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With Love From Asaba - NaijaStories Cover

With Love From Asaba: Part 9

By now, it was already dark, and although the electricity supply was a lot better in Asaba than it was in Lagos, the power was out that night.  The generators in the neighborhood had taken over from where PHCN stopped. Chief Alozie’s compound was no exception.  The hum of his generator was loud enough to […]


Guns and Roses Pt. 1

I was mesmerized when I saw this Image; A human hour glass walking the streets of the University. This had to be a dream; a dream I would gladly not want to wake up from but this was real. As real as the hot sun burning my black skin. I was not bothered about the […]

Airplane dust

Ahmad The Terrorist 4d

On their way to their huts from Waheed’s hut Zainab broke the silence to ask Asabe if she had any quarrel with their husband and she shook her head slowly. “I don’t understand our husband he seems to be worried over something. Did he tell you of anything that is troubling his mind?” Zainab asked […]


Maiden’s Cross (Epilogue)

EPILOGUE Anike woke up the day after her wedding and immediately realized she was in bed alone. She felt the panic rising somewhere in the pit of her stomach. Where is my husband? She wondered. Maybe he already hates being married to me and has bolted. She clumsily jumped out of bed and pulled her […]

Missing Christabel – 8

Missing Christabel – 8

EPISODE EIGHT Christabel was alive! That was our shocking realisation. She was tied to the refrigerator with a green braided rope – one I had bought weeks back for an extra cloth-line. She was making concentrated effort to come out of what must have been a loss of consciousness… not death. The moaning sounds coming […]

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Wura’s Woodin Adventures (The Aso-Ebi Chronicles, Novella 2)

  I finally published the 2nd novella in my detective/romance series called The Aso-Ebi Chronicles.  It’s called Wura’s Woodin Adventures, and I thought I’d share it with you guys. Here’s the summary, followed by links to download and read this free e-book:

Airplane dust

Ahmad The Terrorist 4c

“I can see that you like enjoyment from the looks on your face,” Zuliya cajoled and Ahmad gave out a low smile exposing his set of white dentition. “Please don’t mind the way I am using Waheed and Zainab instead of using my father and mother. I don’t want my story to be boring. I […]


Maiden’s Cross 13

The next day after breakfast, Mama introduced Anike to her close friend, Mrs. Aderibigbe who looked just as elderly and distinguished as Mama. They were seated in the shade of the mango tree on the front lawn. Mrs. Aderibigbe had just started a Non-Governmental Organization called Women in Charge. She told Anike that the NGO […]