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Adisa: A Potrait Of Love

Adisa: A Potrait Of Love

Character: Adisa Novel Violence Author: Festus Iyayi;  This novel touches on poverty, how the rich continuously manipulate the poor and the indomitable strength of the human spirit. Adisa is Idemudia’s (the primary character) wife, and is quite beautiful. To quote the author – “‘Her long, jet black hair was now held in place with hairpins. Her lips […]

The Chief and his acquaintances

Chief M. A. Nanga M.P.!!!

Character: Honorable Chief Doctor M. A. Nanga, M.P. L.L.D Author: Chinua Achebe’s Book: A man of the people Chief Nanga is an ex-teacher, turn politician: Minister of culture. Politics changed his moral stance on certain issues. Such personal change was necessary at the time to maintain his political influence and the accompanying lifestyle.  The book […]