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Let us have sex

“Let’s make love!” She announced to my happy hearing. I wasted no time in saying yes. We didn’t bother to continue deceiving ourselves with preambles. As young adults we both knew what we wanted, and how to get it wasn’t going to be a problem anymore. We agreed to meet up at her father’s garage … Continue reading Let us have sex


Udin’s grouse….Episode 3

Ronke stared continuously at the bottle of Fanta she was supposed to be sipping. She stroked the table gently as she stared emphatically. She had thought this through a hundred times, yet, there was still that resistance, that odd voice that told her to call this off now. She shrugged off the voice, again. She … Continue reading Udin’s grouse….Episode 3

Omotara, The Golden Girl

Omotara, The Golden Girl

Ekene barely listened as a colleague complained quietly beside him about the cold in the conference room. It was the first time the air conditioning units were running since the conference room was refurbished. The presentation by the project manager would be done in a few minutes, and some of the new trainees were waiting outside … Continue reading Omotara, The Golden Girl


Critical Thinking; Do You Use Your Brain

Who else finds it annoying when people argue blindly without cogent reasons or when ardent followers of a cause throw back blank stares when asked about why they hold their beliefs? Nothing irks me more than when people just assume or simply shrug their shoulders about important societal beliefs. Such people strike me as ignoramuses … Continue reading Critical Thinking; Do You Use Your Brain

The Caucasian Lady’s Secret

The Caucasian Lady’s Secret

She goes to the stream to fetch water and all she can hear is, “Ọnye kọ bụ? Ọnye kọ bụ? Who is she?” She gracefully draws near to the steam. Drops her calabash pot also known as udu into the water and tries to listen to their conversation despite she doesn’t have a clue about … Continue reading The Caucasian Lady’s Secret


“The Z Of Life From Under A Smoking Mirror…”

“And sometimes life felt worth living, and sometimes it didn’t”. It was Autumn and death was in vogue; the world happened, rhythmically. Everything was automated, even biology. Wake, expend, expire…lather, rinse, repeat. Adolescence was full of non-sequiturs and six-syllable pharmaceuticals, some people were given to certain things. Gas prices were high and Kate still wanted … Continue reading “The Z Of Life From Under A Smoking Mirror…”


The Russian Connection (10): Trust Me

Year: 2042 Month: July Day: 25 Location:  Castella Residence Surroundings – Richmond, Virginia Ketra watched Horus with a wide eyed expression on her face.  The assassin pressed a button fastened on his sweater, above his left shoulder.  A clear liquid seeped away from the button, in all directions.  It crawled over his entire body, adhering … Continue reading The Russian Connection (10): Trust Me


Between Earning Shekels And Being Wedded

  Their words: I can’t marry a man who earns 200,000 or less. This is the topic trending hot on social networks all over the web. It has caused a mayhem, which rocks Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. I met this one girl and after few flings we settled into the same argument. ***********************************************”Hey Bae!”, I … Continue reading Between Earning Shekels And Being Wedded