The New NaijaStories Payment System

The New NaijaStories Payment System


Since launched in April 2010, we have become the premier online destination for reading enthusiasts and all those invested in the future of Nigerian writing. The vision of Naijastories is to promote reading of fiction, and to share an abundance of authentic Nigerian stories on the internet and make them available to a wider global audience. This is our own way of  ensuring the plurality of our stories and presenting a more rounded Nigerian

We also aim to foster and promote a community spirit among young Nigerian writers, who can thereby improve their writing through getting feedback from other writers and general readers. For working with us on these goals, we want to reward our members for their time and effort. Our payment system will be based on the NS points system. This means that when you participate on the site by doing various activities or you win our regular writing contests, you obtain points. You can then exchange your points for cash. (This points for cash system ended July 2014)

READ UPDATE – Naijastories Stops Paying Cash for Points


How to Get Paid [Only after you have up to 20,000 points/ $20/ N3000]

– Send a request to between the 27th and 31st of any month with these details

– your NS username,

– cumulative points,

– your bank name and account no.  or your paypal address

– how much you want to withdraw as long as it is more than $20 or N3000


How to Earn Points – Each 1000 points will be equivalent to $1. 

50 Points – Blog Post (plus pay per view)
10 Points – Blog Comment
5 Points – Update
5 Points – Leaving a reply
25 Points – Creating a group
5 Points – Uploading a group avatar
– 25 Points – Leaving a group
5 Points – Group Update or Reply
10 Points – Completed Friend Request
20 Points – New Group Forum Topic
10 Points – New Group Forum Post
5 Points – Avatar Uploaded
5 Points – Message Sent
100 Points – Becoming a Member
5 Points – Daily Login


Further Details –

– Points will only be redeemed after you have acquired more than 20,000 points, and subsequent payments will be made in 20,000 point blocks. In other words, you can redeem 20,000 points for $20, but you cannot redeem 16,000 points until they get to 20,000 points.

– We want to reiterate that only sincere participation will be rewarded. There is no pressure. Do not feel you have to compete with anyone; everyone will be paid as long they participate honestly on the site.

– Comment and forum discussions should be meaningful and relevant, and not just because you want to build up points. We reserve the right to refuse to redeem points if we feel that you are trying to ‘game’ the system by making a lot of irrelevant and trivial contributions.

– When redeemed, you will be paid the money, and the points  will be deducted from your points total.

– Those outside Nigeria are advised to open a PayPal account in order to redeem points. Bank transfers will work only in Nigeria.

– We can also pay via Western Union on special request if the member has 100,000 points minimum (ie $100).

– For all methods of payment, the recipient pays the fees.

You can leave questions in the comment on this post, or send them to


101 thoughts on “The New NaijaStories Payment System” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Ugo Chime (@Flourishing-Florida)

    Oh! does that mean i get paid for pple viewing my posts??? interesting! let the posting begins!!!!!!

    1. We have paid retrogressively by pageviews this one time to reward consistent members. However, going forward, it will be automatically adjusted through points.

      1. ” admin…how can i view the leader-board for points garnered…mite be staging a comeback soon…

  2. @Ugo: where did you see that? I don’t think that is included O!

  3. Um. This is confusing.

    1. Can you be more specific? What point do you need cleared up? Thanks.

  4. I am just as confused as you are, @seun-odukoya, really. I mean I read this, yeah, but…

    @Admin, should I just send my bank account details to you via email, like you said? And there is this problem: Must I travel to Lagos to make sure this ‘redemption of NS points’ goes through for me?

    Another thing: Em, I was wondering… With my name on top of this list displayed, I wondered what it could mean, because there are NS members here who had far more points than me. Would NS members still be working out new fresh NS points at the beginning of every year?

    1. I think what they did was to give us points in relation to how well/much our posts have been viewed over time…in addition to whatever we had before…so that’s why I suddenly have more points and you suddenly have showed up on the ‘radar’…

      As to your second question –


    2. @Emmanuella-Nduonofit, we added your post views to your points as Seun said because we promised to pay in arrears. Going forward, it will solely be via points, each post now earns 200 points which is the average views of posts on the site.

      On whether to send you bank details, find out what payment option you qualify for and send an email to admin when you’re ready for your payout.


      1. So, from what you are saying, @Admin, in arrears I have 12188 NS points, which means I will have like, what, $10 and some change? I ask because I got confused when reading through this payment scheme of yours. For instance, if you were to pay me through the Western Union scheme (I even prefer the Moneygram scheme because I was told administrative charges are cheaper there), it’s $50. Let me be clear on that $50 because that seems to be the payout minimum I can understand.

        Also try the Moneygram scheme as well. And when @chemokopi suggested the recharge card method as another way of payment, I was a bit ok with that but I need just a little bit more education on it.

