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I've always enjoyed writing, although it's only recently I've begun to explore my fiction writing side. Loving the journey so far...

Maiden Voyage (3 – End)

Days turned to months, which turned to years, and Amaka and Tunde remained separated. They did talk, but their conversations were mostly either about trivial issues that they felt safe talking about, or formal issues that they had to talk about. There was an undertone of sadness during these conversations, a feeling of facing a … Continue reading Maiden Voyage (3 – End)

Maiden Voyage (2)

They were married shortly after they arrived in Bristol. They settled down quickly, with Amaka getting a job as a bank teller while Tunde threw himself into his postgraduate studies. After a year, he had finished with a distinction, and he had an offer to stay on as a research assistant. “They have this project … Continue reading Maiden Voyage (2)

Maiden Voyage (1)

The room was an unremarkable room, as rooms go. It was faultlessly, antiseptically spotless, with the light grey linoleum floor tiling faithfully reflecting the harsh glare from the fluorescent lights above. And in the middle of this room, wearing a flexible shiny silver-grey jumpsuit, Tunde Adeleye stood preparing for an historic flight – a flight … Continue reading Maiden Voyage (1)

The Quandarilateral (3 – End)

A few days later on a Saturday morning, Wale was seated at a table in Fingers, anxiously watching the entrance and awaiting Julie’s arrival. The place was quiet, as was normal for this time; most people would turn up later on in the day. He would usually be found relaxing with Chibuzor and some other … Continue reading The Quandarilateral (3 – End)

Bus Breakdowns and Manic Motorcyclists

Jerry and Solo are sitting at a table in silence in Pangolo Junction, a down-at-heel, somewhat disreputable drinking joint. As usual, the atmosphere is raucous and noisy, with loud background music, and arguments going off like firecrackers. But our duo’s minds is on other things; every now and then, one of them either looks towards … Continue reading Bus Breakdowns and Manic Motorcyclists