The Agony Of A Human Lizard

The Agony Of A Human Lizard

I’ll forever on my stomach lie.
I’ll nod my head till I die.
I’ll remain a lizard while Chief Ume’s wealth accumulates.
Because I have made that way my fate.

If in life I were to spend a century.
It’ll be in the small box where he has put me.
I am doomed and doomed forever.
All because of my stupid desire for twenty naira.

I’ll forever be fed with crumbs a few.
While my mouth craves for rice and stew.
I’ll keep wanting to be out-fitted.
But I’ll forever be stark-naked.

I must be dead by now, they, my family, must believe.
But a lizard in this world am I, who would believe?
In the hard way have I learnt my lessons.
But forgiven can never be my sins it seems.

I am a three-year old lizard.
Three years have I lived, a human lizard.
The longer my life gets.
The bigger and fatter Chief gets.

A human lizard will I remain.
And this, nothing can change.
Forever on my stomach will I lie.
Nodding my head till I die.

7 thoughts on “The Agony Of A Human Lizard” by Ezeama Chijioke Desmond (@Chijy)

  1. Was it some form of voodoo that transpired between Chief Ume and this unfortunate soul?

    Reminds me of the stories of picking up an item on the street and turning into a tuber of yam :)

  2. Hahahaha. That’s it bro. An unfortunate soul who turned into a lizard after attempting to pick a twenty naira note.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Wonderful stuff, it was nice of you to use an envelope verse…and good rhymes too…though not all the rhymes sounded perfect.
    Good one. I didn’t understand the poem at first, i thought ‘lizard’ was a metaphor, ‘juju’ didn’t come to mind. Beautiful poem

    Well done.

  4. Nice piece, I love it. Reminds me too of those days we were told not to pick money or things we see on the road.

  5. Thanks a lot guys. I’m honoured.

  6. I really felt this piece. it has a deeper meaning more than the literal p.o.v.
    It could mean our dear country with our leaders milking us dry. nice one bro.
    Needs a little brush up though.
    keep writing.

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