        There is this another payment scheme called UMobile. I think this is done when you give your correct account name, bank and bank account number which must be a ten-digit number which all banks here in Nigeria are now conforming to. I just heard about them quite recently because a friend of mine in US deposited money into my bank account using UMobile. I am not too fully educated on that as well. God, I have a lot to learn on this and I don’t want to rush it before I make a mistake.

        1. @Emmanuella-Nduonofit, that is correct. WU is $50 minimum. Your total points is 14,225 and you can keep an eye on it from the points board on the left of the site.

          We will look into the other payment methods you mentioned as well.

  5. If i get this correctly: payout means the points paid for will peter away for the member to start afresh? This is a pack of motivation! ok let me see how regular i am gonna be here.

    1. Yes, that is correct.

  6. I think some people might begin to post trash here. Thing that are not qualified to be called poems might posted as poems. Now we are going be having the most hurrible of stories like the one i just read today that ends as is there was power outage while the ‘author’ was jus begining.

  7. I think some people might begin to post trash here just to hit some point and grab the cash. Things that are not qualified to be called poems might be posted as poems. Now we are going be having the most hurrible of stories like the one i just read today that ends as if there was power outage while the ‘author’ was jus begining.

    1. There is and has always been a quality control system on the site. This will continue.

      1. hehehehehehehehe! power outage indeed!

  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha
    See wahala.
    @admin, seriously, think about this payment issue o. Are you sure it won’t spoil NS?Things were fine before the payment thingy o. I think the money should rather be used for contest awards, and other things. There is a lot the money would do. Instead of paying so little amount to writers, this money should be used for maybe anthologies, magazines…stuffs.
    I fear what this payment issue could bring.
    Listen to kaycee.

    1. I totally agree with you kaycee. the money should better be used for contests.

      1. Kaycee, you are very correct! I don dey think am too. Its better the money goes for contests and all rather than this…

    2. I agree with you as well, @Kaycee. By the time one changes $10 or $50 to naira, Allah, e no go make sense, o! Very small. Writers have other ways of surviving financially, you know.

      Then again, I guess @admin just want to show how ‘financially’ valuable some, or most, NS postings are.


  9. Thank you Kaycee for pointing that out. We have taken all comments into consideration.

  10. I think the power of recharge cards as a payment system should not be underestimated: it is easy to transfer, it is one of the commodities most spent on in modern times, and it would not engender the kind of pressure money might bring.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion @chemokopi, we will look into it.

    2. Terrific suggestion Mr Chemo, I am soooo in support!!!!!

  11. Nice one here. @Kaycee if you look at it carefully, I think only people honestly interested in writing, reading et al will be on the site.

    5 posts is $1.

    Think commenting on 100 posts $1 as well.

    I think admin did the maths well. Nice one admin.

    1. I think you nailed it. This is no quick money here. We just want to promote dedication and consistency. There will still be writing contests and other competitions, as well as anthologies to reward excellent writing.

      1. @admin so now a blogpost of 2000 words and a 3 word comment are worth the same?

  12. @ Oga kaycee na wa for u o!!why u wan con pit sand sand for we garri na?Admin has said it all,’we have taken all comments into consideration’ so what is d all grammar all about?
    @ Admin so my posts have bn viewd by most persons more than others in my view are better?I am humbled.But I am @ a crossroad regarding how to get d kudi o.

    1. You see? You ά̲̣яε already calculating.
      This is Naija stories. We know how Naija is with money.
      We go read poems and posts tire.
      It is a good strategy by @admin, the site would soon have much traffic.
      Me just they fear.

      1. @Kaycee why did u just mention ‘poems’ I go fight u o!!!

  13. Truth is we will be seeing poems and we will be seeing POEMS!I agree with Jaywriter,NS really did the mathematics.Only those trully interested in reading and writing will come around.I duff my hat for NS,i am inspired to work!

    1. OMG! Now a particular genre has been ‘tagged’ God help us all….

  14. Question @ Admin please explain d payment schedule.Is it at the end of the every year (December) or what? I thought the payment plan starts nxt year January?
    Finally,how much have I earned with my above points given?

  15. @sambrightomo, the payment schedule is every month. Claims will only be accepted in the last week of the month by those who have up to or more than 10,000 points.
    You have a total of 3068points and that is $3 and some change. You will qualify for payment when you have $10.

    1. lol….cruel. @admin

  16. @ Admin thanks.So officially,payment starts this month for those who have 10,000 points?

  17. Interesting….I expect to see some people back on the site with this development, including myself.

    @Emmanuella, I hail o, welcome Ma….

