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Missing Christabel

EPISODE FOUR We had both slept like logs. Maybe it was the constant Police visit all through yesterday that had gotten us both dog-tired and fagged out, I don’t know. I only know I woke up feeling a little less jumpy and ready to face a new day. It was a Sunday morning and though […]



Touch ‘em in hiding give ‘em your smile thanks from a shadow slender arms song give ‘em a scolding reduce their pain lift up the covering condemn their pride leave ‘em for karma chasten their hearts move in with vigor but remain unseen  


The Rape Child

I was conceived through the unholy union of abused and abuser, rapist and raped, victim and perpetrator. Abandoned at birth it’s a miracle my mother carried me for the full nine months for she cursed the ‘thing’ growing inside her stomach she cursed the evil man who put ‘it’ there she cursed the gods for […]


The Men She Loved (9)

Ada looked at her in shock, and then pain flashed across the features of her best friend. But it was only for a second, before they were contorted into a combination of anger and disgust. “When he leaves you broken, and weeping, don’t call me,” she hissed, as she spun her huge stomach around and […]


Maiden’s Cross 11

EPISODE ELEVEN Anike woke up the next day and didn’t feel different. She thought that was strange. She had fully expected that millionaires felt differently when they woke up in the morning. Disappointing, she thought to herself and then smiled. She looked at the luminous dials of her little bedside clock. 5:30 a.m. She had […]

With Love From Asaba - NaijaStories Cover

With Love From Asaba: Part 3

In less than 40 minutes, the SUV had pulled into an impressive, but modest two-storey house on Okpannam road.  Her uncle, Chief Alozie was not at home when they got back, but her cousins, Amaka and Chikodi were. With just two years between them, they could pass for twins.  They looked so alike, but they […]



I remember growing up I thought I’d stay young forever Like Peter Pan in Neverland Because the more things changed, The more they didn’t. But that was a child’s fantasy. Because the more things changed, The more they did. Memories. Like TV time. Rainbows on full display every day at 4 Humming a tune of […]

With Love From Asaba - NaijaStories Cover

With Love From Asaba: Part 2

“Look Nene, it is taking too long to get a job here in Lagos.  Your mother and I have discussed this.  Go to Asaba and stay with your uncle, Arinze.  He has connections there and might be able to get you a job.  At least, you won’t be among strangers.  I know you don’t want […]