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Life At The Georges’ Chapter 10

Alrighty! Hi there guys. Sorry I haven’t been posted anything for a few months. Due to the devastation I faced due to jasmines’ wedding, I got hit by a delivery van whilst I was crossing the road. It knocked me into a 4month long coma. I wouldn’t exactly blame the driver though, because instead of … Continue reading Life At The Georges’ Chapter 10

evils don't live

Evils Don’t Exist

“Christiana! You won’t kill me o!” Iya Basira yelled loudly, as she stared disdainfully at the poor girl. Christiana suddenly fidgeted at the sight of being caught, as she hid in the small room of the canteen –it was the most secured part of the place in which they commonly called Store, because it was … Continue reading Evils Don’t Exist