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I Am Sorry

   Just this last  time and I will go back to my knees and ask you  for forgiveness……. I thought I was wise, perfect…….. I thought I knew it all. I never wanted to realize you are above all, Without you there was never going to be a me….. yeah, i knew this. ‘‘DO YOU EXIST?’’… I […]


“Hello? I’M PREGNANT!!”

He was in shock – of all the times for her to display her nonchalance, she chose now, and with this? “But…I…we…” he stuttered. Silence. He heaved, and breathed out, slowly. He steeled his nerves a bit. “Are you sure?” “You, the guy, is asking me, the lady, if I’m sure. Of all the cliché questions…thought you’d be […]

bleeding heart

Bleeding Out

I should walk out of this sad place, I should, but I don’t think I will, I should escape from this torturous maze, I should, but I don’t think I could, To walk away from this pain, To be free of this depression, I’ve watched my color fade to plain, As I stay here trapped […]