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A time of love

Thank you for loving me !

  Thank you for loving me THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! A MILLION OF PHRASE I CAN SAY -EVERYDAY Thanks for the time you spared me That day we first met, When  my voice to your ears was still untouched like a Maiden. Thanks for letting me voice out something. Even sullen your eyes […]



trapped behind the walls we built, with our own hands, our sanctuary, our haven. through unbreakable doors and windows we see the life we never wanted, but now hunger for. the love we had, but threw away. the things we had, but never looked at. the one’s who cared, but we never cared for. the […]

Affair de Coeur

Affair de Coeur

The quiet gentle whisper The confidence builder The assurance of am here The folly of the one believing For in the sweetness of words Is the trap of corruption The entangling web. Oh its hard Yes been there Irresistible Oh yes i know The anticipated thrill The adrenaline rush A trip to take. The guilty […]

Wait Till You Are Dead

Wait Till You Are Dead

A race for tomorrow to live far from sorrow A chance to discover the quintessence of life We fight daily against forces of different levels Armed with the knowledge that our demons differ from each other We each appreciate another’s race knowing our goals’ differ To scale through walls, climb mountains Swim through rivers of […]

Stupid in love

Hunted Love

I started forcing myself To love and gain happiness Not to create long lasting trouble Gridded piece of love I framed my face for a notification But all to a gain lost I tried to forget But always in my mind I’m ever ready to make you happy But happiness is your worst enemy   […]


He hears

In this turbulence so frigorific, my heart vomits words of worry, As the walls disparage from the air; My lips pray you with leresis in fraught hurry. And I look unto the heavens where I seek help. For in salacity, my soul is as dark as death. But I indeed in repentance, need his fortress […]


Love Roller Coaster (2)

Christian? Check! Intelligent? Check! Generous? Check! Smart? Check! Tall,dark and handsome? Check! Accountable? Check! Great persona? Check! Music? Check! Romance? Check! Heart smiling broadly music blasting loudly i got lucky didn’t i dancing as if high my baby on the caller ID voice husky with ‘Hi D’ poetry just as fly bible verse nigh Three […]


Why I Am Rich

Riches can’t buy happiness I’m told But poverty can’t afford it either I am not materialistic but a realist Tears in the comfort of a mansion A better option than tears in the depth of a slum Riches give a voice in the crowd It gives a spot amongst the elites It creates an aura […]


“Slave Driver”

Working and toiling, working and toiling Under the hot and excruciating sun With no clothes on a black and glistening skin Standing behind with the whip ready to crack Working and toiling, working and toiling Under a bleeding heaven with tears of Torrential rain crying for the black boy in the fields With manacled feet […]


When You Crossed My Mind

  …when you crossed my mind With paddle of love And sail my ocean of red fluid To turns of surging rouse of un-ebbing emotions. I became a steward to waves of straying feelings, To sea of a wandering thoughts. When you crossed my mind! When you stormed my whole with flashes of love Winded […]