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I am seasoned poet, a passionate writer, a distinguish analyst and a good listener. You can always visit my blog to read about my works. I published my collection of poems titled "the secrets in my heart's diary" which you can always find on
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It is not too early to PLAN 2018

It is not too early to plan 2018. Yes, your employer has grudgingly released your December salary which has now put you in the position of buying gifts for people, enjoying Christmas without restrictions and having loads of fun till the new year. But remember to save some cash, sufficient enough to keep body and … Continue reading It is not too early to PLAN 2018

Poem Image: Unending Love Note

Unending Love Note.

  I write on a leafy note with an ink that prints out my thoughts incompletely.   My words of love, spread affectionately in colorful fonts expressing my unmatched desire to pitch the best spot on your heart   I write my words, thinking neither right nor left but with beaming smiles and eyes seeing … Continue reading Unending Love Note.