The curse

The curse

He’s driven,driven by hope,believe and faith.
He’s motivated,motivated by love,honesty and
He waits for time to feed from his mothers breast.
Starvation, he never knew was a test.

His bed, filled with so much uncomfort.
Existence is the only one he can consult.

He’s driven,driven by frustration,poverty and
He’s motivated,motivated by war,crisis and deceit.
Gentility no longer his virtue.
Night and day,he no longer has a schedule.

What is life if we don’t have a choice.
He’s weakened by the curse……….

Hardship,complexity and wretchedness.

Does he stall and wait for deliverance?
Or does he get up and nail it all to the Cross.

He wants to be freed.
Freedom; that’s what He has decreed.

The spell of negativity he wants to dispel.
The country,over him no power.

With blessings and will, he’ll conquer.

On that day of his death, he was dealth with.
But on that same day of his resurrection the curse
was taken off along with all filth.

The curse no longer his birthright.
The curse, he’s free, he’s gotten his fight.

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