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Excerpt from a Novel “Malcolm.”

Excerpt from a Novel “Malcolm.”

It was neither Chief’s business nor the business of other humans that the daytime finally and bitterly gave up, after a complex and everyday battle with the invasion of the nightfall. The Chief of Africa naturally ignoring this daytime’s trouble finished telephoning; and started back to his table, placed at the end of the VIP … Continue reading Excerpt from a Novel “Malcolm.”


The Quandary 4

  “So we wait till maybe ten O’clock,” she said. “Give me his number.” “No,” I said. “When you’re ready let me know. I want to be there when you call him.” My sister nodded. “Okay then,”  and she got up. “Let me go and eat, I am hungry.” It wasn’t that I did not … Continue reading The Quandary 4


Blood On My Hands (Chapter 3)

“Sebi I tell you say this job go change our lives forever?” Virus said and let out a nefarious cackle as he paused from taking a huge bite at what remained of the roasted chicken thigh in his rake-like grip. I couldn’t help but wondered how he was able to manipulate such quantity of food … Continue reading Blood On My Hands (Chapter 3)


Blood On My Hands (Chapter 2)

The house was big, just like in a dream; so ostentatious I almost didn’t believed. I looked around and was really impressed by everything I saw. Some people sha were indeed born with silver spoons, I thought to myself and shook my head in bewilderment. How in the world could this edifice belong to just … Continue reading Blood On My Hands (Chapter 2)

Mystery house

The House At The Hilltop

We walked off the street into the bush that led up the hill. I had last seen Chris around this bush, not knowing he had escaped under Vincent’s watch. Here I am helping Vincent to catch Chris before the Kapol discover the escape. The house we were going to was up the hill and it … Continue reading The House At The Hilltop