The #ChallengeMe Contest For New Writers

NaijaStories is pleased to present an online writing contest in recognition of new writers. This contest aims to create awareness to upcoming writers who have joined NaijaStories of a new level of professionalism that the site requires. Writers through this contest are given opportunities to put fort their best work and effort. This contest should … Continue reading The #ChallengeMe Contest For New Writers

Heads YL, Hearts YW

Heads You Lose; Hearts You Win. (Part 3)

She laughed off his request for her to spend the night and tried to maneuver past him but her attempt was the truly laughable event. He raised up the dangers of her leaving by public transportation so late at night and she countered him by reminding him that he owned several cars and that she … Continue reading Heads You Lose; Hearts You Win. (Part 3)

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