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“Generational Migrants”

GENERATIONAL MIGRANTS   They left their generation And came to our generation They colonize us, even in our own times They demoralize us, even so many times “Generational Migrants”   They occupy our positions In all our institutions They were leaders in their times Now leaders in our times “Generational Migrants”   They are Square … Continue reading “Generational Migrants”


Imagine you are invited to this gathering, Beaming of smiles and anything cunning. Then you are asked to pick of pots, one of tens when without opening lids cannot guess which is happiness and one you can switch. Each of all you ponder can’t bewitch witch and she closed her eyes over the shining each, … Continue reading Love

The Pastures Of Scriptures

There is pasture In the scripture Which has the feature of God’s nature And has been endorsed by divine Signature The creature on earth, He did manufacture By the divine art of heavenly sculpture To their structure, he did construct To their future, he did instruct To fashion, they that meditate For their function to … Continue reading The Pastures Of Scriptures

The Scar

Just below her belly button And some inches above her pelvic lines If you look closely You just might see the scar Hiding in between folded belly fats And tattoo looking stretch marks Mummy said That is where I chose to come out