Lord JJC: My first week In Lagos

Lagos, whew! I once told people I could never stay in Lagos. I had good reason to say so. I was bred and buttered in Ilorin, one of the most peaceful, coolest and sometimes boringest cities in Nigeria. In Ilorin, u pick taxis, if the driver refuses to reverse to where you are standing, you … Continue reading Lord JJC: My first week In Lagos

Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 26-Courtship 2

Simon whispered funny words of encouragement to his love whilst Ayo looked on in admiration,and Patricia in indignation. The elderly woman spoke lengthily after she instructed the maids to clear the dining table. “Simon,you’re my beloved grandson. There’s no way I would ever want you to fall into a ditch. People like Princess Ireti are … Continue reading Orunmila’s Letter-Episode 26-Courtship 2

The ‘Minority’ Story Independence Flash Fiction Contest

  ShortSharpShot.com in association with Naija Stories, The Green Heritage and Visual Eyez Multimedia, proudly presents an online contest in commemoration of the 54th Independence Day of Nigeria. This contest aims to help Nigerians better appreciate their collective cultural wealth through the power of exceptional storytelling. THE CONTEST Adamu. Emeka. Funmi. We engage everyday with … Continue reading The ‘Minority’ Story Independence Flash Fiction Contest

flames of vengeance :20 (finale)

Forgiveness, I was torn within, I didn’t know if I should forgive Ladidi or not, what she did was unimaginable, what I also did was unfair, how can a human being do that to another let alone a wife to her husband, its no consolation that she suffered through it all, it was no consolation … Continue reading flames of vengeance :20 (finale)

Till Lies Do Us Part: Part 13

“Your what?” My sister stopped the car and looked back at me. “Cynthia…” “Look Victor, that girl has caused you enough pain.  I don’t think there is a need in going back there to see her… to open up old wounds.” “But these wounds have not healed Ester. Don’t you see? Everything I try to … Continue reading Till Lies Do Us Part: Part 13

Orunmila’s Letter-Episode. 25-Courtship

They remained entangled as their mouths worked tenderly and passionately. Her mouth went down his neck and her hands raked through his hair. His hands rested in the back pockets of her fitted trousers,and he nibbled on her tiny nose. “When did you start wearing glasses?Its not recommended is it?” “No..but it fits me doesn’t … Continue reading Orunmila’s Letter-Episode. 25-Courtship

Hope is a thing with feathers

Before the Eid, the days become cloudier; and like the schoolchildren, the sun takes long breaks. Rain pours on in those days, the kind of rain my mother used to call the lazy rain. Streaks of it dribble slowly down for long hours, and form large rivulets on unpaved red-dust roads. The sound that accompanies … Continue reading Hope is a thing with feathers