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The Smell Of Joy – Final Part

The spittle and vomit became intense, I began emaciating; each medical report from the doctor after every anti-natal session became a poison to my soul. At only 24weeks pregnant, complications had forced me to undergo an emergency caesarean, as advised by the family doctor, in order to deliver our long awaited jewel. Still groggy from … Continue reading The Smell Of Joy – Final Part

how to steal

Let This Beauty Shine

Standing at 5.8 feet tall; the ever beautiful, Pelumi Grace. Pelumi isn’t just any beautiful woman with some features to make a man crawl to her feet; she has everything. Make no mistake that ‘everything’ includes an exceptionally intelligent brain. Graced with a glowing dark, rich complexion, in fact, Pelumi was often bullied as a … Continue reading Let This Beauty Shine


“All them marriage revelations”- Sincerely Q

So it was like several months after my friend’s wedding when all the photos and videos of the wedding were flowing in like water that I finally decided to ask her. I was prompted to do so mostly because…eh…I couldn’t get it. The smiles and grins in the photos were damned too authentic and because … Continue reading “All them marriage revelations”- Sincerely Q

Craving Hope

Craving Hope (XIII)

Obiekwe was already waiting for them at Amobi’s office. He rose and shook hands with Ike and Gabrielle. “Mrs. Rosenfeld. Congratulations on your recent good fortune. The prosecuting attorney has given me a copy of Regina Agu’s full confession since I would now handling the case.” “Thank you, Mr. Obiekwe, I am glad you have … Continue reading Craving Hope (XIII)