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Crimson- Chapter Seven

‘It was over, justice was served or so we thought’ Michael said, with a hint of sadness in his voice. ‘But even after that, injustice kept reigning in the land. Politicians keep oppressing people, as the stronger among the people oppress the weak. Corruption and murder ruled this world and everyone was defenseless’. ‘I and […]


Crimson-Chapter Six

Isidora could not believe her ears. So Preye was going full throttle? She wanted to so desperately call his bluff, but the dead bodies around her reminded her that this was not a fantasy game. She tried standing up, but She could not co-ordinate her movements well and she was feeling drowsy. ‘So it has […]


Crimson-Chapter three

They moved across the road, chattering away with their bum-bum swaying with the ‘swags’ expected from young Hausa girls. Unlike their Muslim counterparts however, they wore no hijab but carried themselves lousily, their trousers gyrating in inevitable friction. Most of the guys around were idly watching them, some of the naughty guys among them winking […]


Crimson chapter 2

Chinedu stood motionless, his head swelling and his hands shaking. In front of him was the man made legend, Michael Nwosu, aka Michael Scofield of Africa. The man whose face and name goes before him, his reputation, everything he was and is flew in front of Chinedu’s mind’s eye in a few seconds. Chinedu was […]

Dappled Things Poster2 - Copy


The novella with its rich array of characters and plots captures several socio-cultural predicaments that characterize Nigeria. The lot of the story is told from the experiences of two major characters, Cindy and Maggie. It shows how they were dealt with and how they dealt with several issues that they encountered; how they failed and lost; how they learnt and succeeded.