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Old Houses. Peeling Walls.

You should have been there, between the clumps of misery, and contrasting reality. You should have been there, at that threshold that restrained everything. We were certain We’d run Mad. Clothes peeling,Lungs blaring mad. At those Moments when You should have been there. Ever heard Cricket Croo-Crooing in an Uptown town? Mingled with sweat sounds. … Continue reading Old Houses. Peeling Walls.

“my Other Half”

She is incomprehensible, yet she understands She is responsible but makes you stand She is like a golden fish in a Marsh “My other half”   She is loyal and rebellious She is royal, yet libelous She is like a diamond in the dung “My other half”   She is unapologetic, but remorseful She is … Continue reading “my Other Half”