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At night cold nibbles at my feet and I keep warm with embers of memories of your warm smile when you smile the sun in my life shines embers of memories you would rekindle when you arrive At dawn I rise from my grave a zombie my life filled with life is away with you […]


More Than A Year

More than a year together Differences couldn’t break this bond A love that’d depend on nothing A myth, another fairy tale A forgotten dream But when I stare into your eyes And when u put on that cute smile or frown My heart stutters in my chest My breath catches in my throat In your […]


I Am Sorry

   Just this last  time and I will go back to my knees and ask you  for forgiveness……. I thought I was wise, perfect…….. I thought I knew it all. I never wanted to realize you are above all, Without you there was never going to be a me….. yeah, i knew this. ‘‘DO YOU EXIST?’’… I […]