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Memoirs of an Introverted College Student

With great enthusiasm, we gallivant, perhaps, not entirely aimlessly, but directed by the pleasure we gain from it. We are new to the environment after all. We meet people, new people; fellows out of which great friends are eventually made. Sons and daughters of men destined to touch our lives one way or another; and … Continue reading Memoirs of an Introverted College Student


An excerpt of “Malcolm” by Chambers Umezulike

Saint Francis Island, Argentina Date: 2018   Cassandro Monti was a drug dealer and an opportunist. His grand-parents, loyalists to the Mussolini government, had migrated to Argentina in the middle of the twentieth century after World War II in an attempt to escape the post-war hardship which ravaged Europe. His education stopped at the secondary … Continue reading An excerpt of “Malcolm” by Chambers Umezulike


Before The Darkness: Prologue

There was war in heaven and there was going to be only one winner, him. The glass floor felt cold against his bare feet as he sneaked across the oval corridor. He looked at his reflection coming off the walls for a few seconds. He looked wild; it was how he wanted to look. His … Continue reading Before The Darkness: Prologue

Excerpt from a Novel “Malcolm.”

Excerpt from a Novel “Malcolm.”

It was neither Chief’s business nor the business of other humans that the daytime finally and bitterly gave up, after a complex and everyday battle with the invasion of the nightfall. The Chief of Africa naturally ignoring this daytime’s trouble finished telephoning; and started back to his table, placed at the end of the VIP … Continue reading Excerpt from a Novel “Malcolm.”


The Quandary 4

  “So we wait till maybe ten O’clock,” she said. “Give me his number.” “No,” I said. “When you’re ready let me know. I want to be there when you call him.” My sister nodded. “Okay then,”  and she got up. “Let me go and eat, I am hungry.” It wasn’t that I did not … Continue reading The Quandary 4