A Glass Of Riches

Studies have shown that that two per cent of the global population earns gargantuan income while the remaining ninety-eight per cent are poor… The two per cent shares fifty per cent of the world’s wealth, while the remaining ninety-eight per cent shared the remaining fifty per cent… *** The boy stared into the darkness that … Continue reading A Glass Of Riches

Musings Of A Hustler (episode 11)

  I went quiet. “Are you there? Jenny talk to me now” I finally found my voice and replied; ‘I am here. What do you really want?” I barely refrained from my temptation of calling him ‘Emmanuel’ as I normally would after having sex with him. However, with the chain of events acquiring a dramatic … Continue reading Musings Of A Hustler (episode 11)

Revenge: Digging Two Graves

Resentment is blinding. We are so bitter sometimes that it be-clouds our sense of reasoning, and that of judgment too. I had been used before, or so I thought, and for someone with my usual exceptional foresight I almost hated myself for having not seen this in advance. I was manipulated into satisfying her insatiable … Continue reading Revenge: Digging Two Graves