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My First Kiss Episode 1

The school bell rang, and Evans promptly closed the thick, cream coloured pages of the novel he had been reading—better still, just some selected sentences. Evans had scanned the pages in search of paragraphs marked with red ink. Obviously, someone who had read it before him had taken an extra time to mark those paragraphs—all … Continue reading My First Kiss Episode 1


A Taste On The Side 2

CHAPTER TWO The Encounter Ivory Hotels as far as Femi was concerned was one of the coolest hotels in Lagos. Probably that was an exaggeration but he could care less. He’d been there for at least three times now and had really started to consider making it his permanent residence as long as the money … Continue reading A Taste On The Side 2


Dinnertime 2 by Tony Ogunlowo

Read Part 1 The main meal had been eaten and the plates cleared away. Dinnertime had progressed slightly forward with no further altercations or desecration of the peace and quiet. Desert was served. Presumably the chef’s masterpiece it was a fruit salad concoction of ingredients, possibly, pilfered from the main garden – paw paw, mangoes, … Continue reading Dinnertime 2 by Tony Ogunlowo

Friday The 13th (7)

Friday The 13th (7)

Destiny’s eyes went wide and tears streamed down her face. Her face had gone bright red the minute Lucy’s hands went to her breasts, and her body started to tremble at Lucy’s harsh words. This was the worst kind of abuse she had ever taken in her life. But surely, she wasn’t going down without a fight this time. She had had enough with these guys talking down to her and belittling her just because of her opinions. This time, she was going to fight back with some words of her own. Destiny slammed the oil lamp down on the table and glared at Lucy coldly. “You know what? I have had enough with you guys making fun of me just because I’m a virgin and I don’t happen to drink any alcohol! Just because I don’t do the same things you do doesn’t give you the right to make fun of me! And you know I could belittle you guys too, if you like to play that kind of mind game! I can start with you right now!” Destiny’s body was shaking with anger. She knew better than to make fun of somebody, but her rage was clouding over her better judgment. “I’m surprised you haven’t gotten any STD’s, you-you…y-you WHORE!” The next thing she knew, she was slammed against the table, her arm throbbing. She looked up to see Lucy standing over her, her manicured hand balled into a fist. She was shaking and she kicked Destiny with her high heel, making Destiny yelp in pain. “I DARE you to say that shit again, you fucking bitch,” she whispered bitterly, sending chills down Destiny’s spine. With that, Lucy snatched her other heel and stomped out the door, still stumbling around. Destiny was left there, curled on the floor, crying and shaking uncontrollably, her right arm and leg tensing in pain. Just when she thought her life couldn’t get any worse, a kick, punch and bitter words woke her up from the world of Matilda Wormwood. But fortunately for Destiny, Jason Voorhees had been watching the whole thing, and he was NOT pleased. Am I on a roll or what? Goodness gracious, I just can’t stop writing this. I know I’m gonna have less time to work on it though, because I don’t have that many open periods anymore and I’m not coming home at one anymore. Tch, ah well, I’ll try to write some whenever I can! It’s funny because while I was writing the homesick scene, I could only picture myself when I was younger. Our school gave us the opportunity to go to a huge campsite for a week. It was tons of fun until that night when I realized I wasn’t in my own bedroom. Even though I was with my best friends, I was scared beyond belief. The only thing I really had for comfort was my stuffed dog, which didn’t leave my side all night. I just rememver feeling like I had no control over anything and I didn’t know what to do. So I cried. My friends were there for me, though, and within half an hour, I was okay. But I know that if I was in the situation Destiny is in now, I don’t think I would be able to handle it.


A Taste On The Side 1

CHAPTER ONE Ebere felt a chill run down her spine as he held her face and pulled her mouth into his. His kiss was hot and desperate as he dug deeper, touring and teasing every corner of her mouth with his tongue. Soon, she could feel the wetness building up gradually between her thighs as … Continue reading A Taste On The Side 1

whistle of death

Whistle of Death: Scream of a Thousand Corpses- Episode 1

I don’t know what happened. I don’t know how it happened. I don’t even know when it happened, and my God!, I swear I am so afraid it happened. THEY ARE ALL DEAD! ALL OF THEM!! But how? Oh God! Please wake me from this nightmare. Just give my body a tap and I know … Continue reading Whistle of Death: Scream of a Thousand Corpses- Episode 1

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Illusion Episode 12 (finale)

2.15pm Zachary Hospital, Ajah, Lagos. Simeon pulled the car to a halt in the parking lot. He checked his wristwatch and realised he was fifteen minutes late for the meeting with the trio—Dr. Abdul Zakari, Miss Chinonye Ibeh and Kathryn. Simeon had calculated that a drive from his office to Ajah would not take any … Continue reading Illusion Episode 12 (finale)


Tales Of Lakin

Isi-Akpu Nise village, 1903 Lakinfeev worked swiftly realizing how fast the sun was descending beyond the horizon. Pausing abruptly, he stared at the large portion of land that seemed endless before him and wondered how in the name of the gods, he was ever going to finish cultivating it before the long expected rainy season … Continue reading Tales Of Lakin

Craving Hope

Craving Hope (XV) Final Episode

The door to the private visiting room opened, and the woman strode through it sluggishly, stopping short at the table where the lady sat head down. “What are you doing here?” A surprised Regina queried as she looked up and saw the woman staring down at her. Rage swirled through her at the sight of … Continue reading Craving Hope (XV) Final Episode