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Steam Me A Heart: Chapter 1

Her room had the smell of lemon. Lillian dropped her purse on the small dresser beside her bed and stretched her neck with her hands. She kicked off her shoes and started to undress as she made a mental note of instructions she had given to her cleaner. Lemon was not one of the fragrances […]


Life Untaught: Non-Fiction

Religion Untaught; Part 1 Wikipedia says religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems and world views that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and sometimes moral values. Some religion are a collection of myths while some are just pagan in nature. Religion is said to be a collection of beliefs concerning the […]


Beautiful Colors Of Sin: Chapter 2

I woke up the second day to the drone of Cindy’s big radio. Some people huddled around the gadget like lottery players waiting to hear the results that would make them millionaires. I yawned and stretched my neck which ached due to the awkward angle I had slept. The presenter on the radio was saying […]


Book Review: Under Bridge, Two sides of a coin

Under bridge, a strikingly beautiful narrative of life in 21st century Nigeria, is an exciting addition to contemporary Nigerian literature by an author, whose mastery of narrative is reminiscent of the German writer, W G Sebald. Immanuel James has succeeded in weaving a rich blend of history, fiction, meditation and myth with Under Bridge – […]

Airplane dust


The plane was deafening. He could hear loud voices, distressed complaints, of people griped strangely by impatience. His tired eyes searched around. An Indian girl was smiling vehemently at a Nigerian man in his forties, who was about to take the seat beside her. A large Chinese woman struggled in haste, approaching Michael, through one […]