“REPARATION” When they came, they came With their waste of gibberish sermon Which tore us apart and put a paste of Hatred among our tribes that once Were bonded with the adhesive tape of love. When they came, their gibberish sermon Made us to prate with sheepish awe While our wealth was crated across the […]


Caricature Of A Lonely Heart: 3

Meanwhile, somewhere in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, Julia and her friends sat in front of the office of the principal of Criterion High School awaiting the man’s arrival. Julia looked at her friends and smiled. They had called her a disillusioned pretty-face when she told them that they would be doing their final […]


crazy people

Crazy people. Man longs for endless knowledge That knowledge that will one day Whistle by like time never to be seen ever again Life is beautiful we all say and believe That is all a dribble on the path of truth If you ask me life, is not that beautiful as it thus seems to […]

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