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Tales Of Mabel 2 (The Revelation)

“She is coming around”, the nurse said. The doctor came, made some observations. “She is stable now”. Relief washed over everyone in the room, most especially Idoroyin. She tried to decipher what could have made her mum lose consciousness. Now she could resume that exercise, now that her mum was out of danger,atleast, according to … Continue reading Tales Of Mabel 2 (The Revelation)

On the Road to Makurdi - Smaller Cover

On the Road to Makurdi: Episode 3 (The Truth According to Sewuese)

Meanwhile, I called Luke Abanyam, my host in Makurdi, who picked me up in his car, and took me home.  His wife, Hannah had cooked a sumptuous breakfast to welcome me to their city.  After eating, they both left to go to work, since it was Friday morning.  I promptly fell asleep. By the time … Continue reading On the Road to Makurdi: Episode 3 (The Truth According to Sewuese)


Diary of a Rogue Priest: Schism in the Church

  I still haven’t heard from Shiri and I am beginning to have the jeepers and creepers. What the hell could possibly be wrong? Anything could have happened to her. Anything! Her phone has been off, and whenever I call her office I’m told she is not there. Well, I don’t doubt her even for … Continue reading Diary of a Rogue Priest: Schism in the Church


The Land Of My Birth

The sun was radiant, all-watching eye, its light creeping into every corner, bathing the whole world in a warm glow. The mini van cruised down a twisting road, grassy, forest green hills looming over the mountainous drive. An endless expanse of turquoise wonder, shimmering a liquid gold, stretched towards the distant horizon. The grasses looked … Continue reading The Land Of My Birth


Eru Ti Ife – Ashes Of Love 1

CHAPTER ONE The sound of her father’s coughs filled the dingy, poorly ventilated one room apartment, ricocheting into the compound. It was currently empty- the compound, that is, which was a rare occurence. It was that time of the day, just before noon; before the noisy children would be released from school and the lazy … Continue reading Eru Ti Ife – Ashes Of Love 1