A feeling never felt…. ‘LOVE’


A man… Once I’ve seen

sprung up a feeling so strange, alien 

I’m here perplexed… I can’t believe

How did I fall so deep

Thought my heart was too steep to reach

But suddenly captured He did

Confused I am… Indeed

Is this a love or a phase??

But each passing day

I long for his gaze

In his arms I long to be

Playing ‘thinking out loud’

The song sent by you… Got me thinking,

and surprisingly I find myself sinking

Deep into this strange world

thoughts of Him keeps invading 

like an ever flowing stream,

Feeling never felt… LOVE!!!…



2 thoughts on “A feeling never felt…. ‘LOVE’” by RichieWords (@RICHARDIHENACHO)

  1. I love this, a reminder of human nature, of what we have deep inside us seeking to be liberatedn asking to be shared.

  2. it’s remind me of my once hidden passion

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