    1. Very true. Mr Scopeman where have you been???

      1. I’ve been here and there Mr. Gboyega, it turns out selling words for money is no small feat, especially in Nigeria.

        1. True oh….nice to have you back sha.

  18. @Admin, I was thinking with the pay I would be able to resign from my job and join NS fully!?!….
    Anyways, this is good encouragement. Even if I don’t get my pay, I no go vex. NS has done enough for me already. But that doesn’t mean I don’t wan’t my money o.
    With the wisely reduced pay, I’m sure only serious writers will hang on.

    I ditto everyone.

    Well done Admin.

  19. Kool. No pressure. Indeed. Hehehehe. I will be watching that points section…..

  20. Thanks Admin for the cash conversions. But na wa o, to get $50, I must get 50,000 points???!!!!! Kai, work dey. But it’s a great idea Admin, and I am totally and completely in support. Great work. I will always ALWAYS love NS. It has been such an integral part of my development as a writer. If I didn’t join NS at the time that I did, I doubt that I would even be writing at all today…

    1. @guywriterer, We’re glad to hear that and what a talent the writing world would’ve missed. As for the points, they can either come today, or they come next time.

    2. jchiemerie (@jchiemerie)

      Gboye Gboye

  21. Hahahahahahahahahaha, you people do not understand the power of money.
    Already some members have suddenly become very active.
    @sambright, @scopeman, hope this pay issue has nothing to do with your new found interest in all NS groups.
    I guess the NS musketeers would be relieved of the burden of being the actiivitists on NS.
    Make I laff again, hahahahahahahahaha

    1. oga kaycee how you take know?If no be say u too dey perambulate through the groups ehn.But na true yan u put for ground o.The topic i initiated since April this year just got followers after NS announced the payment matter.Any way you look at it I think Ns should be highly commended for the gesture ,it has really inspired many.
      @ admin please consider a reward system for anyone who refers people to this site,it is a veritable means of inspiring writers to share the good news.

      1. Hahahahhahaha,
        Sam, na wa O°˚˚˚!.
        @admin is making more money sha, more site traffic, the more adverts.
        Business is good.

    2. lol…@Kaycee, yes o, there is power mighty in the ‘cash’…

  22. My 2 kobo: To encourage more stories, I think that long-distance runners (story tellers) should get more for posting than sprinters (poetry writers). At the end of the day, it depends on what types of posting Admin wants more of.

    But a good start, Admin. Nothing dey shak naijas like money.

    1. @howyodey,even doctors dey collect money for their work why not writers?

    2. @howyoudey, that is something worth thinking about. Thanks.

  23. Very very very cool, I really like this, long live NS…I should be more consistent now

  24. @ almighty admin you know that writing poems is not as easy as writing prose or drama.It has its own techniques that makes it difficult to craft.Some people can write poems better than when they write prose or drama,let’s not make light of any form of creative writing,it is not beans and dodo.

    1. In writing a poem, you use words to paint a vivid picture. Brevity and depth of thought are your paint and brush. In writing a story, you play a thousand characters in your head, and then try to fit those crazy characters into a literary locomotive and hope that the locomotive runs like a dream. Both require intellectual rigor, and deserve equal billing. But, in my opinion, a story, if well-told, is a bunch of poems strung together into a neat and tantalizing package.

      So no civil war should break out between writers of poem and writers of prose. OK, to simplify, why not consider paying by word count?

      Just my thought.

      1. @howyoudey? You dey find @shai and the other poets trouble O°˚˚˚!
        But I agree with you. I can write a standard poem in 5 minutes, but a story can even take days

        1. Chei! Amebo lie o, Kaycee! Na bow I bow for our naijastories poets o. Serious. How you dey, man?

  25. “Money slow to enter; Points quick to go…” *humming*

  26. as in eh @tosyn, why ‘minimum wage’ no apply for here nah….

  27. I would like to know though…if I do not redeem my points for a year…what happens?

    1. I would keep accumulating till your’re ready to redeem.

    2. Bad guy, u want make NS use bullion van send u ur money abi…hehehehe…..

      1. Abi na, Scopes?! How you check am?!

        E better make the thing make sense until…maybe I go fit use am pay dowry for my NS wife…

  28. I think there’s so much wisdom in the idea of such a reduced-payment scheme. As for descrimination between poetry and prose, I think a fair way would be to have a minimum word count for poems that is equivalent to an unequal minimum word count for stories. For example, a 200-word poem may equate a 1000-word story. I’m not saying cos I have only poems here, but as a writer I’ve learnt what it takes to write both forms. I started writing short stories and articles in my late teenage, but a couple of years ago I figured writing poems and aphorisms the best way to empty the content of a large tank into a pint – succintly and subliminally. I’ve enjoyed many stories on here, and often thought, “Aren’t there more profitable means to give out these highly intellectual and creative works?”, however, the introduction of the NS anthologies (I think for both poetry and prose) made me heave my reluctance away – and now, this payment scheme is even more interesting. Good idea, NS!

