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The Russian Connection (9): The Chase

Year: 2042 Month: July Day: 25 Location:  Castella Residence – Richmond, Virginia Meghan Castella took in a shuddering breath as she listened to the phone ring.  It had taken her a little while longer to work up the courage she needed to place the call.  Now as the phone rang, she knew there was no … Continue reading The Russian Connection (9): The Chase

A Sweet Tale of Human Trafficking by Deji Akin Levuz

The Liberator – Episode 1

Gbemisola was now feeling odd at the way the lady was staring at her. It was not uncommon for people to stare at her in this manner, but the people that did this were men. Virtually all the men that came across her stared lustfully, – but not women – most ladies that stared at … Continue reading The Liberator – Episode 1


The Guest Chapter 9

Mark picked up the letter, opened it up, and saw a positive result of a pregnancy test. He pretended not to see it, and held it out to Jenny. Jenny came back to get her piece of paper, as Mark stared at her with an ill adjusted warm smile-while she approached. She saw his expression … Continue reading The Guest Chapter 9


Magigo Saga: The chief priest Volume 3

Chief priest The compound was big with almond,  mango and orange trees.  There was a cleared out center space with big drums,  basins and pots all filled with water.  Chickens and goats are all around the compound.  Two of the chief priest’s helpers and assistants were also there sitting and occasionally walking around awaiting calls … Continue reading Magigo Saga: The chief priest Volume 3



…finally,we arrive at the age-old argument – nature vs nature” Omolara stated solemnly. “Are we subject to the coding’s of our DNA or are we a function of the the things we have,seen,heard,felt,our environment…our experiences?” She said,pausing for effect. “Its all pointless really. Nature or nurture,we are not just who we are or who we … Continue reading Omolara


And Another Love Story (8) FINAL EPISODE

  Previous Episodes? Click here Tina hadn’t thought that she would spend the following five days at Mr. Rollins’ beautiful duplex. Tokunbo Rollins was a rich business mogul; tall, dark and very handsome but quite unmarried after a devastating experience in his first attempt at marriage. He had only been married for two years when … Continue reading And Another Love Story (8) FINAL EPISODE

Tale of a Wall Gecko

He came, He saw but She CONQUERED

  The cunning leopard lurked in the bushes He had eyes on his prey He kept watching…waiting for the perfect time to pounce The clueless gazelle, eyelashes batting, walked gracefully, Peacefully admiring the shrubs…she thought it was beautiful She never would have thought such a beautiful scenery Would harbour something so cruel until she spotted … Continue reading He came, He saw but She CONQUERED