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Memoirs of A Repentant Slut – Episode 10

Amaka Coker was one out of the few great things that happened to my life. I remembered the first time we met; it was like we had known each other for ages. She has and always had an alluring and magnetic personality; she’s more real than life, ‘couthly’-blunt and highly hyper-active. She has this laughter … Continue reading Memoirs of A Repentant Slut – Episode 10

Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love (episode 9)

Continuation…… As long as I had waited for this day and as happy as I should have been, I was still very sad about what happened between me and uncle Sam. I couldn’t just smile at the tall building that was standing in front of me with ‘Girls hostel’ written on it. I wanted to be happy … Continue reading Forbidden Love (episode 9)


Echoes From The Past #3

Jane couldn’t believe her ears, her mouth hanging wide open. She stared at him, Mofe is tranquil waiting for her response. How would she tell her father she wouldn’t be working O’del telecommunication, he gave her with so much enthusiasm. How would she tell Tega to handle Infinity wine alone? How would her family react? … Continue reading Echoes From The Past #3



Episode One *** 2:30 p.m, tuesday and the expected call just came through. Being the last week of the month, Pastor Kay was coming into Uyo from Port Harcourt and that was good news. Here was another chance to hustle him, have fun and rake some cool dough in at the end of the week; … Continue reading THE MIRACLE PEDDLER [Episode I]

Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love (episode 8)

If you haven’t read the previous episode, please click episode 7 Continuation… Still in shock, laying down on the bed and staring into space, uncle Sam said,”Meso, stand up now and go and clean yourself or do you want me to wash up for you?” I didn’t say a word, I only stood up, picked up my … Continue reading Forbidden Love (episode 8)

hatchen pen locket

A Hatchet, a Pen, and a Locket (Finale/Episode 7: Correcting the sins)

Episode 7: Correcting the sins Continuing with his explanation he said that the Mama Arinze they know, is a consciousness of herself from the future, she believes Ik is the reason her son, Arinze didn’t turn out successful and she came back to take care of Ik, stating that IK has seen a bit of … Continue reading A Hatchet, a Pen, and a Locket (Finale/Episode 7: Correcting the sins)



…..2….. FLASHFORWARD In the heat of the intimacy, they were both sweating profusely. Nosa was doing what he knew how to do best, as he was banging her mercilessly. On the other hand, Nancy was lost in riveria, as she concentrated less on the sex, haven refused to moan and clamour for more. Her attention … Continue reading PLEASURE AND PAIN – A SHORT STORY – Episode 5


Love Like A Fairytale (Finale/Episode 7: Farewell)

Episode 7: Farewell Its been three months now, and the court proceedings are still on going. Nkiru has been admitted willingly into a mental hospital and she attends the court’s trial sessions from there. Mama’s health has worsened and everyone has gotten to know that she has an inoperable cancer of the brain. Nneka’s husband … Continue reading Love Like A Fairytale (Finale/Episode 7: Farewell)