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Yes To Education

Imagine a generation that relegates Education to a hidden location. What will be the situation if not retardation instead of illumination? What will be the situation If not like a child suffering from malnutrition? Only if they have seen procrastination as an abomination. Who birthed Civilization? Answer me. Who nurtured millions of World population and … Continue reading Yes To Education

CAN I [Careless Emotions]

CARELESS EMOTIONS * The sinews of my heart are taut again- Will it break? Or slackened into chords of ruptured fibre- Will it hold? My emotions have dissolved into your own- Will I drown? Or sail on perpetual seas of enamored feels- Will the storms pass? Even as I bemoan calm and tide- Will I … Continue reading CAN I [Careless Emotions]

Married to the Gods

Whispers of Love

My wife of Life & for Life My sunshine & Moonlight My bride, yes my pride For whom on my face lingers dancing smiles With you worries fade Like the shores washed away by waves See, with you arising in me’s faith Casting away every shame,pain and ache For you again I love Cos of … Continue reading Whispers of Love

If I Do No Good Today

When I lay me down to sleep Those sleep so profound and deep When my eyes are shut for life And I, done with earthly strife Will men tarry to merry With faces spelling teary? When my relatives and friends My accomplishments and deeds will start with me a journey The last, making the journey … Continue reading If I Do No Good Today

Into These Eyes

Into these eyes Many have fallen Whenever the face rises Like the sun in the morning Never to play, no, never to slay But to accentuate what the lips say. On these lips Many stares have lingered Many have stolen more than a glimpse At it their hooded eyes stared Never to drop, no, never … Continue reading Into These Eyes

When Will It End?

When Will It End?

They said twenty ten, But failing promises is an art of men Their megawatts of power Does not provide electricity for an hour They squander down the corridors of power While squalor rots our Ivory towers Its shameful and so sad That the roads still remain bad Our future leaders are now stowaways Dark clouds … Continue reading When Will It End?

The Sun rise in your eyes

The Sun and Moon rise in your eyes The stars glitter in your sky. Of your grace,oceans splash in awe As you soar like the Eagle you are. Lightnings rejoice in your rain Thunder claps in majestic reign. When you smile, They go the extra mile. The Galaxy and constellation, Tonight in one association Marks … Continue reading The Sun rise in your eyes