1: The Great Facade that was Unity

Let me begin by saying that I had no intention of writing this book so early on in my life.  This was supposed to be one of my final works.  The ruminations and ramblings of an old man if you will.  Then again, I never knew things would get bad this quickly.  The world around … Continue reading 1: The Great Facade that was Unity

Hypnotized into something real

Hypnotized into something real

Behind the curtains in the woods there she lies in a world of her own A world where she was the Queen and ruler of her thoughts where she could do and undo where she controlled all happening in her life where she was the storyteller There she lay in silent asurdity but with abundnt peace calling on all the best of the air to feast at her feet telling tales of her long adventures in the woods,of her loneliness, describing paradise as the silent waves of the Air

Unraveling ep13 of 16

The pressure of holding back pain Coursed through her, weakening her veins Her eyes slithered at the sound of her voice Her words never left stuck somewhere in between She wanted to plunder, not plow Yet she watches her and never grows Leah came awake with a start, shooting up in her bed. For a … Continue reading Unraveling ep13 of 16

I said ‘My Forever’

We spoke about virtually everything, from the colour of our underwear down to the sound of our breathe. It was almost impossible to hide anything from each other, we were like soul sisters. We had too much to talk about , so much that there was really no time to talk about anyone in our … Continue reading I said ‘My Forever’



To the depths of man’s ego we stand to let our voices be heard to let our soul speak to let our voice give hope we aim not to deprive we aim to give life Father of waters Lord of nature keep us safe in thy embrace  

SYNW Mourns Chief Charry Ada Onwu-otuyelu

SYNW Mourns Chief Charry Ada Onwu-otuyelu

SYNW MOURNS CHIEF CHARRY ADA ONWU-OTUYELU The Society of Young Nigerian Writers (SYNW) on Tuesday joined other eminent writers across the country to mourn the death of  Chief Charry Ada Onwu-Otuyelu (1953-2017), the author of “Ifeanyi and Obi” and “Triumph of Destiny  ”. The President of the Society of Young Nigerian Writers (SYNW), Mr. Wole … Continue reading SYNW Mourns Chief Charry Ada Onwu-otuyelu

SYNW Lauds Denja Abdulahi Over Various Achievements

SYNW Lauds Denja Abdulahi Over Various Achievements

SYNW LAUDS DENJA ABDULAHI OVER VARIOUS ACHIEVEMENTS Calls for Second term The Society of Young Nigerian Writers has described the current National President of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Denja Abdulahi as an achiever and a committed leader whose literary legacy will be forever celebrated in ANA. In a statement made available to newsmen yesterday, … Continue reading SYNW Lauds Denja Abdulahi Over Various Achievements

Keep Buhari On His Toes: By Agbaje H. Ayomide

  As far as constitution allows me, I will try to ensure that there is a responsible and accountable governance at all levels of government in the country. For I will not have kept my own trust with Nigerians if I allow my others to abuse them under my watch — Muhammadu Buhari (Grand Commander … Continue reading Keep Buhari On His Toes: By Agbaje H. Ayomide

Dazzle Me Chapter 2 (Novel Excerpt)

CHAPTER II The money, the cars and the girls had been the fast life for Clinton Okoye for as long as he could remember. So, his deprivation yesterday night till early this morning was a bitter pill to swallow. He had no access to his money, his car had been confiscated and his girl had … Continue reading Dazzle Me Chapter 2 (Novel Excerpt)


‘Unaware’- 6

Previous Post: Read Here,  Episode 1 : Click Here.   Enjoy The sun shone hot and bright with no mercy for the humans that occupied the part of the earth where Tayo stayed. He had not realised the weather was so hot as he had been indoor all morning and had no reason to step out … Continue reading ‘Unaware’- 6

Unraveling ep12 of 16

In surviving, he fought In loving, he fought In dreams, he fought For her, he fought. Now he fights For lies and brutal truths For as a man who demons distress He fights with every breath and strength The crickets punctuated the dark silence with their chirps. Fireflies made their rounds, swerving in circles, glowing … Continue reading Unraveling ep12 of 16

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