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I dash towards danger as you scurry away, I sheath my fear and face the foe. Against my nature I’ve become nocturnal Prowling the streets to keep evil at bay; My family lays tossing and turning , Hoping each day for my safe return. As the blood pours from my wounded chest, The bullet cold … Continue reading Soja

Mind Of An Hungry Beggar Boy

We’re hungry But we lacking   We can’t even dare ask Cos for us all, eating food is really an heinous task   Their moving out in their cars While we, in here we are, hiding in our infectious scars   I wanna go out of here to there But what about these ones I’ve … Continue reading Mind Of An Hungry Beggar Boy

We Are Oliver Twists

  A street hawker in Port-Harcourt prays that God provides heavily congested traffic A rich man in Lagos prays to avoid every congested traffic All these people are children of God After all, whether from the church or mosque, they both pray to the same God At this point I would ask if God shall … Continue reading We Are Oliver Twists