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Family Secrets 6

    CHAPTER SIX “Like I said…I have nothing to say” Dafe retorted furiously as he began to climb the stairs up to the main entrance of the house. “But sir, it’s been rumored that your mother did not die of natural causes” the sternest of the three reporters that was swamping around him insisted. … Continue reading Family Secrets 6

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Naija 2060: Season One: Episode Five: Home Coming

Day: 4 Month: February Year: 2060 Time: 8:45 AM The transporter climbed through the upper levels of Abuja city. Its powerful engines revved and hummed in a never ending tussle with the earth’s gravity for superiority. Occasionally, the earth’s gravity would win. The events that took place thereafter could always be read in the Union, … Continue reading Naija 2060: Season One: Episode Five: Home Coming

Mother In Law

Mother-in-law: Episode 6 (Final)

I struggled against a shock that stole my heart and stilled my breath. Within seconds the ghost disappeared. “No!” I battled to regain control. “No!” I ran into the living room, i glanced at the clock it was 1:45am. I picked up my cell phone and dialed Emeka’s number but it was not connecting.  my … Continue reading Mother-in-law: Episode 6 (Final)


Life At The Georges’ Chapter 14

CHAPTER FOURTEEN I couldn’t believe my eyes when she walked in. it was like staring at a retirement home standard woman. Dropping jaw, thick fatty skin that if she shouts hallelujah in church and waves her hand, the fat will dangle like exposed breasts. Speaking of breasts, her’s were nothing close to arousing. It’s like … Continue reading Life At The Georges’ Chapter 14