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Blood On The Altar (ONE)

PROLOGUE April 1965 Beside the historic museum on Helm’s street was a thick bushy virgin land. Crowds were seen gathered on the street while an old woman wailed in agony. Her husband and three children have been killed right on their land which shared a fenced boundary with the museum. Rumours has it that this dead … Continue reading Blood On The Altar (ONE)


A woman the world might never know The woman we adore secretly Big office she occupy not The media broadcast her not Yet we see what she does and pray that she live long. Though she has no university certificate to flaunt But her enterprising nature conceal her lapses Committed to her husband seeing that … Continue reading Woman

Bard Love

Blessing for the Bards

You and I be friends,
Of a meeting and of more.
Sharing tales of bards,
And being ourselves bards.

You and I be pals,
Of pen and of more,
Sharing the pleasure of creating magic,
Yes, it sure gives a good kick!

You and I be allies,
Of writing and of more,
Sharing the beauty of written words,
And having a chance at playing gods.

You and I be friends,
Of a meeting and of many more…
Sharing tales of Bards,
And yes! We are Bards!

Blessing for the Bards!