  29. mikeeffa (@mikeeffa)

    dear friends at naijastories,
    i am pleased and excited to note that Nigerians can come up with an ingenious scheme as this to empower Nigerians.i am into creative writing and i have no doubt that as i exercise my brain by contributing in one form or the other i will be the better for it.
    furthermore your cah conversion system is great, my advice to subscribers is not to make cash collection the ultimate aim for joining naijastories if not many will drop out of frustration. rather we should savour the rich experiences that this project has to offer.
    keep the flag flying, we are behind you 110%- have a pleasant xmas
    mike Effa

  30. emekajemil1 (@emekajemil1)

    But you site’s hard to load make it mobile easier or classic faster.

  31. 10 point no easy oh

  32. Am loving this.Ns rocks!

  33. wow!!!am back to my writing table…so much i have missed….
    good job admin…
    now u got me 200%….

  34. cool! Now here is a site that rewards talents.great work@admin

  35. This is good thinking. A revolutionary idea. For money is a magnet of sorts. Great work, Admin.

  36. a question admin… the other options are they only present in lagos or it is only cash options that is exclusive to lagos

  37. admin answer me now!

  38. It’s a great plan. The system is well structured but in my opinion there should be no discrimination against any one of the literary forms because every creation is worth more than the money to the creator, the work would earn for itself according to the end it meets and that will automatically distinguish acceptable works from non acceptable ones as the site policy authorizes. Also the word count on poems especially needs to be more practically dealt with to make provision for certain compulsory creative forms like we know of the innovative chinese haiku

  39. this is amazing, just reading this for the first time after joining several months ago. it is a way of encouraging writers…but what i love about this site is reading great stories and poems from great poets and writers…Nigeria is truly a great country.

    1. Seyi (@supremo)

      I share your love.

  40. The cash reward is good but what drew me closer was the chance to read free stories and get free edit on my stories. Good work NS.


    1. Won’t this payment scheme be stopped later?

    2. Paypal doesn’t include Nigeria in their country lists. Why not use account like Liberty Reserve, fastecash etc for Nigerians especially.

    1. @bbtagoro thanks for joining us in the vision of NS. We hope you continue to find the site even more useful as time goes on. To your questions;

      It is possible that this scheme will be stopped, but we will let everyone know in time.
      Those sites do not meet our requirements for now so for those in Nigeria, we pay by direct deposits to bank accounts.

      Hope that answers you?

      1. Good work still. How about getting reward points for refering too.

  41. @admin. Nice one. Naijastories is really a place to be.

  42. What if I join a group, do I get points or my points get deducted?

    1. You get points deducted.

  43. Then I stay put.

  44. Lets try this.

  45. Bayo Salawu (@writerbayo)

    This is a great effort by concerned Nigerians who are the thinking types. Keep it up folks!

  46. Princess Arah (@sarah)

    This is wonderful, keep up the good work. at lest many people will be encouraged.

  47. It seems I missed the memo, when I joined Ns about 12 months ago submissions attracted about 100-200 Ns points, now they go for 10?! Please @ogaoga clarify things here, thank you.

  48. Also some folks are paid 4 points per view and some othersbare paid 3,2 or 1. Please what is the rationale for this?

  49. I’m reading this for the first time. ♧:)ƭћǟπƙ-U:)♧ for the info. Great foresight

  50. Chris Bamidele (@degreatest2)

    I just discovered this site, and i’m asking myself why no one has told me before now. aside from the points accrued when you make meaningful contribution, a lot of people will get to see your work and critique it, thereby ensuring growth. then your work is protected by some form of copyright law arrangement already put in place by the admin of this site. All i can say is Kudos, i hope my work gets published here. i sent episode 1 of one of my series already.

  51. I want to commend NS for hatching this payment- for- contribution system. It is almost flawless as much as I can envisage. The other thing is this; that over time I hope some amendments maybe made to the system and the units of payout maybe reviewed. Thanks once again for staying true. Thanks for providing us with a platform.

  52. Ogbewe Famous Amadin (@OgbeweFamousAmadin)

    too bad this has ended

  53. Dinah (@ChidimmaOji)

    I recently found out and joined this site for the sheer reason of getting reviews, criticisms and thought on my posts, but I don’t see that happening much. Please admin I implore you to kindly find ways of encouraging comments on posts. I believe, just like me some other writers crave to improve on their writing abilities. How can that happen if we don’t even know what our readers think about your write up.

  54. Gabriel G Odigiri (@Gabrendo)

    Please i’m new. How do i see the points i’ve earned?

  55. pharlaryeh (@pharlaryeh01)

    @admin how do I see my point?

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