These Days

Ages when the future and the present converse, The worthy worth of the future. And their mind ochestrated by doom, I sucked the breast. Ages when vulgarity sends sensible messages of hope, When the clerics preach with falsehood garment. With tactics creating egoistic pursuit, I sucked the breast. Ages when time dreams of unseen hope, … Continue reading These Days


Someone Has To Die

Today makes it seven years Since my family moved here. Abule Oko! A land with hills and valleys, Wonderful plains, Peasants and hunters. Her valleys, filled with banana, The slopes with palms, The hills with cassava, edible fruits and vegetable. Abule Oko is encircled with stories. Stale and flowery tales, Jumping from lips to lips … Continue reading Someone Has To Die

dating twins

Can you Marry your Spouse’s Twin?

I once met a set of female identical twins and it occurred to me that since biologically they are one egg and sperm that split into two, then any man that marry one of the twins is only getting 50% value of the true content of what his wife actually is. I have witnessed relationships … Continue reading Can you Marry your Spouse’s Twin?



Along the sea-sided part, “Waves and tides seem to part, For the creation of a lovely path”. I walked through the shallow path, Seeing those beautiful parts. Of the shady and blissful path. “For all I’ve seen is just the part, Of the said glorious part”. On my way towards the rythmic path, I saw … Continue reading Life

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