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Film Set – A contemporary story by Tony Ogunlowo

Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry is the third largest in the world, just after Bollywood and Hollywood, churning out thousands of movies per annum in a highly competitive straight-to –DVD market. It’s also home to divas, pretentious studs and wannabes. Ordinary people who have been plucked from obscurity, and overnight, have become household names, their […]


On The Non-certification Of Half Of A Yellow Sun In Nigeria

I am disgusted,angry but not surprised by the song and dance being played by the Nigerian Films Censors Board over the movie ‘Half Of A Yellow Sun.’ So the scenes are too sexual? Are they worse than the dozens of pornographic movies okayed by the Board that flood our markets? So they are too political? […]


An Open Letter To Up and Coming Nollywood Stars

As I write this to you, I’m really angry. I wish you could behold my face to see the level of anger on it. You might jump to conclusion that my anger is much more of envy and bitterness of your way to the top. I’m more concerned about future your endeavours. You’re already seeing […]


Why You Should Stop Criticising Nollywood

Nollywood makes bad or worst films, yes I agree. None can dispute that, but I wish to tell the critics of Nollywood to find better jobs to do than buying pop corn to laugh out the mistakes of translation of a Yoruba film. Nollywood might have lost its creativity and respect. Yes, it might always […]

Nollywood as a tool for International Rebranding and Diplomacy

Nollywood as a tool for International Rebranding and Diplomacy

  Diplomacy   is the  normal  means  of  conducting  International  Relations. The  present  Nigerian  government  has  set  up  a policy  of  Citizens  diplomacy   as  our  foreign  policy  thrust.  It should  be  noted  that  this  is  however,  the  first  time  any  Nigerian  government  has  enunciated  a  clear  cut  foreign policy  objective  since  independence. Sometimes  international  relations  is  […]

Nollywood and the Sexploitation of Women

Nollywood and the Sexploitation of Women

Women. They are a very important necessity to life in today’s society; either be it for good or bad. You can never underestimate their value and importance. They are the reason why a man can pro-create his likeness, they are the attraction that’s designed to soften the hard core of a man’s heart. They wield […]

The official poster #1 for my upcoming movie _Jim & Joan_ A Voodoo Tale_ coming soon!

New Kid In NollyWood… C. J. Obasi – The Fiery One

One thing I have always felt Nollywood hasn’t got yet is a set of free-minded independent artists that will champion a new ‘artistic’ Nollywood. I am one of Nollywood’s greatest fans… I enjoy sitting at the far end of Ozone Cinemas or Genesis Deluxe cinema screens, getting lost in whatever the likes of Kunle Afolayan […]