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Every day is not more than another For none takes one from the border No day is blessed Neither is another cursed Today someone was born Another got fun Same day brings another sorrow And all events still follow A day that brings death A day that springs debt A day for the mourner A […]


I Am Sorry

   Just this last  time and I will go back to my knees and ask you  for forgiveness……. I thought I was wise, perfect…….. I thought I knew it all. I never wanted to realize you are above all, Without you there was never going to be a me….. yeah, i knew this. ‘‘DO YOU EXIST?’’… I […]



Oh Africa My beloved continent Land of my Forefathers And home of my ancestors Oh Africa! Land of the opposing parallels Flowing with milk and honey But sullied by blood and violence Rich in human and material resources But destroyed by war and violence Oh Africa! The creator enriched you with abundant natural endowments Such […]



Why? Why can’t we live without stepping on each other’s toes? Why can’t we live without taking advantage of one another? Why can’t we walk to our neighbor’s door step and knock on it anytime without being rejected and be welcomed always? Why can’t we live without envy? Why can’t we live without prejudice and […]

Airplane dust

Flight MH 370

They all made the call to say, I’m coming home I’m coming home to the land of the rising sun Prepare there a table for me, that we may share again The love of family and friends Some others made the call to say, I’m coming over I’m coming over to the land of the […]

bleeding heart

Bleeding Out

I should walk out of this sad place, I should, but I don’t think I will, I should escape from this torturous maze, I should, but I don’t think I could, To walk away from this pain, To be free of this depression, I’ve watched my color fade to plain, As I stay here trapped […]



I’ve been through stages on earth I’ve been rich I’ve been poor I’ve been in the middle class Now I realize, that God has a purpose for all His creations There’s nothing worth fighting for on earth For i in fighting for peace, we get war In fighting for justice, still we get war We […]