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Shadow of a man acsending to the sun upon the ocean by red cloudy sunset, redemption


The mysteries of life untold, Is in the barcode of our blood, the DNA, the master craftsman designed it for a purpose, the puzzle of existence, as we are a broken chain, one human, one existence, one source. Begs us, look, seek and find, in question of ourselves, our being, our source, do we have … Continue reading Redemption

Skirt and Trouser.

Skirt and Trouser.

  Skirt and trouser muffle, ruffle together, Arrogantly with each, diseminating – Information crumble together to the eye That saw nothing – like nidity is bad – Incorrectly fit into is loose; exposition came.   The girl bent, flashing the wast naked Product schorching emotional Truma in vain are the arteries That quarrel – with … Continue reading Skirt and Trouser.


13 VERSES OF JULY (a Poetic Memior for Wole Soyinka)

For Sir Wole Soyinka on his birthday: I.) Tell us who he is not For who he is- we already know: Of plays and letters The poet, the laureate; Chief Baroka, the cunning old Lion Ake and the Black Orpheus. II.) Tell not of confinements nor trials Of brother Jero: Lagos ’67 or Kaduna ’79 … Continue reading 13 VERSES OF JULY (a Poetic Memior for Wole Soyinka)