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Tale of a Wall Gecko

He came, He saw but She CONQUERED

  The cunning leopard lurked in the bushes He had eyes on his prey He kept watching…waiting for the perfect time to pounce The clueless gazelle, eyelashes batting, walked gracefully, Peacefully admiring the shrubs…she thought it was beautiful She never would have thought such a beautiful scenery Would harbour something so cruel until she spotted … Continue reading He came, He saw but She CONQUERED


Yes To Education

Imagine a generation that relegates Education to a hidden location. What will be the situation if not retardation instead of illumination? What will be the situation If not like a child suffering from malnutrition? Only if they have seen procrastination as an abomination. Who birthed Civilization? Answer me. Who nurtured millions of World population and … Continue reading Yes To Education


Neurotic Notebook: Case study “Schizophrenian”

Just a little crystal, He missed His way Home; Just a little more, He forgot his lover’s name; And not for long, He started to walk lame; For somehow the Chemicals worked but His life Didn’t. Quite a distance from reality, He said goodbye just before welcome; For somehow the chemicals worked And his Life … Continue reading Neurotic Notebook: Case study “Schizophrenian”