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Finding Tiwa (3)

Fate and careful planning had brought Martin my way again. My seeing him at the interview was no surprise as I had known from a contact within the company that he would be on the interview panel. Now for the next stage- making him fall in love with me (for real this time) then dumping … Continue reading Finding Tiwa (3)


Udin’s grouse…..Episode 4

Omasan was desperately trying  to prevent his eyes from straying to the scales and freckles on the woman’s neck seated by him, but like the proverbial fly that refused all entreaties to abdicate from following a corpse to the grave, his eyes continued to stray towards her neck. He was trying carefully to negotiate a … Continue reading Udin’s grouse…..Episode 4


Finding Tiwa (2)

For the rest of the long vacation, Martin and I were always together. We could not openly date as he still considered me too young. “Too young? I’m no minor but a young adult old enough to vote!” I would protest. Another issue between us was Nkem, his girlfriend on campus. I had seen her … Continue reading Finding Tiwa (2)


Udin’s grouse….Episode 3

Ronke stared continuously at the bottle of Fanta she was supposed to be sipping. She stroked the table gently as she stared emphatically. She had thought this through a hundred times, yet, there was still that resistance, that odd voice that told her to call this off now. She shrugged off the voice, again. She … Continue reading Udin’s grouse….Episode 3


The Russian Connection (10): Trust Me

Year: 2042 Month: July Day: 25 Location:  Castella Residence Surroundings – Richmond, Virginia Ketra watched Horus with a wide eyed expression on her face.  The assassin pressed a button fastened on his sweater, above his left shoulder.  A clear liquid seeped away from the button, in all directions.  It crawled over his entire body, adhering … Continue reading The Russian Connection (10): Trust Me

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My Wedding Night Blues (2)

“Is that what you think? That I took a loan to pay for our wedding?” Raffe asked. “Yes! Where else could you have got the money you plan to spend that is way beyond our budget?” I countered. He had arrived home a short while before from work and I had confronted him immediately on … Continue reading My Wedding Night Blues (2)

A Sweet Tale of Human Trafficking by Deji Akin Levuz

The Liberator – FINALE

Not bothering to check if Star Lady was still around that vicinity, Gbemi walked into the street, she tried checking briefly but didn’t see the green spacebus in the parking lot. Gbemi wondered what she would have done about it even if she sighted it. She kept walking in the middle of the road, hoping … Continue reading The Liberator – FINALE