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crazy people

Crazy people. Man longs for endless knowledge That knowledge that will one day Whistle by like time never to be seen ever again Life is beautiful we all say and believe That is all a dribble on the path of truth If you ask me life, is not that beautiful as it thus seems to […]


My Place of Solace

Inside my mother’s womb I find solace I swim from one corner to the other With liberty and freedom No hunger, no pains and no sorrow oh what a life ! It is an apartment occupied by me and my tiny microbes friends that works tirelessly for me, yes this is priceless To be candid […]



Touch ‘em in hiding give ‘em your smile thanks from a shadow slender arms song give ‘em a scolding reduce their pain lift up the covering condemn their pride leave ‘em for karma chasten their hearts move in with vigor but remain unseen  


The Rape Child

I was conceived through the unholy union of abused and abuser, rapist and raped, victim and perpetrator. Abandoned at birth it’s a miracle my mother carried me for the full nine months for she cursed the ‘thing’ growing inside her stomach she cursed the evil man who put ‘it’ there she cursed the gods for […]

My Beloved

Eve’s love

Your breath stands tall like my amulet
Your rhythmic heart beats protrude
Like that of an eagle’s eye sight
Piecing beyond godot abode
Your smile, a locale for my soul
A boastful drinker losses his sole
Not to alcohol, but liquor of hamlet
I stagger, still envisaged for drops
My undying affection knows no boundaries

You have fallen deeply into the anus of love
You seem envious of the abstract
You thought that you were strong
And could hold back the feelings
But like a dream she keeps holding
You to ransom at night
You, yes you! You nothing but a fool
She has the smooth skin of a snake
And Beauty of a chameleon
Your vision was curb webbed
All you saw was shadows yet
You longed and wanted it more and more
You are nothing but deranged
To think she is perfect



The chances to grow he poured in my face, i thought i could just swipe it but landed in the mire…….. The crust of friendship like crumbs of bread…………. tasty but not thought edible until eaten……… The pattered butterfly, beautiful but deadly was all i understood even as it triggered in…… The unresolved past pain […]


Monday Morning

Coloured faces Busied in hurried frenzy Sharp reflex, hurried answers Short calculated steps Natural selection, ends in a box on quad wheels A talkactive conductor on stand by Reaping his bills as the crow flies School children Drenched in colourful deck Giggling faces, playing pranks Teenage behaviours Age group selection,ends in a fourfoot room with […]



I remember growing up I thought I’d stay young forever Like Peter Pan in Neverland Because the more things changed, The more they didn’t. But that was a child’s fantasy. Because the more things changed, The more they did. Memories. Like TV time. Rainbows on full display every day at 4 Humming a tune of […]



I have died a thousand times On crossroads of poor imagination Some, of my own making Still I’ve been reborn A thousand other times For the crosses have no will They can’t hold me down Like gravity has no strength It cannot keep me bound Unless I lie still Unless I let them.


How I died…

This was the very first poem I wrote and it was a long time ago. I have improved though but I still think I can pass a message across. enjoy! It’s forbidden! Of every tree you can eat But let that one remain Else they’ll bury your remains But I felt a sudden curiosity I […]