of the few reputable schools in … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Three