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Greenland Estate Nigeria

*GREENLANDESTATESNIGERIA* EPISODE ONE A NEW BEGINNING It’s a cold evening at the Greenland Residence, Galadima Abuja. Every student that attends the Abubakar University, Abuja is getting ready for the epic party of a new semester. At the Adebayo residence, Estate no.8, Femi the 19 year old son of The Governor of CBN Dr Timi Adebayo … Continue reading Greenland Estate Nigeria

cracked sources

Cracked Sources (S1E2)

: Episode one is available here S1E2 It’s the day of the big unveil – The CEO, Mr. Akin, made the announcement. Mark, his only son, is to take over the mantle of CEO with effect from next Monday, and he wanted his efficient, and hardworking employees to know ahead of the public announcement … Continue reading Cracked Sources (S1E2)


“Her Man Palava”- 9a

  “Where  is that dick head,time wasting  son of bitch?. Ha ha there you are?” Karis was saying as if intoxicated, gesticulating wildly. “Holier than thou Leroy”. Karis continued . “When I get to heaven I’ll have to ask the angels to play your sex scenes for me. What do you think?”. She winked at  him, laughing … Continue reading “Her Man Palava”- 9a


Her Man Palava-8

SHADE What doesn’t kill you has to make you stronger. She definitely did not prepare for the sight that befell her . She thought of all the things she could possibly do;maybe shout or cry,destroy his car,break his TV but instead, she felt this inexplicable calmness within her. She noiselessly retracted her steps to the … Continue reading Her Man Palava-8


The Russian Connection (5): An American Target

Year: 2042 Month: July Day: 22 Location: Manchurian Plain The People’s Liberation Army Quarters (PLAQ), is a massive underground intelligence and military facility located within the Manchurian plain in China.  Construction of the facility began in the year 2000, but it wasn’t until 2025 that it was completed.  The Chinese had been very careful for … Continue reading The Russian Connection (5): An American Target


Boss Lady – Chapter Seven

Rosie was super excited when she received her offer of employment from the Ministry of Justice one month later. “With a regular paying job, I will eventually save up the required amount of money for my university education.” She thought to herself. Rosie’s salary from the Ministry of Justice was close to nothing but she … Continue reading Boss Lady – Chapter Seven



As Eneh drove away from the school toward his workplace that morning, he kept wondering about the revelations. He recalled that morning, eight years ago, when Toby was handed over to him. The boy was barely four years old then. They had moved to Lagos and lived together even before he secured a job as … Continue reading THE MADMAN’S RECOMPENSE (Part Two)


Memoirs of A Repentant Slut ~ Episode 16

I grabbed her top. . . “Wetin do Aunty Amaka?” I was coming back from my friend’s place when I saw an okada jam a bus and Aunty Amaka was the one on the okada. She was bleeding and she looks unconscious to me. “Bleeding? Unconscious? Where? How? What’s going on?” “It was opposite our … Continue reading Memoirs of A Repentant Slut ~ Episode 16



26th August, 2014. Lagos, Western Nigeria. It was early Tuesday morning in mad-traffic Lagos. Eneh was racing off the Third Mainland Bridge for Obalende in Lagos Island. Sprawled on the bridge ahead of him was a parade of cars caught in the traffic jam. An announcement on Rhythm 96.5 fm had earlier warned about that … Continue reading THE MADMAN’S RECOMPENSE (Part One)