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Magigo Saga: Haruni’s vision – Volume 2

  Haruni’s vision Haruni came running to the palace like a man possessed.  He was restless and his panic was transferred to everyone there watching and waiting to hear and know why he was acting strangely.  Even though the people have come to know him as a man of exaggerations,  but they had never seen … Continue reading Magigo Saga: Haruni’s vision – Volume 2


Magigo Saga – Volume 1

The man woke up,  dazed and not knowing exactly where he was.  The flies buzzed around him and heard strange insects sounds he was unfamiliar with. When he looked up,  he could not see the sky.  Just a faint penetration of light from above. At this time,  he was now sure he was outside,  on … Continue reading Magigo Saga – Volume 1

Samathra! (An Excerpt)

Samathra! (An Excerpt)

Chapter 1 (Jewel in a Junk Yard) The gentle breeze that frequently swamped the school compound did not only reveal its mighty architectural masterpiece positioning but also made it appear that nothing evil could erupt in such a welcoming atmosphere. The magnificent building was intellectually planted in the centre of Oluyork Estate, around where parents … Continue reading Samathra! (An Excerpt)



War, Pain, Hurt Fate, Death, I was caught This has left me more cuts Than I had ever thought. All of a sudden, a joy from within Battled all the hate I struggled with When everything in me was breaking And my heart was shaking Because my parents went through a divorce Could it have … Continue reading Family


THE OMEN OF DEATH (Part 1 of 3)

Episode 1: Efe was on his way back to Lagos, he had just finished a job at Anambra state for chief Obi, a very wealthy customer who preferred Efe’s expertise to the charlatans in his home town and could afford to bring him all the way from Lagos to Obosi to oversee the wiring of … Continue reading THE OMEN OF DEATH (Part 1 of 3)


A Hunt: Action Adventure Thriller Book One in A Hunt Series

Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. 2:00 PM. PETER AKINLOLU yawned and stretched, lacing his fingers and cracking his knuckles. The environment at the Medical Emergency unit was lively. People branched in and out of the attendant room he was, once in a while. Some stayed longer; some not. Doctors were busy tending … Continue reading A Hunt: Action Adventure Thriller Book One in A Hunt Series

Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love (episode 9)

Continuation…… As long as I had waited for this day and as happy as I should have been, I was still very sad about what happened between me and uncle Sam. I couldn’t just smile at the tall building that was standing in front of me with ‘Girls hostel’ written on it. I wanted to be happy … Continue reading Forbidden Love (episode 9)



PROLOGUE   Judge Melaye Umar stood ill at ease and waited for his phone to ring. He occasionally looked down the window into the street below. From the third floor, he watched the movement of the people as a god might watch those under his sway. They looked small, like rodents in an open field. … Continue reading THE ENEMIES WITHIN – Prologue

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The Path of Osiris

SWORD, STAFF AND SCEPTREBOOK 1PATHOFOSIRISPROLOGUE/PREFACEI was in the great Temple of Ramses, situated at Abu Simbel. My path took me through the sanctuary, the room that contained the statues of the four gods of Egypt, the room that contained lots more. The sword Ra-sengis at my side. It is a plain nondescript blade with white … Continue reading The Path of Osiris