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The Penitent Prostitute

She once stood at the junction of decision Sampling her structure to cause a centre for attraction. Waiting for men who’ve lost their direction For she led the way to destruction. She called it not prostitution Neither will she say it’s fornication. But rather she’ll say it’s an occupation That gave customers their desired satisfaction. … Continue reading The Penitent Prostitute


A Word’s Worth

A WORD’S WORTH I. A story, a tale, a life. II. Your word- a story; Your worth in life. III. In words we trust For money is words; Money: our worth. IV. It’s neither in the flow of lyres Nor velvet vocodes of songs What matters to you breathes the stick, In matters- more important … Continue reading A Word’s Worth


A plea to ogun I I by jimoh Ibrahim

My geomantic predisposition Journeyed towards a corybatic domain There i stood, With an inquisitive gaze Lumbering through think thin thorny turnings Lost in confusion Did she really requested for my blood? I who had made endless And countless Sacrifices for her sake It has actually driffted Towards my direction In a perplexed state, Rejecting to … Continue reading A plea to ogun I I by jimoh Ibrahim


CAN I [Careless Emotions]

CARELESS EMOTIONS * The sinews of my heart are taut again- Will it break? Or slackened into chords of ruptured fibre- Will it hold? My emotions have dissolved into your own- Will I drown? Or sail on perpetual seas of enamored feels- Will the storms pass? Even as I bemoan calm and tide- Will I … Continue reading CAN I [Careless Emotions]

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Tell Me About Yourself

“So, tell me about yourself.” He gives me this instruction flippantly. But he doesn’t seek a serious response apparently. Since we began conversing, I’d identified his real interest; One that his eyes declared before his lips formed a sentence. It really wasn’t difficult, he made it plain as day And although my face kept his … Continue reading Tell Me About Yourself