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Memoirs of an Introverted College Student

With great enthusiasm, we gallivant, perhaps, not entirely aimlessly, but directed by the pleasure we gain from it. We are new to the environment after all. We meet people, new people; fellows out of which great friends are eventually made. Sons and daughters of men destined to touch our lives one way or another; and … Continue reading Memoirs of an Introverted College Student

Heads YL, Hearts YW

Heads You Lose; Hearts You Win. (Part 3)

She laughed off his request for her to spend the night and tried to maneuver past him but her attempt was the truly laughable event. He raised up the dangers of her leaving by public transportation so late at night and she countered him by reminding him that he owned several cars and that she … Continue reading Heads You Lose; Hearts You Win. (Part 3)


The Gaia Reset Project

In this world, there are different types of human beings. There are the self-serving people, people who live for others, delusional people, selfish people, people who like to cause chaos and watch for amusement, money grubbers Or thrill seekers. Really, there isn’t an end to the variants of human vices and scummery on the face … Continue reading The Gaia Reset Project

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Naija 2060: Season One: Episode Six: A Meeting at President’s Park

Day: 4 Month: February Year: 2060 Time: 2:00PM Dayo frantically ruffled through a bunch of files held together in a black binder. His eyes rapidly scanned the contents of each file before he flipped pages over to the next one. He shook his head in disappointment, closed the binder and shoved it away in disgust. … Continue reading Naija 2060: Season One: Episode Six: A Meeting at President’s Park

Heads YL, Hearts YW

Heads You Lose; Hearts You Win. (Part 2).

His house was really lovelier than she’d expected and the extra touch of little flower gardens which followed to the side the tiled walking paths that ran round the house’s perimeter completely stole her heart. Seeing how much she appreciated the surroundings, he suggested that instead they prepare the dinner he’d planned previously to take her into … Continue reading Heads You Lose; Hearts You Win. (Part 2).



Hi everyone, #laughing# so we had our guess game over the week and i want to say a big thank you to everyone that participated. It was refreshing to know most of you followed the story and enjoyed it. Ehemm, the question that was asked was WHO KILLED ONAJITE OGHENERUNO? and the only person who … Continue reading FAMILY SECRETS 8- Part B

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Illusion Episode 4

7:51am November 30, 2013 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. She walked alone along the lonely, bushy path. She knew the dangers that part could bring and she also knew they lurked in the bushes, waiting for the opportune time. Kathryn heard footsteps behind her, and she quickened her pace. She perceived the acrid smell … Continue reading Illusion Episode 4

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Death By Banging: 5

Biodun realized that there was more to the incident when Ama started shivering. She tried to pull the shawl around her but the lady just kept muttering to herself. Biodun then remembered the ice cubes on the kitchen counter so she got up to get it. By the time she got back to Ama, her … Continue reading Death By Banging: 5